With the Outlander mid-season slump – aka #Droughtlander – in full swing, I thought I’d take the time to revisit a few of Jamie’s most awkward moments so far this season. The poor lad’s had quite a few, most all of them humorous due to Diana Gabaldon‘s impeccable writing, Ron Moore‘s talented adaptation skills, and Sam Heughan‘s brilliant acting. Never to be excluded is the lovely and equally brilliant  Caitriona Balfe, who as Claire never lets Jamie get away with anything.

Presented below are my favorite Jamie’s Top 30 Awkward Moments from Outlander Season 1 Part 1. As usual, I’ve selected a range from all 8 episodes as I’m sure you’ll recognize. And as Outlander is a drama, I decided to start with the darkest scenes first.

Watch out for SPOILERS, especially those of you who’ve not yet read the novel(s).

30: Jamie’s Awkward Naked Sister Moment from Ep102: CASTLE LEOCH – Yeah, this one sucks. Not only is poor Jamie being forced to look at his naked sister, but she’s in the arms of the one man who makes Angus look like the ideal brother-in-law.


29: Jamie’s Awkward Ill-Timed Taunting Moment from Ep106: THE GARRISON COMMANDERBravery aside, probably not a great idea to taunt the sadistic English dragoon holding a whip who’s about to flog you. Oh, Jamie . . . you did look mighty fine doing it though.


28: Jamie’s Awkward Stiff Lesson Moment from Ep108: BOTH SIDES NOW – Next time, Little Jamie can wait until you scope the area out for English deserters. Don’t waste stiffness on the lesson to learn.


27: Jamie’s Awkward Scottish Whoreson Moment from Ep108: BOTH SIDES NOW  Does Jamie want to watch you rape his wife? That would be a big, fat NO. And don’t call him a Scottish whoreson, either, you-no-good-deserting-rat-bastard.


26:  Jamie’s Awkward Wife Fight Moment from Ep108: BOTH SIDES NOW Aww. Those first marital spats are the toughest, Jamie, especially in front of the guys and particularly when the new ball and chain is right.


25: Jamie’s Awkward Grand Rescue Moment from Ep108: BOTH SIDES NOW – Nothing like catching your new wifey in the hands of the man who’s presumably sleeping with your sister. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – this is the worst honeymoon ever. You two desperately need a do-over!


24: Jamie’s Awkward Falling Off Moment from Ep101: SASSENACH – There’s no graceful way to fall off a horse, but Jamie does it with style.


23: Jamie’s Awkward Oath Ceremony Moment from Ep104: THE GATHERING Hmm. Facing your uncle surrounded by a bunch of drunken clansmen just itching to stick their dirks in something and not in the good way. . . that’s what I call Scotch Rocks.


22: Jamie’s Awkward Vast Knowledge Moment from Ep108: BOTH SIDES NOW Claire just loves to torture Jamie. Every friggin’ time he asks her a delicate question regarding his libido, she takes her sweet damn time to answer. Yes or no, woman!


21: Jamie’s Awkward Lurking Leery Moment from Ep102: CASTLE LEOCH  Eventually moving on to Lip-Smacking Leery . . . Leeching Leery . . . Lying Leery . . . Languishing Leery . . . Looting Leery . . . Lying Leery (again) . . . Lusting Leery . . . You should have stopped while you were ahead, boy. She only wants you whenever Claire’s around.


20: Jamie’s Awkward Gettin’ Married Moment from Ep106: THE GARRISON COMMANDER Yep, we’re gettin’ hitched. Take a swig of this.


19: Jamie’s Awkward Bonny Lass Moment from Ep103: THE WAY OUT – Jamie’s in the hot seat here but I feel more awkward than him watching the writers turn him into a jerk in this scene.


18: Jamie’s Awkward Sleeping Dirk Moment from Ep104: THE GATHERING – The only thing more awkward than tripping over Jamie while he’s sleeping would be if he were naked. Damn those writers.


17: Jamie’s Awkward Chafing Groin, Er, Shoulder Moment from Ep103: THE WAY OUT Poor Jamie has an itch he just can’t seem to scratch. Hint: It’s not in your shoulder, Jamie.


16: Jamie’s Awkward Morning After Moment from Ep105: RENT – What are you – 12?


15. Jamie’s Awkward Lush Wife Moment from Ep107: THE WEDDING It’s never a good sign when your wife needs to get plastered before she lets you touch her.


14: Jamie’s Awkward Victorian Age Moment from Ep105: RENT Ruined reputation? Ah, correction. This is the Age of Enlightenment. If this were the Victorian Age, Jamie would have been all over Claire.  Those Victorians!


13: Jamie’s Awkward Dangerous Fillies Moment from Ep103: THE WAY OUT Geesh, ye kiss the wrong filly and they never let you forget it, do they, Jamie?


12: Jamie’s Awkward Virtuous Virgin Moment from Ep106: THE GARRISON COMMANDER  Jamie, you must be the last virgin in Scotland over the age of 16 . . . besides Angus.


11: Jamie’s Awkward Wet Nurse Moment from Ep101: SASSENACH – Admit it. You were hoping she’d offer one up.


Drum roll please . . . here we have Jamie at his most awkward x10.

10: Jamie’s Awkward Bad Boy Moment from Ep103: THE WAY OUT – Not sure what’s worse here – the fact you’re kissing your cousin or the fact you’re kinda sorta cheating on Claire.

What am I saying? If I’d known you were this desperate . . .


9: Jamie’s Awkward Honeymoon Kiss Moment from Ep107: THE WEDDING  You finally have the right lass in your sights and you blow it.

But if she doesna want to kiss you . . .


8: Jamie’s Awkward First Cockstand Moment from Ep102: CASTLE LEOCH – In front of Claire, that is.

To Claire: He’s only got one arm. You can take him – I mean, handle him.


7: Jamie’s Awkward Dejected Lover Moment from Ep107: THE WEDDING What? You expected to be a great lover on your first attempt while losing your virginity? Okay, maybe on your second attempt . . .


6: Jamie’s Awkward Worsening Chafe Moment from Ep103: THE WAY OUT Poor Jamie. Claire’s loosening the wrong pressure strap, isn’t she?


5: Jamie’s Awkward Exhibition A Moment from Ep105: RENT – You know you’re not just eye candy and I know you’re much more than eye candy, but all those women who haven’t read the books yet might not know it. Until then . . . sigh.


4: Jamie’s Awkward Back Scars Moment from Ep102: CASTLE LEOCH – This poignant moment captures Jamie’s entire story and even forecasts what’s to come. How compelling it’s a moment shared with Claire.


3: Jamie’s Awkward I Thought . . . Moment from Ep107: THE WEDDING Horses? Um, yeah. Better let Claire do the thinking in bed – at least ’til you get the hang of it, lad.


2: Jamie’s Awkward So Close Moment from Ep107: THE WEDDING – Yep. You have boy parts and she has girl parts. It’s all very technical and organic.


1: Jamie’s Awkward U-Turn Sex Moment from Ep107: THE WEDDING This may not be your favorite, but I love the subtly of this moment on the faces of both Jamie and Claire when she takes charge of their lovemaking after his brazen declaration of:

“If I need guidance, I’ll ask.”


Check out also Claire’s Top 30 Awkward Moments from Outlander Season 1 Part 1

Claire and Jamie Fraser’s Outlander adventure continues in Episode #109: THE RECKONING, premiering on Starz on Saturday, 4 April 2015 in the U.S.


89 thoughts on “Jamie’s Top 30 Awkward Moments from #Outlander S1 Pt1

  1. I was JUST getting over my Outlander addiction and then, you sent this. A lot of “good” work undone ;-p Kidding aside, it’s so fun to read. TY!

  2. You bet, he can make old ladies go warm and tingly . Memories , of course from when I was married to a Scots lad…. 🙂

  3. I’m just getting into “Drums of Autumn”. It amazes me that they live on biscuits and whiskey and don’t have malnutrition….lol

  4. The ‘spanking’ is an integral part of the story, and Claire deserved it because she put everyone at risk by not following orders…. hope to see it in April..

  5. These are great – and we so needed some Outlander giggles. Another awkward moment might be when you throw your new crush into a bush to go into battle.

  6. I have just finished rereading all of the books for the 9th. time. In every reread the honesty lines are in every book. Claire and Jamie have the solid whole heart love that binds them together, but at the same time life events cause them to be separated. I hope that Ron Moore and the other writers introduce this key scene in the next episodes or this important part of this love story really will be lost.

  7. ahhahhaah, thank you for the laughs, Candida 😀
    It’s good to read new stuff from you, and it’s good to be back again myself (I finally finished writing my thesis, and by now I’m reading book 4, I quite liked the Voyager).

      1. thank you! I’m still waiting to know if it’s good enough to defend at the end of the month, and if it is, it will finally be o v e r, yey.
        How could we discuss the book, what would work for you?

        1. A friend of mine has been working on her thesis for a while, going back and forth with her advisor. Sounds so stressful!

          Let’s start here. That way others can join in the discussion!

          1. I’m back after having very successfully obtained my doctor’s degree in psychology 🙂
            About the Voyager, I also liked it a lot. As I haven’t gotten beyond book 4, I don’t know yet which is my favourite. But oh was that emotional or what. What is it that you like best about it?

            1. A very hearty congratulations, Maria! Now you can prioritize your time around Outlander, right?

              My absolute favorite scene of all the novels has always been Claire and Jamie’s reunion, from the moment she steps into the print shop ’til their “first” time together in the brothel house. But mostly, I love the print shop scenes – his fainting, their crying, her showing him the pictures of Brianna, more crying. It’s so beautifully done, I lose it every time.

              I think this book is also a good place to end the show with Voyager broken into 2 seasons making the series a 4-season show. I just can’t see it going for more than that – NOT that I wouldn’t love it.

              1. I agree, that Voyager should be the last show, if the producers go that far. I am nearly finished ” a breath of snow and ashes”, and I feel sad for Roger, will he ever get his voice back… Loved the scene of the snake at the prayer meeting.. Claire to the rescue.

                  1. as long as Jamie and Claire keep re-uniting ,that is all I care.. They are what keeps this series alive. I hope the last book leaves them together , happily ever after. !!

  8. “Jamie, you must be the last virgin in Scotland over the age of 16 . . . besides Angus.” Ha! Poor Angus. They released the episode titles for the second half or just the mid-season premiere?

  9. For the first time we disagree. I didn’t think any of the BJR, Gathering, or LHeery moments were awkward, just horrifying, tense, and funny respectively.
    I agree with all of your top 10 though, oh wait, not #2. I thought that so close moment was endearing and really sexy.

    Although, you’re right, it was the worst honeymoon ever. As I watch the show, I understand DG’s wisdom of giving them a few days to have a honeymoon in the original story before all that sh!t starts hitting the fan. 🙂

    1. Awkward can also mean “difficult to handle” which kind of describes those scenes. #2 was more funny awkward because of the adorable face he made. I used the term “awkward” very loosely. :oP

      1. I couldn’t agree more about the Ronald McDonald hair in the great hall when he takes L’Heery’s beating.

        However, I LOVE his wedding hair. Why? Because he doesn’t looking like a hobbit! I just want to run my fingers through it and mess it all up again.

      2. OK, so this is what happens when you have two blogs open. I was responding to another blog’s discussion of Jamie’s hair. OY!

        It was an adorable face. 🙂

        I guess I define awkward as the squirmy, crickets-crickets moments like his wedding toast.

        I love your summary all the same

        1. I was wondering about you . . . Thought I missed a comment. lol. No worries!

          Yes, there are all kinds of awkward moments. The face he makes in #2 is very slight AND adorable.

  10. Re. the cousins. Mrs Fitz’ husband was Murtagh’s mother’s brother and Murtagh is Jaime’s father’s second cousin’s nephew according to the book (Outlander: Quarter Day chapter).

  11. YASSS to #1! That was awkward and weird, but so hilarious after his “brazen declaration.” The look on his face when she turns him around! I wonder if his pride/ego were a bit bruised after Claire expressed surprise about his kissing skill.

    A quibble about #19, though (when he sits with Claire and the L-word). I definitely didn’t think the show writers turned him into a jerk. I remember being fairly disappointed with Jamie at that scene in the book. He barely pays Laoghaire any mind, despite her attempts to engage him, and then straight dismisses her with the wine glass at the end. I thought they pretty much stuck to the tone of what was written.

    1. You’re entitled to your “quibble.” Personally, I think he was much kinder in the book because his lines were delivered TO Laoghaire. In the show, he delivers them to Claire, giving Laoghaire the cold shoulder. That’s the difference for me.

      1. I was about to reply saying exactly that. I did love when Claire elbowed him because it was such a girlfriend thing to do; however, I would have rather seen Jamie’s charm. In the podcast, Ron cracked up saying that he loves that Jamie is such a guy in that moment. Uhh, that would be the problem … and it didn’t come off that way in the original story.

        1. I agree. The way Jamie tells Laoghaire that he doesn’t remember her in the book is much more self-deprecating than the way he says it in the show, and as much as I also loved Claire’s elbow jab to his side, I wish they wouldn’t have tweaked that scene the way they did. I remember Ron saying that in the podcast and it irked me. And though this change was pretty minor, Ron and the other writers have completely botched so many things during the translation of book to screen that I’ve had to separate them in my head and consider them two unconnected entities to keep from getting upset. It helps…a little. 😉

          1. Heather,
            I have to do the opposite – pretend the things in the book happened in order to make sense of anything. When I separate them in my mind, the show makes no sense. Best example, the stone running scene in 108 – I pretend that never happened and that Claire actually paused before running …. and that Jamie did give the swordbelt warning instead of that weird, whiny fight in the woods. 😀

              1. What the hell was that scene anyway!?
                You’ve mentioned in previous summaries that the scene makes no sense and it really doesn’t.

                I hate that and the fact that it’s so whiny and pouty and – pardon me while I throw up in my mouth a little – Twilight-like. It took me a while, but
                – whining: check
                – moping: check
                – mumbling: check
                – conversations that make no logical sense: check
                – desperate earnest begging: check

                Twilight should only be brought up in the same context as JAMMF when one describes just how badly JAMMF would beat Edward down, highland-style.

                Therefore, I pretend that never happened and insert the scene from the book.

                1. I prefer to think of the scene as weak. It certainly threw *me* for a loop. I remember thinking, “That’s it? Wha’ happened?”

                  I wanted 18th Century manly Jamie to threaten his wife as any self-respecting man from that time period would do.

                  I’m holding out for the big reveal. The spanking scene is too big a deal not to handle with care. I’m sure they have something special planned and want to spring it on us in ep109 a la Jamie’s perspective.

                    1. Yeah I don’t think they’re going to include the spanking scene either because Jamie’s threat was removed completely. Their interaction in the woods is so Twilight isn’t it lol! Maybe they’re worried about turning off all those women who refuse to step outside their own ethnocentric modern bubble and see the 18th century for what it really was. Every time I read a review of Outlander where some woman is blasting Diana and the story for Jamie’s “abuse” of Claire and refusing to read further, I just have to face palm. He spanked her one time and that’s mild compared to the things men did to their women back then. Not to mention, considering the knowledge the men had of the situation, Claire deserved it!

                      I see what you’re saying, Jessabean, about pretending things happened the way they did in the book even though that isn’t what we’re seeing in the show. I’ve kind of done that too by assuming the little things they’ve happily left out which we all love (like the scenes with the plover and tickling trout) really did happen but we just didn’t see them. 😦 I’m trying to do what they recommend and view the show as a nice addition to the Outlanderverse rather than an exact book-to-screen translation, but it’s so hard when we have been waiting years to see these moments brought to life by actors who embody Jamie and Claire. And honestly, I don’t think they could have cast two people more suited for the roles than Sam and Caitriona which makes it all the more depressing when they edit and change the story we all love. I’m still hopeful that a lot of the honeymoon stuff is just being shifted to episodes in the second half but I’m not holding my breath. I also hope they’ve heard the complaints we have voiced about them changing things we deem important and are going to try to stick to the book more for season 2. This is just too beloved a story to be making huge alterations and still expect the readers to go along for the whole ride. Eventually people will stop watching if they continue to ignore the essence of the books which is Jamie and Claire’s relationship.

                    2. The spanking scene *is* in the show which is why I believe the producers have a set up for it in the second half of the season. They can’t go from ep108 to spanking without it seeming cruel & unjustified. Not sure why they felt the need to take out Jamie’s threat, but I’m eager to find out what the replacement is.

  12. LOL! Love this, your awesome 🙂 My fave #18 “The only thing more awkward than tripping over Jamie while he’s sleeping would be if he were naked. Damn those writers.” I think that also in other scenes.

  13. Wonderful! Thanks for doing this. # 13, 10 & 6 are some of my favourites. One of the real pleasures of watching Outlander is the range of facial expressions. So many ‘speaking glances’.

  14. Great insight into the series I have loved the books forever and can’t wait until April of course there must have been inter family marriages but love your viewpoints.

  15. Brilliant as always. I’m looking forward to Outlander resuming just as much for your reviews and Jamie’s Expressions, as I am to see the new episodes themselves.

  16. It’s completely reasonable to assume some degree of relationship. One branch of my family has lived in one county in Pa. for roughly 250 years, and my genealogical cousin said that anyone whose family lived in that county for three generations was related to anyone else whose family had been there for three generations. A chance meeting on the other side of the country confirmed it for me. I met someone who had lived there with his grandparents, and when he told me the name, I knew we were related. Distantly, but definitely. In the 18th century, before trains and planes and automobiles, this is even more certain.

    1. Intermarriage: very possible, my family immigrated from Ireland to Quebec in the early 18oo’s and many of my relatives married 1st and 2nd cousins…

  17. As brilliant as ever. I’ve missed these “Jamie’s Best/Jamie’s Most” posts almost as much as I’m missing Outlander.

    Re #10, how is Leery Jamie’s cousin? I don’t recall ever knowing she was anything but Mrs. Fitz’s granddaughter, Who are her parents?

    The poster is beautiful.

      1. OK You got me! I’ve read the books so many times I couldn’t believe I’d missed that. But you’re right. Since she’s a MacKenzie, she must be related to Jamie somehow and a cousin is the most likely.

    1. Re #10, I can’t find anywhere in the books that specifically mentions that Jamie and Laoghaire are cousins, but Laoghaire’s last name is MacKenzie. In the TV series, since Mrs. Fitzgibbon’s claims Laoghaire as her granddaughter, we can assume that one of Mrs. Fitz’s daughters (Laoghaire’s mother) must have married a MacKenzie. And since Jamie’s mother was also a MacKenzie from the same clan, there is presumably some sort of blood relation between them, although it might be rather distant (second or third cousins, etc).

    2. Re #10, I can’t find anywhere in the books that specifically mentions that Jamie and Laoghaire are cousins, but Laoghaire’s last name is MacKenzie. In the TV series, since Mrs. Fitzgibbon’s claims Laoghaire as her granddaughter, we can assume that one of Mrs. Fitz’s daughters (Laoghaire’s mother) must have married a MacKenzie. And since Jamie’s mother was also a MacKenzie from the same clan, there is presumably some sort of blood relation between them, although it might be rather distant (second or third cousins, etc).

    3. Re: cousins? Well, Laoghaire is Mrs. Fitzgibbons’ granddaughter and Murtagh is Murtagh Fitzgibbons Frazer and Murtagh is related to both Mrs. Fitz and Jamie so…. I’d need to make a tree but if not by blood, perhaps by marriage? ‘Tis possible, aye?

      1. Oh, yes and the MacKenzie connection, too! They could be related both through Jamie’s mother’s line and his father’s line. It may be one of those family trees that becomes a circle! LOL Would be fun to chart it out, eh?

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