Before I begin, I have to warn you – given the hotness of the latest episode, I decided to write my captions accordingly. While I strive to be respectful of the actors, we’re all here to have a little fun. So in advance, I apologize to anyone I may offend. Now, down to business

As I state in my review, Outlander Episode #107: THE WEDDING is blazing hot. Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) sizzle together even when they aren’t touching. As the show progresses, the heat factor also increases.

Due to popular request, I turned my Top 30 Looks into a Top 40. Yes, I know 50 is better than 40 and 100 is better than 50, but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the selections I made this week. I’m eager to hear from you regarding my cream of the crops. Because I was unable to limit my favorite shots to a Top 10, I call special attention to the final 15. Let me know which is your favorite!

#40: Jamie’s Do I Need To Hide The Whiskey? Face – Isn’t the alcohol content in whiskey higher in the 18th Century? I’m surprised Claire is still alive.


#39: Jamie’s I Can’t Believe I’m Being Rejected On My Honeymoon Face – It’s too late to annul. By the way, thank you very much for that. But I’d be happy to pay for a quickie divorce. I’m sure Claire will be fine . . .


#38: Jamie’s Don’t Talk About The Woman I Might Marry That Way Face – You should hear what he says to her when you’re not around.


#37: Jamie’s Women Love A Man Who Loves His Mother Face – You got that right, stud.


#36: Jamie’s We Need To Make Our Marriage Official Face – Lord, do I wish this wasn’t fan fiction.


#35: Jamie’s What’s That About Consummation? Face – I sent you pictures, Jamie. Did you not get them?


#34: Jamie’s I’d Like To Make A Toast Face – He said “make a toast,” Claire – not “get toasted.”


#33: Jamie’s Take My Hand Face – Is this a trick?

Ow! Damn screen.


#32: Jamie’s Here’s Comes The Groom Face – Well, not quite yet. #DidISayThatOutLoud?


#31: Jamie’s Your Servant Face – You can service me any where, any time, any place on my body, Jamie.

Oh, ser-vant. Never mind.


#30:  Jamie’s To Sleep Or To Bed? Face – You really have to ask?

Off topic, is that the shirt that rips easily down the back?


#29: Jamie’s She’s Not Sorry She Married Me Face – Given your perfection, why would she be? That’s rhetorical, by the way.


#28: Jamie’s Claire Has A Sweet Smile Face – Who knew such a sweet face could get so nasty?


#27: Jamie’s Yeah She Wants Me Face – Wait a second! I’ve got the paperwork right here. Just sign by these little red tabs.

Damn it, Claire. Make up your mind.


#26: Jamie’s Did You Like It? Face – What’s a little crushing?


#25: Jamie’s Three Conditions Face – Oh, boy. Are you going to hit the jackpot with these three conditions.


#24: Jamie’s I’m Not Listening Any More Sex Face – I have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about here . . . something about a key? Whatever. I just want Jamie to look at me this way.


#23: Jamie’s They’re Very Precious To Me – As Are You Claire Face – Can we hate Claire for just one second?

Okay. I love her again!


#22: Jamie’s And Now They Belong To My Wife Face – Hate her again.


#21: Jamie’s I Must Marry Claire Face – I never had a chance, did I?


#20: Jamie’s My Mother’s Pearls Face – For weeks I’ve been complaining about Jamie not sleeping in the nude. Now, I have to deal with this dark lighting? What is wrong with this show?


#19: Jamie’s Mo Nighean Donn Face – Oooh. I’ve been waiting for that one! It’s the closest he’s come to saying my name.


#18: Jamie’s Thank You Uncle Dougal Face – Translation: F#@* You, Uncle Dougal while I go upstairs and make love to the beautiful woman you gave me. But really, THANK YOU!


#17: Jamie’s I Look Adorable When I’m Asleep Face – Shhh. Don’t wake Jamie. He needs his rest. 1,000,000 women are awaiting their turn.


#16: Jamie’s I Look Just As Good Waking Up As I Do Asleep Face – Umm. Drawing a blank here. Can you lie down and get back up again? Oh, and maybe move up a little on the bed? This camera is a lock off.


And somehow I managed to whittle the list down to a Top 15. Enjoy!

#15: Jamie’s James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser Face – The following two images work in union. Feel free to bask.



#14: Jamie’s I’m Taking My Shirt Off At Your Request Face – I am loving you so much right now, Claire. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Now, can you move to your left?


#13: Jamie’s I Want To Be Married By A Priest Face – I’m sorry. What were you saying? I was too busy melting in your liquid blue eyes to listen.


#12: Jamie’s I Can Tap This Any Time I Want Face – If he can do this to her by touching only her shoulder . . .


#11: Jamie’s Tha Mi ‘n Dùil Sgàin Mo Chridhe Face – When Jamie has a really powerful orgasm, he switches to Gàidhlig. Good going, Claire!


#10: Jamie’s Did I Do That? Face – When Claire has a really powerful orgasm, she makes Jamie smile. Good going, Claire!


#9: Jamie’s I’ve Never Seen A Naked Woman Up Close Face – Now, you tell me.


#8: Jamie’s I Thought My Heart Was Going To Burst Face – Me, too, Jamie. Me, too.


#7: Jamie’s I’m Escorting My Reluctant Bride To The Church Face – Oh, is that who she is? I was too busy watching you. You’re not supposed to outshine the bride.


#6: Jamie’s My Brown-Haired Lass Face – Finally! I get a little attention around here.

Oh, you weren’t talking to me.


#5: Jamie’s I Just Kissed The Most Beautiful Bride Face – All right. That’s too sweet for me to make a joke.


#4: Jamie’s I Said I Was A Virgin Not A Monk Face – Okay then, I need to kiss more virgins.


#3: Jamie’s I’m Laughing At Myself Face – This is what I want to see. Jamie laughing in bed. The only thing that would make this picture better is if we lose the shirt.


#2: Jamie’s And Not One That’s Mine Face – This particular look is more about the words and the way Jamie says them as he takes Claire into his arms.

Oh, my. I need to watch that again . . . and again . . . and again. Ooh. Maybe throw a “je suis prest” in there and we have ovaries exploding.

 I’d also like to point out, I was right about the shirt.


#1: Jamie’s Take Off Yours As Well Face – I thought you’d never ask. Good night!


The Outlander mid-season finale Episode #108: BOTH SIDES NOW airs on Starz on Saturday, 27 September in the U.S.

If you missed last week’s Top 30, you’ll find Jamie and Black Jack Randall’s Top 15 Looks here: Top 30 Looks from Outlander Episode #106: THE GARRISON COMMANDER

My review for Ep107 is also available: A True Fan’s Review of Outlander Episode #107: THE WEDDING

60 thoughts on “Jamie’s Top 40 Looks from #Outlander Episode 107: THE WEDDING

  1. I love no 9 14 1 2 3 oh hell all of them he’s the most sexist man I have ever seen just keep re-watching never get enough Jamie (nice to know I am not the only one )

  2. How do I sign up 2 get your blog is it?? I just LOVE ALL your comments, pics (of course!!!) etc. Thx!!

    1. Hi, Doris. Thank you so much! There are two ways to follow my blog. By selecting the FOLLOW button on the top right, you will receive an email each time I publish. The second follow button only works if you also have a wordpress account.

  3. How do I sign up 2 get your blog is it?? You are sooo funny and I just LOVE ALL your comments, pics (of course!!!) etc. Thx!!

    1. Hi, Coral! Welcome. Welcome. So glad you found my little Outlander corner. I’ve been very busy with my own writing lately but plan to start posting more regularly very soon. Stay tuned!

  4. Reblogged this on Shameless ramblings of an aspiring writer and commented:
    I can’t get over how hooked I am on this show. April – get a move on! Here’ s a funny little post for any other die-hards, like me, who are stuck in the Outlander wastelands, eagerly awaiting the continuation of Season 1 to return in Spring 2015.

  5. Ditto. I just love this blog. Just discovered it last week. Sam and Cat are great serious actors. I wish they won’t be typecast though doing these characters. I’m looking at Sam to be the next James Bond when Craig retires and Cat to be the next big actress in Hollywood. They are my favorites right now and kudos to Diana for writing these books. Romance is back. I was a Mills and Boon addict back in the day and now that I’m older, I’m embracing romance novels again. Thanks to these actors and Starz for making Outlander a series. Diana – you are a stud! LOL You know what I mean!

      1. Thank you for all of this. I hope Sam and Cat get to read them. I’m sure they will have a big ball laughing and appreciating your musings. They both have great sense of humor to go with their extraordinary talents!

        1. Would love to have them read my blog, but I’m sure they have been overwhelmed by like-minded fan blogs. So glad *you* enjoy it. Can’t wait for second half of the season to begin.

  6. Candida — Have to post a comment after rewatching Wedding episode for the *.* time (don’t even want to tell!). Your blog is so much fun and here I am looking at it again after several weeks into the hiatus! Anyway, your blog is the gift “that keeps on giving” so wanted you to know your fans are still enjoying…Just a thought: of course Jamie Fraser is a fictional character…(thank you DG) but Sam has obviously captured his soul. I have watched several other shows/movies lately and have not seen one actor that has his ability to express himself so totally with only his eyes and and facial expressions. It is very gratifying to a reader to be able to visualize such strong emotions. Kudos to both Sam and Caitriona for being such fine actors and the directors/writers that can produce such a performance; they really GET it. Looking forward to the second half of the season and your posts!

    1. Thank you so much, Barb. I so agree with you. Sam’s acting is of course what led to the Top 30. I wound myself amazed by all his facial expressions. Cait, too. I cover hers more in my reviews. Like giving them each their own homage.

  7. I love you ! The only one you left out is the sweet, “Oh my God, I didn’t know your mouth could do that. ” look.

  8. Forgive me for delay.. 😉
    Amazing review!!!!
    I loved looks 1 to 40… no exceptions 😄
    I agree with your point of view on looks 14 – 17 – 18 spectacular..
    One question…
    During this break you will continue to post your reviews?
    thanks for the laughs

  9. Wonderful looks! He is a beautiful man – from his head to his toes and you captured some of his best looks. Loved 17, 11, 5 & 1 especially. Wish I could have seen the much talked about “side peen” shot and believe me, I looked and looked. But, alas, I still have to imagine what is at the bottom of that Scottie Hottie V. Thanks for another great post!

    1. Thank you, Debanne! I only read 1 or 2 others myself but in general stay away from other opinions. I don’t even venture into forums. Have my own mini-one right here. lol

  10. Candida — This was a lot of fun going through all the photos! I really don’t have anything to add…will just say your #1 is my #1 as well. I’m always amazed at your efforts on our behalf and I appreciate it. ❤️

  11. Love them all, and all of your comments are hysterical. I couldn’t agree more. My favorite, however, is number 4, what a great line! And that expression has to be my favorite so far…looking forward to more of your sense of humor and way with words!

  12. Wow! What a great set of pics!! Would you mind if I posted some of them on my IG outlander fan account…giving you credit of course. I won’t post anything without your permission 🙂

  13. Love your choices! I’m surprised you were able to narrow the faces to just 40! I am in total agreement with your number 1 choice. Can I add that I would really like to kiss the spot on his right shoulder with the freckle ( among other places…)?

  14. I SOOOO agree with you #20…. I was straining my eyes to see past the darkenss… oh to have just a glimpse !! Excellent choices !

  15. Number two sent me through the ceiling. The most magical love scene ever filmed. Well done…writers, directors, actors, and Diana! (and everyone else involved)

  16. As i was reading ” top 40 looks” I said in my head ” should be top 100″ so good to know I am not alone in this, but you did pick the best. I also like ” can we hate Claire for a second”.lol another great review!

  17. Greetings, Candida!

    I am lucky enough to be in Scotland for several months, so no chance of seeing the episodes, but I feel as though I have not been left behind, since your recap and “Top XX” choices amuse me and keep me happily reading. Thank you so much, from a long-time fan of the books.


  18. Excellent captioning as usual, thank you! Had to be careful when drinking my tea and trying not to burst out laughing with the funny bits 🙂 I guess it is hard to choose (and I’m impressed by how quickly and efficiently you upload your reviews and top looks btw); I personally would have included these as well – the look he has when Claire turns her back and he figures out where to start with the skirts; the look when he touches her chest for the first time; the look right after the first “real” kiss, before she asks where he learned to kiss like that; and the kinda goofy look when she says that she did like it (priceless :D). Even more than all the action, I really enjoyed the display of emotions on both of their faces throughout the episode, and I hope that in future episodes we’ll have an even better look at their faces during intimate moments, as it’s really powerful.

    1. Yes, those are excellent choices, too. I try to use a diverse set of looks from different scenes so as not to get too repetitive. I usually have to “throw out” some gems. I suppose I could do a list of all Jamie’s best sex looks, but his other looks are so great, too! :oP

      1. lol yeah the sex looks are a category on their own. Anyway “chapeau bas” to you (i guess in English they say kudos, not sure what it means or where it comes from :)) for your excellent job, choosing the best ofs and captioning must take a lot of time. You’ll have a few months’ rest, let’s try to look on the “positive” side of the long wait for the next 8 episodes 🙂

          1. always looking forward to your new posts! btw, I had this interesting transition of starting to read Voyager on the day I saw the wedding episode; sweetly odd somehow 🙂 would definitely like to discuss this book with you when I finish it, as you said it was your favourite.

              1. will do 🙂 it’s not going very fast, what with my having to finish writing my PhD, but i get to read at least a bit every day and I’m really quite impatient lol. for now I’m only in chapter 6.

                1. I know what you mean. I spend way too much time on my blog, but I love it. But I also have to finish my novel. We’ll get there – you to the end of Voyager and me to the end ABOSAA.

                  1. I also enjoy your blog a lot. I was wondering if you have read all 8 books by now. Or is it your 2nd/3rd/umpteenth reading 🙂 ?

                    1. I started re-reading the first 7 books in preparation of MOBY. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish before MOBY was released so I’m STILL on my re-read. I’m determined to finish A Breath of Snow & Ashes and An Echo in the Bone. I was very tempted to stop, read MOBY, then go back, but I’m too close to the end of the series.

                      This is my 3rd time reading the series. I’ll read it again when book 9 is close to publishing in 5 years. lol

                      I have read all the LJG books + the other novellas.

                      Thanks so much by the way.

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