Episode #112: LALLYBROCH is a sentimental and melancholy episode. Jamie and Jenny’s reunion is the centerpiece of the show. Randall’s brutal encounters with the Fraser clan make a close second. There’s quite a bit of storming, huffing, puffing, stomping, drinking, and slamming of doors in this episode which makes one wonder how Lallybroch is still standing two-hundred years later.

I seem to encounter different forms of challenges for each episode. Given LALLYBROCH‘s somber nature, I am faced with somber faces. Luckily, writer Anne Kenney break up the gloom and doom with moments of affection and levity.

Sam Heughan‘s Jamie spends most of the episode embarrassed, furious, haunted, pretentious, or drunk. It’s his expressions of intimacy, compassion, and cheekiness which keep this episode from becoming too dark. I expect we’ll receive less of a break from here on out.

Presented below is one of Jamie’s more diverse collection of faces. I’ve added several SPOILER markers for my series-only fans. I hope you know who you are, because I sure don’t.

#30: Jamie’s There’s Lallybroch Face – This is where it starts, so this is where I thought I’d begin. Too bad Jamie changes from a romantic, heroic-hearted, magic-fingers tomcat of a husband into a drunken, stubborn-headed, pain-in-the-arse mule of a Laird.

#29: Jamie’s Rock-N-Rattle Face – This is pretty much how Jamie handles every situation in this episode – with brute force. It ain’t broke, but he tries to fix everything.

#28: Jamie’s Whose Ass Do I Need To Kick? Face – See what I mean?

#27: Jamie’s Hornet’s Nest Face – Calling his sister a whore isn’t enough. Jamie wants to know how big of a whore she really is.

#26: Jamie’s One Too Many Faces – Get it? He’s seeing double. Exactly how many barrels of whiskey does it take to get a Highlander this stinkin’ hungover?

#25: Jamie’s I Don’t Remember My Sister Being Such A B*tch Face –Claire is wondering if it would be rude to kick her new sister-in-law out of her own house. “Call me a trollop. Lallybroch is mine now.”

#24: Jamie’s And The Hits Just Keep On Coming Face – Can we get one lousy week without conflict for our hero and heroine, please? No, I’m not talking about the series.

#23: Jamie’s Flashback To October Face – Really. Who doesn’t want a piece of this lad?

#22: Jamie’s My Sister Loves Me Face – We all loves you, Jamie.

#21: Jamie’s Dreamt Of The Day Face – It’s simply too easy sometimes . . .

#20: Jamie’s Stand By Me Face – There’s always one that stumps me, but I can’t let this one go.

#19: Jamie’s Sleepy Time Face – Pretty much the only time Jamie’s not annoying someone in this episode.

#18: Jamie’s Bound and Helpless Face – Oh, man. You mean I have something in common with Black Jack Randall?

#17: Jamie’s He Wanted Me Face – I think we’ve already established I’m on point with Randall.

#16: Jamie’s Lallybroch Is Now Claire’s Home Face – Omg. Why the heck did it take me until Episode 112 to notice Jamie has a right-sided dimple?!

#15: Jamie’s I Felt Dizzy Face – Pretty much how we all feel around you, Jamie.

#14: Jamie’s You Should Work On Your Gàidhlig Face – Okay. How do you say, “Sleep on the floor. You reek,” in Gàidhlig?

#13: Jamie’s Uneasy Truce Face – Jamie is confused here because Jenny’s not yelling at him.

#12: Jamie’s Expecting A Pardon Any Day Now Face – SPOILER Looks like Claire read the novel and hasn’t told Jamie the ending yet.

#11: Jamie’s Have You Actually Seen An Elephant? Face – Yes, and they smell better than you.

And here we are at Jamie’s Sentimental Top 10:

#10: Jamie’s I Could Scarce Bear My Shirt Face – We can all scarcely bear your wearing a shirt, Jamie, but who among us would have been looking at your face or your torso in this shot anyway, right?

#9: Jamie’s Listening To The Riot Act Face – SPOILER Jamie’s lucky Claire isn’t like Laoghaire. Shoot first. Talk later.

#8: Jamie’s The Kind Laird Face – And the dimple made it into the Top 10.

#7: Jamie’s Welcome Home, Laird Broch Tuarach Face – It just occurred to me . . . I think that Alexander McQueen leather jacket is possessed. Ever since Jamie took it off, he’s Himself again!

#6: Jamie’s I Wanted You More Than I Wanted Anything In My Life Face – B*tch.

#5: Jamie’s Truly Face – Show of hands. Who else wants to change their name to “Truly?”

#4: Jamie’s Going Into The Pond Face – I was right there. You mean all I had to do was wait?


#3: Jamie’s Love For His Wife Face – Does this mean it’s officially over between you and Laoghaire? But there’s still a chance for us, right?



#2: Jamie’s Love For His Brother Face – SPOILER This is the bromance we want to see, not the other icky one. Oh, all right. We’ll watch.

#1: Jamie’s Love For His Sister Face – Ultimately, it’s all about love. Well . . . fighting . . . resenting . . . forgiving . . . then loving, but they got there in the end.

Outlander Episode #113: THE WATCH premieres on Starz on Saturday, 2 May 2015 in the U.S.

If you missed last week’s Top 30, you’ll find it here: Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from Outlander Episode #111: THE DEVIL’S MARK

My recapped review of this episode is also available: A True Fan’s Review of Outlander Episode #112: LALLYBROCH

14 thoughts on “Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from #Outlander Episode 112: LALLYBROCH

  1. Thanks so much Candida, your posts are so good every week and I really enjoy reading them. Did anyone else notice, that when Jamie kissed Claire good bye, it seemed forced for some reason? It wasn’t the usual closeness, from him, that we usually see; maybe he was trying to be manly and just go with Ian and not get too sentimental (?) But I loved this episode even with Jamie being a little immature and I loved the scene where he’s drunk and comes to bed and tells Claire she needs to practice her Gaelic and talks about the elephant. Looking forward to this weeks episode; we’ll be in a Droughtlander too soon!!

    1. Hmmm, missed that about the kiss. Worth another look.:-) I really enjoyed the drunk Jamie scene, too – I hate the thought of the upcoming Droughtlander!!

  2. Another terrific post! Your writing always leaves me laughing out loud. Smart, funny, brilliant. Bravo! Can this man take a bad photo, or look anything but handsome in every scene?? Even when he was being a butt-heid during this episode, I couldn’t help but drool. Or sigh. Or wish I was a cast member, just so I could gaze. The mill pond scene – yup, right there with you all.
    As for Jamie’s perceived lack of maturity….he’s young, and is now laird of Lallybroch. He has little to no clue how to run things, but has to act like he does….and all he knows is what he may have observed from his father, and at Leoch. I cut him a bunch of slack for his behavior.
    There’s only 4 more episodes….!!! Still looking forward to next week.

  3. Loved this! Always right on the mark. Sadly, #12 gave me the biggest laugh (if you know what I mean). Looking forward to next week’s top 30 looks! Thanks again, Candida. 🙂

  4. I, for one, don’t care if JAMMF is no longer King of Men – he’s still a prince to me!

    And, BTW, leave out ‘that L girl’ – she is too busy messing around with all those other boys she was ‘hmmmphmm’ing’ before she even spoke to Jamie. (oh, that we could!) I cant help wondering if she was, maybe, preggers – or thought she might be when she ambushed Jamie by the river. Have you noticed that in real life, Sam and Ron think: oh-poor little misunderstood girl – yeah, right!! (forgive the harsh)

  5. Thank you again for the most enjoyable Outlander posts on line! You are smart, humorous and I love reading them each week!

  6. Another stellar post. I don’t know how you have the time to do these especially considering how good they are!
    I actually really loved this episode because there was so much interaction between Jamie and Claire and truth to tell, I’ve missed them together …well, I’ve missed everything but the sex. And I wouldn’t want to miss the sex.
    One thing I am reading on a lot of blogs is the sense that people are disappointed with Jamie’s “immaturity” in this episode. Honestly, I just remember my youngest sister (11 years younger) coming home on occasion and lapsing back into her home persona immediately. I think we should cut Jamie a break. It’s hard to go home.
    Lastly, I really dislike Jenny in the books. I think she’s a dour, crabby and bossy lady but man, did I ever enjoy Laura Donnelly’s portrayal. Fantastic acting consistently from this cast.

    1. Fair enough. I believe the reason most fans are objecting to Jamie’s character modification is because it’s not how he acts in the novel. Diana has to remind us on occasion – he’s only 22. Being a long-time lover of the novels, I tend to keep mature Jamie in mind. And thank you so much for the accolade! Who needs sleep, aye?

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