Outlander Costumes Episode 101: SASSENACH

Episode 101 is filled with the widest range of costume designs by Terry Dresbach – covering the 1930s, 1940s, WWII, and of course, the 18th Century. On her blog, she recently posted a description of what defines the qualities and journey of A Hero. It's a wonderful summary of our main characters introduced in SASSENACH – two equal and opposite forces – destined to meet and accompany each…

Outlander Costumes Episode 103: The Way Out

Here's a mini costume gallery for Outlander Episode 103 with designs by Terry Dresbach. Check out her blog, An 18th Century Life, regularly for updates on sketches and other photographs. The theme for THE WAY OUT seems to be shoes as we were awarded a close-up look-see at the footwear for  several characters.

Outlander Costumes Episode 105: RENT

Costume Designer Terry Dresbach's An 18th Century Life, displays sketches and several photographs for most of the main characters of Outlander. I thought it might be nice to create an additional gallery of costumes from each episode – nothing fancy, showcasing not only the main characters but several of the minor and background characters as well.

Mood Boards

Visit An Eighteenth Century Life to see Terry Dresbach‘s inspirations for creating her 1940s looks on Outlander.

Terry Dresbach

I always make mood boards for any project I am designing. I thought it might be interesting for you to see these as the season progresses.

Starting with the 40s. They are not specific images, you don’t look at it and say, “oh let me make THAT dress”, It just creates a feel, a tone, a world. I often present these boards to a director (film), or show runner (television), to give them an idea of where I want to take the costumes. 

I am also including additional research images.

(btw, you all know these are galleries, and if you click on an image, it will create a larger gallery of all the images)

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Outlander Costumes

Terry Dresbach is the amazing and talented Costume Designer for the Starz Outlander series, based on the novel by Diana Gabaldon. Ms. Dresbach has a wonderful blog where she shares her sketches, research and design process for several characters in the show. You can visit her at An Eighteenth Century Life. It's full of fantastic Outlander goodies! Don't miss…