Happy 2019, everyone! And happy #Caturday. Having rescued a sweet little girl kitty this week, I have cats on the brain. Thus, I couldn’t think of a better way to get back into the swing of things … with Outlander Season 4 finale coming up and all … than to do a fun little Top 10 with Outlander and cats. Please note none of the cat photographs are my own.

Before I begin, I’ll back up to say I’ve had a lot (and I mean a lot) of life changes, both good and bad. One of the biggest (and saddest) changes is the loss of my companion Biscuit. After rescuing my little guy from a freeway entrance over fifteen years ago, it was time for us to say good-bye to each other. This all happened near the start of Outlander Season 4. With my heart in a lowly place for several weeks, I was unable to watch the show. But as it’s now coming to an end, I plan to binge and blog.

I’m also back to writing (my own stuff) which has oiled the hinges and sparked some creativity. So, I hope you enjoy a bit of my silliness. And here’s to a better year for us all!

10. Face-to-Face

We’ll never forget our first glimpse of Claire

Facing her Jamie, a sizzling pair.

Two kitty cats try to make it a go,

Hoping to land their own Sunday show.

10 ol face to face 2

9. Cait With a View

This beautiful scene is very well known

Of Claire in a graveyard, pining alone.

On the other side, a cat looks at ease,

Dreaming of eating a bird in the trees.

9 ol window

8. Up Close and Personal

It’s not rare we see these two side-by-side,

Though I’d rather see Claire with Jamie astride.

From the cats’ wide-eyed stares, I’d like to know,

Is Claire up on top with Jamie below?

8 ol cu 2

7. Cat Fight

Jamie and Claire seldom get in a row,

Unless they’re discussing Jamie’s main foe.

Don’t know what’s up with the two kitty cats,

Betting the one on the left is an ass.

7 ol arguing 2

6. Facing the Future

When the truth is revealed, Jamie stays calm,

Even when Claire drops the time travel bomb.

Nestled and cozy, cats snug in the grass,

They couldn’t care less ’bout poor Claire’s morass.

6 ol hugging

5. Eye of the Tigers

Oh, look. There goes Jamie, starting a fight.

This time it’s over his big sister’s plight.

If only the kittens could teach Jamie how

To face all the redcoats and not have a cow.

5 ol fighting 2

4. Kiss Me, You Fool

I sigh every time Claire kisses Jamie.

Their chemistry screams. How can you blame me?

On the other hand, those kittens look young.

I’m shocked at the two of them using their tongues.

4 ol kissing 2

3. Mano A Mano

Speaking of blame, the fault lays with Randall

For kidnapping Jamie and causing a scandal.

But scarier than two men in a clash

Are two Toms faced off, ready to thrash.

3 ol dueling 2

2. Isn’t It Romantic?

2 ol together 2

Nothing is sweeter than being in love,

Clearly depicted in the pictures above,

A man and a woman … a close tête-a-tête.

And two felines nuzzling … a romantic vignette.

1. For Her Eyes Only

Jamie and Claire, together forever.

Naked or clothed, I’ll take them however.

As cute as two kittens, but not quite as tame,

Jamie and Claire set our hearts all aflame.

1 ol cuddling 2

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