Day 9 of Outlander Starz‘s offerings is particularly commemorative. Thanks to all of you, Candida’s Musing‘s officially reached 1,000,000 views! Of course, my most popular postings have always been Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from each Outlander episode, ’cause we just can’t get enough of looking at Jamie.

So . . . in gracious honor of Sam Heughan‘s dashing highlander with the dreamy blue eyes, deliciously rolling r’s, dangerously wicked smile, ruffle-y red hair, snuggly strong arms and quick-witted tongue, I present to you Jamie’s Top 1,000,000 Looks of Season 1.

Uh, only kidding. You know I knew that you knew I was kidding, right? Let’s just stick with 30 or so, shall we? What I actually present is . . .

Jamie’s Ultimate Top 36 Looks from Season 1 (aka My favorites):

36 ep109 Jamie with Laoghaire

35 ep110 Jamie and the Duke

34 ep103 Jamie walks into room

33 ep116 Jamie is a bad husband

32 ep108 Jamie sets jaw

31 ep109 Jamie gives counsel

30 ep103 Jamie is a bad boy

29 ep116 Jamie defies Randall

28 ep112 Jamies dreams of a day

27 ep102 Jamie brings home angel

26 ep105 Jamie wants more

25 ep113 Jamie will go to hell

24 ep108 Jamie saves Claire

23 ep107 Jamie laughs at himself

22 ep109 Jamie is a sadist

21 ep105 Jamies teases Claire

20 ep106 Jamie is a virgin

19 ep108 Jamie is love sick

18 ep111 Jamie decides to let Claire go

17 ep106 Jamie versus Randall

16 ep112 Jamie sees Ian

15 ep107 Jamie is asleep

14 ep111 Jamie lets go

13 ep107 Jamie kisses the bride

12 ep112 James makes us dizzy

11 ep110 Jamie puts on pants

10 ep105 Jamie is humiliated

09 ep111 Jamie watches Claire

08 ep103 Jamie nursed by Claire

07 ep102 Jamie at the fireplace

06 ep110 Jamie in love

05 ep113 Jamie bread and butter

04 ep101 Jamie versus Claire

03 ep102 Jamie says sassenach

02 ep107 Jamie take off yours

01 ep104 Jamie je suis pret

I hoped you enjoyed my playful Thank You. That’s it for Top 30, until Season 2.

And last but not least, is this offering, an Outlander ball for your very own tree:

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6 thoughts on “25 Days of #Outlander – Day 9: JAMIE’S TOP 36 LOOKS

  1. Gosh, this is so hilarious, I was laughing so hard I almost choked.
    Amazing, amazing and amazing! This blog is real treasure.
    You have a new fan for sure!

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