What’s a #Droughlander Top 30 Awkward Moments without Claire’s contribution? Diana Gabaldon does not spare the poor lass in the novel(s) or anyone else really. Claire – played by Caitriona Balfe – has more than her fair share of both scary and hilarious awkward moments in Ron Moore‘s adaptation of Outlander.

Jamie (Sam Heughan), Dougal MacKenzie (Graham McTavish), Mrs. FitzGibbons (Annette Badland), and Angus Mohr (Stephen Walters) all lend a hand in the scenes to follow.

Presented below are my favorite of Claire’s Top 30 Awkward Moments from Outlander Season 1 Part 1. Per usual, I’ve selected a range from all 8 episodes beginning with the darkest “difficult to take” scenes first.

I have to say it – watch out for SPOILERS, especially you newbies.

30: Claire’s Awkward Great Gaspy Moment from Ep101: SASSENACH – We start out with Good Ole’ Black Jack again at #30, but instead of abusing Jamie’s sister, he decides to shag his six-times-great-granddaughter-by-marriage. Talk about awkward.


29: Claire’s Awkward Rowdy Bunch Moment from Ep107: THE WEDDING Poor Claire’s honeymoon turns into Jamie’s stag party the moment she steps out onto the landing. I knew they should have hired hookers.


28: Claire’s Awkward Bad Timing Moment from Ep106: THE GARRISON COMMANDER Not a good time to reflect on a romantic moment with your husband while watching his sadistic ancestor get a shave and a hair cut. It simply does not translate well . . .


27: Claire’s Awkward Chivalrous Clansmen Moment from Ep105: RENT  Yeah, so they’re not the boorish louts you thought they were . . . they still think you’re a hoor (and a spy).


26: Claire’s Awkward Unfaithful Wife Moment from Ep101: SASSENACH Which is worse: being accused of adultery by your first husband, Frank, on your second honeymoon . . . or committing adultery on your first honeymoon with your second husband, Jamie?

Ha ha. What a silly question, aye?


25: Claire’s Awkward Not Hoor Moment from Ep101: SASSENACH – Of course she says, “I_am_not.” She hasn’t noticed Jamie yet.


24: Claire’s Awkward Duchess Unawareness Moment from Ep108: BOTH SIDES NOW – The Master of Lies got you again, Claire. This would be a good time to pull out your sgian-dubh and stick it in the spineless Corporal behind door #1.


23: Claire’s Awkward Two Husbands Moment from Ep108: BOTH SIDES NOW – Oh, if we could all have the troubles you’ve seen, Claire. Lady Lallybroch? Are you kidding me?


22: Claire’s Awkward Charming Description Moment from Ep103: THE WAY OUT – Seems to me Uncle Dougal has quite the gift, not only for creeping up on Claire, but for making every social situation uncomfortable.


21: Claire’s Awkward Not Frank Moment from Ep101: SASSENACH  . . . and it just goes downhill from here.


20: Claire’s Awkward Hysterical Blindness Moment from Ep103: THE WAY OUT I’m only guessing that’s what Claire is wishing while watching Geillis with her husband. I’d add hysterical deafness to the order as well. And maybe have my sense of smell taken away, too. 


19: Claire’s Awkward Dirty Joke Moment from Ep105: RENT – I have to admit, I was a bit surprised Rupert actually got the joke. Pretty sure young Willie and Angus are still scratching their ballocks . . .


18: Claire’s Awkward Coitus Interruptus Moment from Ep107: THE WEDDING – Just when Jamie’s about to make his move, Angus and Rupert burst through the door.

Angus & Rupert – the 18th Century equivalent to birth control


17: Claire’s Awkward Bad Liar Moment from Ep106: THE GARRISON COMMANDER Poor Black Jack Randall. Yes, poor Black Jack. He doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry at Claire’s awkward performance. (Cait’s is superb!)


16: Claire’s Awkward Piss Pot Moment from Ep105: RENT – Yeah, she’s peeing in a pot. So what?


15. Claire’s Awkward Wrong Father Moment from Ep102: CASTLE LEOCH – Everyone but poor Hamish seems to know the paternal truth. Someone in this picture is a hoor, and it isn’t Claire this time.


14: Claire’s Awkward Hand Placement Moment from Ep102: CASTLE LEOCH Look closely. Whose hands are in the “wrong” place in this picture? They sure ain’t Jamie’s.


13: Claire’s Awkward Naked Shoulder Moment from Ep107: THE WEDDING – Don’t know technically if this can be considered “awkward,” but I love that Claire feels the need to cover her bare shoulder after what they just did – a perfect detail to a perfect scene.


12: Claire’s Awkward Not Virginal Moment from Ep106: THE GARRISON COMMANDER  Claire is so cute in this moment thinking her cougarhood is a bad thing.


11: Claire’s Awkward Virgin Bridegroom Moment from Ep106: THE GARRISON COMMANDER – And then she doesn’t.


Time for Claire’s Top 10. I hope you agree with my cream of the crop. Actually, I don’t really care if you do.

10: Claire’s Awkward Can’t Marry Moment from Ep107: THE WEDDING Can’t marry Jamie? I love ya, Claire, but . . . are you nuts?! Have you not seen the man in a kilt?


9: Claire’s Awkward Bad Touching Moment from Ep104: THE GATHERING  Dougal’s at it again, only this time he’s adding hands and tongue.


8: Claire’s Awkward Hand Sex Moment from Ep105: RENT – Ahh. The first time Claire and Jamie have hand sex . . . I think Claire is just pretending it’s awkward.


7: Claire’s Awkward French Brassiere Moment from Ep102: CASTLE LEOCH  Poor Claire. She wasn’t expecting a strip search by Mama. Oh, wrong show.


6: Claire’s Awkward Bigamist Adultress Moment from Ep107: THE WEDDING – I prefer to think of you as “the luckiest woman in the world.”


5: Claire’s Awkward Skittish Colt Moment from Ep107: THE WEDDING – This is without a doubt the most uncomfortable Jamie/Claire moment . . . not very funny, but plenty awkward. I think if Jamie took his shirt off, it would really help. Just sayin’ . . .


4: Claire’s Awkward JAMMFing Kiss Moment from Ep103: THE WAY OUT  Yep, I’m thinking the same thing as you, Claire. Why the JAMMF is he not kissing me?

12_ep103_Claire's_JAMMFing Kiss

3: Claire’s Awkward Breast Exam Moment from Ep107: THE WEDDING – Same question: Why the JAMMF is he not examining me?


2: Claire’s Awkward Oh, Ballocks! Moment from Ep104: THE GATHERING Let’s go back to #3.


1: Claire’s Awkward Sleezy Uncle Moment from Ep107: THE WEDDING Way to out-sleeze Black Jack Randall, Uncle Dougal! At least he doesn’t try to seduce Claire with words like “singular.” You really do suck at flirting, but you’re the master of making Claire feel icky.


Check out also Jamie’s Top 30 Awkward Moments from Outlander Season 1 Part 1.

Claire and Jamie Fraser’s Outlander adventure continues in Episode #109: THE RECKONING, premiering on Starz on Saturday, 4 April 2015 in the U.S.

15 thoughts on “Claire’s Top 30 Awkward Moments from #Outlander S1 Pt1

  1. these are honestly brilliant! I laugh with tears streaming down my face. Send them to Cait and Sam with a bottle of whiskey. Ha
    Thank you so much

  2. Claire has plenty of awkward moments, but Angus bursting in, just as she’s trying to be just one of the girls by pissing in the piss pot, has to be an all-time great awkward TV moment!

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