Two Outlander episodes down, fourteen to go. The wait for the series to begin was torturous – not Black Jack Randall torturous, but bad enough. As the season progresses, I suspect we’ll wish time would fly by slower, but not until after Episode #107: THE WEDDING, of course!

Hm. There might be quite a few interesting looks to countdown from that particular episode. Until then, let’s concentrate on the several melt-you-to-the-core looks we received from Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) during CASTLE LEOCH. Well, really . . . Claire was on the receiving end, but we all projected ourselves, didn’t we?

Below, I humbly submit my Top 30 Looks for Jamie Fraser from Episode #102. This was a tough one, ladies and lads. It was jam packed with searing, soulful, teasing, dramatic and cocky looks from our favorite son of Scotland. I’m more than happy to hear your feedback if I missed any of your favorites.

I decided to start you out with an easy one before jumping into the toughest looks of the night. Here we go.

#30: Jamie’s Chickens Are Not Verra Good Company Face – I’m sure the feeling is NOT mutual for the chickens.


#29: Jamie’s I’m Getting Tired Of Being Bossed Around By Bossy Women Face – See you later, Sleepy. Good horse.


#28: Jamie’s I Just Want To Be a Farmer Face – Damn those Redcoats!


#27: Jamie’s Damn It . . . It Is Redcoats Face – Brace yourself. It gets a little hairy but we gotta stick by Jamie’s side.


#26: Jamie’s The Devil Has My Sister Face – We may not like watching this scene, but it certainly does a fantastic job establishing everyone’s characters.


#25: Jamie’s Noooo! Face – I don’t know about the rest of you, but chills arise when Jamie screams. Even the Redcoat holding him seems to be disturbed by the blood-curdling sound.


#24: Jamie’s I Can Do This For Jenny Face – As if we needed another reason to adore this man . . . He’s willing to endure anything for those he loves. And boy, does he prove that in the end!


#23: Jamie’s That’s A Big F#@*&$! Dagger Face – Thanks for putting the idea of slitting your throat into Black Jack’s head. Even he hadn’t thought of it, but as you can see – he appreciates a good suggestion when he hears one. Next time try, “Slit your own blankety-blank throat, Black Jack.”

23_Jamie's_that's_a_big_motherf#@*&$!_knife_ 24_Jamie's_that's_a_big_knife 2

#22: Jamie’s Don’t You Dare Go Into The House With This Foul Creature From Hell Face – Look at the tension in his face, shoulders, and arms. His eyes are boring through Black Jack’s black soul.


Okay. It’s over. You can open your eyes now. Let’s go back to Castle Leoch, shall we? Claire is waiting.

#21: Jamie’s I’m Talking To The Horse In Gàidhlig Face – There he goes again. What woman, er, horse wouldn’t do what he says when he talks in Gàidhlig? Repeating my question from earlier in the evening, what exactly does it “feel” like to have Gàidhlig whispered in one’s ear?


#20: Jamie’s That One Kind Of Hurt Face – You have to give beaucoup credit to the man. He sure can take a punch, even when it’s a cheap shot to the shoulder. Reminds me of the Karate Kid. “Sweep the leg.”


#19: Jamie’s They Were Holding Me Prisoner Face – And he’s back to flirting even in the face of pain. He just can’t keep his eyes off Our Claire . . . but then, neither can we.


#18: Jamie’s I’m Ready Face – All joking aside, Jamie takes one for the lass. What a guy! Too bad it’s Laoghaire.


#17: Jamie’s It’s Not What You Think Face – Yeah, even Old Alec can see what’s going on. How do you get any work done, Jamie? Claire, don’t you have some stones to get to?


#16: Jamie’s I’m Not Afraid Of Rupert Face – Um. Jamie sure does use his tongue a lot. Wonder what else he can do with it. . .


#15: Jamie’s I Need Ye Sassenach Face – He calls. She comes.


#14: Jamie’s She’s Just A Girl With Spirit Face – So . . . are you saying you like a lass with spirit, Jamie lad? I know one or two.


#13: Jamie’s Ruckus Face – Yes, he said “rrruckus.” What other reason do I need to include this look – besides the fact it’s a lovely close up?


#12: Jamie’s I’m A Wanted Man Face – Yes. We know. We know. You’re a wanted man. Claire wants you. I want you. We all want you. Even Black Jack . . . Ooh, you’re wanted by the authorities. Never mind.


One more thing – eyes up, Claire. Ye ain’t marrit yet.


#11: Jamie’s I’m An Outlaw Face – See #12 above. We’ve already established you’ve stolen our hearts, Jamie. Move on, man!


Welcome to the Top Ten of Jamie’s Looks for Episode #102.

#10: Jamie’s F#@* You Uncle Dougal Face – He uses such harsh language with those eyes of his, but the directed animosity is well-deserved. And Dougal gives as good as he receives.

10_Jamie's_f#@*_you_Uncle_Dougal 10_Dougal's_face

#9: Jamie’s Goodbye Sassenach Safe Journey Face – Look at that broken heart. He found her. He held her. He lost her. Don’t give up hope, lad. There’s always diabolical plans afoot.


#8: Jamie’s You Can’t Leave Me Now Face – Yes, I know he already said goodbye above, but I love this look he gives her. So many emotions cross Jamie’s face when Claire tells him she’s leaving. This is only a fraction of what we’ll see at Craigh na Dun, aye?


#7: Jamie’s She’s My Sassenach I Caught Her Face – Two days and nights in the saddle. He’s playing it sooo cool.


#6: Jamie’s You Hit Like A Haggis Face – The man can’t stop smiling and melting hearts. [Wonder how the extras faired on this shoot.]


#5: Jamie’s I’m Biting My Lip Face – You didn’t really think I’d let you down, did you? Those eyes. Those lips. He knows how to use them.


#4: Jamie’s I’m Willing To Take One For The Lass Face – Oh, that Laoghaire! I almost wish I didn’t know what’s going to happen.


#3: Jamie’s Your Husband Is A Lucky Man Faces – Had to go with a collage on this one. I think we know what he’s thinking. Did I mention there’s a huge four-poster bed a few feet away?


#2: Jamie’s No Promises Sassenach Faces – I didn’t think you’d mind one more collage. There are two many wonderful expressions on Jamie’s face when he says those words.


#1: Jamie’s That’s Not A Sausage In My Sporran I Really Am That Glad To See Ye Face. This scene is just as steamy as it is in the book though we don’t get to “hear” Claire’s realization. That’s okay. We “see” it all. A voiceover would have ruined the moment. Le grand sigh.


So, that’s my latest Top 30. I hope you had just as much fun as last week. We had to plow through some real doozies tonight, but we did it. Next week, Laoghaire takes center stage. There should be some whoppers.

Outlander Episode #103: THE WAY OUT airs on Starz on Saturday, 23 August in the U.S.

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44 thoughts on “Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from #Outlander Episode 102: CASTLE LEOCH

  1. Candida
    What a great site. Thanks so much for taking the time to post especially the “30 Looks” sections. My hand was getting tired from hitting the pause on the remote watching the episodes. Will definitely be checking back with you!

  2. Boiler and Scotch up to you!
    Hail to another Boilermaker and Outlander specialist! Keep up the SuPurduper blog site!!!!!

  3. Love this article so much! The one from previous episode as well. Keep them coming 🙂
    I tried to subscribe to folllow you but it seems like my email does not cooperate with WordPress :/

    1. Sorry to hear you’re having technical difficulties. I appreciate the follow in spirit! Thanks so much. You’ll just have to remember to come back every Sunday. I’ll be here as will Jamie’s Looks.

    1. Angus beats him up in the book, but in the show its Rupert who did it. Angus in the show does not seem to be that same person as in the book at all.

      1. Thanks for the distinction, Christy. Yes, its seems they are mixing things up as Claire is also standing with Mrs. Fitz during Jamie’s beat down. I guess they decided to make Rupert the ball-buster and Angus the wee beastie bugger.

  4. Rofl! The titles of #29 and #7! And “Claire, don’t you have some stones to get to?” Perfect. Sam is seriously the best part of the show not only for obvious reasons (duh) but because he is so expressive and charismatic. His face changes every second and you cannot look away from him. I love him as Jamie and hope we get to see him take it all the way to book 15…hey a girl can wish, can’t she? 😉

  5. Holy crap. You are a genius!!! These were so perfect 😀 thank you thank you. CannOT wait to see more.

  6. Love the choices and the commentary! Fun page to read on a Sunday morning. One that I would add as a bonus is the expression on his face when he is holding Claire while she is crying. That one squeezed my heart.

    1. Thank you, Dee. Yes, that look was part of my master group but didn’t make the final cut. I left out his vulnerable face, too – when Claire sees his scars for the first time. That one bothers me more.

    2. Oh yes! I loved that, too, and all the soothing sounds he was making. I think I’d cry even harder hearing such beautiful sounds. *sobs*

    1. Ha ha. Thanks, Donna. There were so many moments in the show. It was very difficult to narrow them down. Wish I hadn’t forgotten Jamie’s I’m Embarrassed About My Scars Face – such a vulnerable look.

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