And we shorten our wait for the Season 3 premiere by one more week. Outlander Episode 103: THE WAY OUT reduxed on Friday, March 17th. In this episode, Jamie gets himself into a bit of hot water – not with Claire but with the fans. Watching Jamie swap spit with Laoghaire never gets any easier. It’ll be interesting to see what the writers do with Jamhaire? Laogmie? Leermie? Jameery? ‘s relationship in future seasons. Meanwhile, Claire tries to make the best of a bad situation playing doctor with Jamie (I wish!), spending girl-time with her besties Geillis and the Fitz (I don’t know…) and butting heads with the local man of the cloth (Oh, boy!). Good times.

We have a ways to go before Jamie and Claire make us sigh high. Until then, here are their helpful tips – some of them plain silly, a few of them naughty and one of them downright dirty – in this episode’s gallery of Top 20 Tips for Dummies from Jamie and Claire for Episode 103: THE WAY OUT.

When you’re done, feel free to jump back to Jamie and Claire’s gallery of Top 20 Redux Tips for Dummies from Outlander Ep. 102: CASTLE LEOCH.

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