Outlander fans everywhere are always looking for ways to entertain and amuse themselves during the harrowing dry spells. While we all love pictures of our Jamie and Claire – or mainly Jamie (admit it) –talking, tweeting and blogging about Outlander, I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce new novels I’ve recently discovered, especially those by authors who deserve more recognition than they are currently receiving.

Many of my readers responded with kind comments to the recommendations I made in Jamie’s Top 30 Awkward Moments, so I created a new blog category for book reviews and recommendations – aptly titled BOOKS.

Like all of you (I hope), I love, love, love books. My interests include a very wide variety from Edith Wharton period classics to Anne Tyler contemporary classics; from Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Blake Crouch sci-fi/fantasy/horror novels to Connie Willis and Diana Gabaldon sci-fi/fantasy/time travel adventures; from Sharon Kay Penman historical fiction to Denise Domning historical romances; and from Stephen Ambrose WWII non-fiction to any history book on Scotland, England and Wales. I will also read anything by Raymond Chandler, one of my all-time favorite authors. If you’ve never read his Philip Marlowe detective series, I urge you to bump THE BIG SLEEP to the top of your pile.

However, I do also love me a good, hard-core science fiction novel and have quite a few on my own TBR list. I’ll get to them soon and perhaps do a special SCI-FI block of book reviews.

When it comes to stories of mystery, suspense and thrills, I crave a heaping quantity of tension and surprises. I’m not adverse to gore, whether it’s the description of a medical procedure, such as an autopsy, or a serial killer’s fetish, such as – I’d better not say. Not admitting I enjoy the latter, but if it’s written well and conducive to the storyline, I don’t mind at all. I’ll be sure to add the appropriate warning for those of you with a squeamish stomach.

Regarding the page binder of the story itself, I prefer to hold a volume in my own two hands while plunging into whatever adventure it has to offer. But, I’m currently digging the e-books I can download from the public library for free, free, free. My kindle is perfect for reading on-the-go or on my front porch while floating on my yellow glider. However, I prefer seeing the layout as intended by the author/editor/publisher on my laptop e-reader.

No matter your favorite genre or form of novel, I hope you enjoy the selection of books I propose for your toppling TBR pile. And have no fear. When Outlander ramps back up, I’ll be here to add my own brand of humor to Season 2. Until then, let’s see what discoveries we can make together – whether popular, award-winning or little-known.

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