Each Outlander episode this season has left it’s special mark, but Episode #111: THE DEVIL’S MARK sets the emotional bar very high with Claire, Geillis , and Jamie  taking us on a whirlwind adventure of fear, suspense, revelation, sacrifice, honesty, and love.

Jamie (Sam Heughan) is at #PeakPerformance in this episode, saving Claire from being burned as a witch, putting his trust and faith in her word, placing Claire’s pleasure before his own, sacrificing his own happiness by allowing her to return to the 20th century, and finally, receiving his reward for all his good deeds.

When amassing my collection of Jamie faces for each episode, I normally work around camera angles, dark or difficult lighting, motion blur, and sometimes goofy expressions. This week, the camera loved, loved, loved Jamie, and he loved the camera right back with quite a bit of eye contact and wistful stares in Claire’s general direction.

What this amounts to is my most difficult Top 30 yet. How do I choose between this perfect image versus that? It’s a dirty job, but I’m up to the task. After all, this episode is about sacrifice.

I present to you now, Jamie’s most perfectly photographed Top 30 of the season so far:

#30: Jamie’s Kill Bill Vol. 2 Face – If Sam Heughan and Uma Thurman are ever in an action movie together, I hope you remember this moment.

#29: Jamie’s I’m So, So Sorry Face – Don’t worry, lad. You’ll think of a really good way to make it up to her.

#28: Jamie’s Is This The One? Face – I’m not honestly looking at Jamie’s face right now. What are you looking at?

#27: Jamie’s Waking Up Face – Not to ruin the moment, but if Claire had been a British Red Coat, Jamie would probably be dead or captured right now.

#26: Jamie’s Hearing Geillis’ Confession Face – Is Jamie

A: Thinking about spanking his wife again for disobeying him?

B: Wondering if that was his crazy ex standing in front of his wife?

C: Hoping his wife is a time traveler and not a witch?

D. None of the above.

#25: Jamie’s Resolution Face – Yep. That’s exactly what resolution looks like.

#24: Jamie’s I’ll Stay At The Camp Face – Doesn’t that camp scene make you want to watch it again . . . and again . . .  and again?

And again?

#23: Jamie’s My Wife Is From The Future? Face – Hey, if you’re into that kind of woman . . .

#22: Jamie’s You Belong On The Other Side Face – Gotta tell you. It’s not that great over here. All we have is PocketJamie.

#21: Jamie’s Your Husband Is Alive? Face – Yeah, but he looks too much like Black Jack Randall. Claire’s not sure she wants him any more.

#20: Jamie’s I Believe You Face – Come on. For a minute there, you did think she was a raving looney, right?

#19: Jamie’s It’s What You Wanted Face – Are we talking about last night, ’cause if not . . . ?

#18: Jamie’s Look Over There Face – I’d rather look over here.

#17: Jamie’s Let It Be The Truth Face – Okay. You have questionable taste in blondes, but exquisite taste in brunettes.

#16: Jamie’s Believing Is Seeing Face – Closing my eyes. “I believe. I believe. I believe.” Opening my eyes. “Damn. No Jamie.”

#15: Jamie’s No One Will Harm You Face – He keeps saying that . . .

#14: Jamie’s Time To Say Goodbye Face – Can we hurry this along? You’ve got a backlog of women waiting, Jamie.

#13: Jamie’s I Promise You The Truth Face – Okay. Did you ever really like Laoghaire?

#12: Jamie’s Skinning A Rabbit And Talking About Lallybroch Face – Gotta love a man who can skin a rabbit. Of course, you know I’m really talking about how good he is with his hands, right?

#11: Jamie’s Staring Wistfully At Claire Sitting By The Water Face – Sacrifice sucks.

And here we are at Jamie’s Perfect Top 10:

#10: Jamie’s Goodbye, Sassenach Face – The set of the jaw, the steel in the eyes . . .

#9: Jamie’s Hearing Claire’s Goodbye Face – Stay out of this man’s line of sight. He’s bringing home the Emmy. #EmmysForOutlander

#8: Jamie’s Going Home To Lallybroch Face – Okay, you big babies. Quit your crying. They’re going home to Lallybroch.

#7: Jamie’s Are You A Witch? Face – Yes! She’s a witch! Pick me. Pick me.

#6: Jamie’s I Believe You Face – If Jamie believes in time travel, he’ll pretty much believe in anything.

Now, I just need to figure out a way to make this work for me . . .

#5: Jamie’s But T’would Be Easier If You Were A Witch Face – Iconic scenes call for iconic faces. If this ain’t one, I don’t know what is.

#4: Jamie’s Nach Gabh U Do Shocair, A Ghràidh Face – Gird your wames, ladies. Jamie’s whispering sweet Gàidhlig nothings. Want to know what he’s saying? Hop on over here. Thanks, Mandy!

#3: Jamie’s I’m Not Ready To Let You Go Face – We’ll never be able to let either of you go. Waaahh.

#2: Jamie’s Staring Wistfully At Claire Sleeping Face – Raise your hand. Who knew where this was going?

#1: Jamie’s I Want To Watch You Face – Who could have known watching would be so damn sexy?

Outlander Episode #112: LALLYBROCH premieres on Starz on Saturday, 25 April 2015 in the U.S.

If you missed last week’s Top 30, you’ll find it here: Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from Outlander Episode #110: BY THE PRICKING OF MY THUMBS

My recapped review of this episode is also available: A True Fan’s Review of Outlander Episode #111: THE DEVIL’S MARK

30 thoughts on “Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from #Outlander Episode 111: THE DEVIL’S MARK

  1. Great collection of Jamie’ faces from Ep 11 – and thank goodness for Sam Heughan who brings Jamie to life!!!!!

  2. Candida, I adore this list. Your comments are hilarious, spot on, and wonderful. As one of a zillion female fans who lust after Jamie, I totally relate to #7….and #12….and #14. Love the quote in #5 in the book & this episode. And watching….who knew??:-)
    Thank you for doing this….what a bright spot in my day!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your swoonworthy selections and the funny, clever captions. The hard work you put into these posts is much appreciated.

  4. I always love your lists. Although this episode was full of wonderful Jamie looks, I think that number 9 was my favorite. The joy, surprise, and tear were just sweet beyond measure.

      1. by letting her do what is right for her. However, that does not stop the pain. ( Sorry that my reply is broken up, my computer decided to post it before I was done typing.)

  5. Candida…Excellent as usual! You certainly had a lot to work with on this episode and made great choices as well as very witty captions. Fun! Good time to express my admiration for the incredible talent that Mr. Heughan and Ms. Balfe display each and every episode. We all love to hear Jamie’s voice, but it is this fine actor’s eyes and facial expressions that give us his story. And has there been any other role (on TV or in a movie) that has challenged an actor as much as Claire? As a relative newcomer to the screen, I think Ms. Balfe has been phenomenal in her portrayal of a very complex character who faces so many trials and tribulations (not to mention an epic love affair) in two different centuries. If they are not recognized by the film industry for their work on Outlander, I’ll eat my haggis!

  6. Thx Candida for the laughter you provided, as always. #17- cheeky, Jamie’s not the only one who needs to mature more. Ep 11 is pure gold. #EmmysForOutlander You ought to get a prize too.

  7. As always Candida, I love Jamie’s Top 30 Looks. You are always spot on and so damn funny! And what would we do without Mandy?! 🙂

  8. Thank you so much for the time, energy and love you put into these posts. I wait them after each episode. I so appreciate it! Wonderful.

  9. “All we have is PocketJamie.” Lol! I loved that whole scene with #3. The way they filmed it was like we were in a trance right along with her as she made her way to the stone and the way he grabs her hand and how she turns to him almost in a daze only to be wrapped in his arms…absolute perfection.

    #21 was funny too and it also made me wonder if she mentioned that little tidbit to him about BJR being Frank’s relative. I hope not because I’d like to see his reaction to that and for some reason I don’t remember Jamie’s reaction in the book.

  10. Oooooh #17 *snap!* You crack me up, lady! This one I am keeping as we were thinking the same things…too funny.

  11. K, so I’m chuckling and laughing and generally enjoying your picks as per usual, and then you hit me with 11, 10 and 9 and I’m WEEPING again and THEN your comment on 8 made me hoot with laughter, so now I’m crying AND laughing…
    Another delightful post- thanks! 😀

  12. OMG, These are priceless! You are too funny and spot on. 🙂 How did this happen – becoming so hopelessly wrapped up in this story? It’s good to keep it all in perspective with a wee bit of humor! 🙂 And thanks for the Gaelic translation. I loved #4! Who am I kidding? I loved them all! Thanks, Candida. (And holy smokes, #1 & #2…I have no words.)

    1. Mandy does a great job with out Gàidhlig translations. There’s a difference between what I consider the “best” versus my “favorite.” You’ll always see my favorite in the header.

  13. Yes! Yes! #27: Exactly what I was thinking when Claire snuck up on him! #22 LOL. #20 Jamie’s thinking, “That explains a lot…” #19 Another LOL over your comments. #5 One of my favorite lines in the book and the episode.

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