Here’s a collection of tweets from the Television Critics Association Outlander panel in Pasadena. I did not post every tweet from each journalist, but I covered all the perspectives from Jolie Lash, TV Guide and a few others. I’ve also posted a few bonny pics from the event.


TCA_1_00001 TCA_2_00001 TCA_5_00001TCA_6_00001TCA_7_00001TCA_8_00001TCA_3_00001

Check out the new trailer that’s set the Outlander World abuzz!

U.S. version:

International version:

10 thoughts on “Television Critics Association Outlander 2015

  1. You are an amazing woman and reporter and friend to all of us Outlander fans – thank you soooooooo much for your candor and humour! I really appreciate your adding the international trailer. Someday I’ll get to see the show on DVDs, I hope! Still worth it to be in Scotland!
    In Peace, Irene

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