Outlander Episode 306: A. MALCOM aired on Sunday, 22 October after a two-week, exhaustive for some, hiatus. Alas, Lord John Grey is no where to be seen, but two new(ish) characters are introduced – both adorable, adorable, adorable. Did I already say adorable?

Fergus Fraser is all growed up now. Yes, ladies. You many fantasize, but try to keep it PG-13, will ya? César Domboy seamlessly takes up where young Romann Berrux leaves off. He’s handsome. He’s kinda sorta shy – at least around Claire. And he’s sporting a fancy wooden hand. I am so looking forward to his character arc over the next few seasons, but I won’t go into details out of respect for those of you who dinna know what’s coming.

Also joining the story is the youngest of Jenny and Ian’s brood – Ian James Fitzgibbons Fraser Murray, or Young Ian as he is most affectionately known. John Bell steps into this role with a warm and expressive face. He’s charming, polite and innocent as hell. For me, Young Ian has one of the most interesting Outlander subplots such that John Bell is in for one heck of a ride.

But this episode is all about Jamie and Claire. Though the voiceover(s) belong to Claire, the perspective is much more Jamie’s – from the lonely title of A. Malcolm to the streets of 18th century Edinburgh. Claire is once again on the outside, trying to get in rather than out this time. I regard the title as lonely because we see Jamie surrounded by friends, family, colleagues and clients, yet he is still alone. He has carved out a single, successful life for himself – albeit seditious. But then, this is Jamie. He cannot be defeated in battle or spirit.

For many fans, twenty-three years worth of adoration and anticipation has driven their craving for the scenes in this episode. Whether they meet your expectations, exceed them or fall short, I believe Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe remain true to the characters they have lovingly and respectfully developed over the past three and a half years. I particularly enjoyed the scenes before and after the lovey-dovey making. This episode immerses us into Jamie’s life – the city, the sights, the sounds, the print shop, the people. Oh, the people. How I love all the people, especially Geordie and his pet goiter and the gals around the brothel breakfast, not to mention the two cutie pies I already discussed. It’s 100% back where Claire belongs. Thank goodness nothing wacky happens when she shows Brianna’s pictures to Jamie. You know what I’m talking about – like the penny Richard pulls out of his pocket with Elise yelling … “Richard. Riiiiiichard!” Breaks my heart every time.

Jamie and Claire have a lot of catching up to do, perhaps leaving many of you to wonder why they don’t just do it on the printshop floor. You could say, they’ve both waited 20 years, what’s another hour or two? You could also ask, why doesn’t Jamie skip his dubious appointment and take Claire straight to his cozy room in the brothel house? Well, kids. They’re not kids anymore. You can see it in Jamie’s smiles. Sam Heughan manages to put some mileage behind them – not that they aren’t melt-worthy. It’s just … they’re different. It’s time to bid farewell to young Jamie and say ‘hello!’ to mature Jamie.

But you’re not here to read my in-depth analysis of Jamie and Claire’s do’s and dinnas. It’s time for Jamie’s Top 30 Moments for Episode 306: A. MALCOLM.

#30: Jamie’s Saturday Night Fever Strutting Moment: Who says the 1700s can’t be just as groovy as the 70s?

#29: Jamie’s Keeping Things Spiffy Moment: Gonna need to lick a few more fingers at the end of this episode.

#28: Jamie’s The Printing Press Is Mightier Than A Dirk Moment: Still fighting the cause his way …

#27: Jamie’s Stealing Thunder Moment: He couldn’t wait five frickin’ minutes to put all his kids on the table?

#26: Jamie’s Heart of Edinburgh Moment: As I indicated, my favorite parts of this episode are those immersing us in 18th century Edinburgh, from Fergus’s intro and the details in the vending stalls to the guy holding The Boot sign. And, yeah, I love Jamie in his new street duds and tricorn hat.

#25: Jamie’s Getting To Know You Moment: Talk about a long distance relationship …

#24: Jamie’s Blast From The Past Moment: You see … this is why you should always put on clean underwear … unless you don’t wear any.

#23: Geordie’s Huffs and Puffs And Blows The Printshop Down Moment: Gotta love a scene stealer.

#22: Jamie’s Trying To Remember How To Breathe Moment: It takes a while to sink in, but when it does … Jamie really sinks into Claire.

#21: Jamie’s Looking A Gift Horse In The Mouth Moment: I guess no one ever asked Jamie – Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

#20: Young Ian’s Heeere’s Ian Moment: Except with a Scottish accent and without the, you know, creepy axe.

#19: Jamie’s Glory Days Moment: Love the poignancy on this guy’s face. Le sigh.

#18: Fergus’ Cannot Tell A Lie Moment: Sorry, Jamie, but it’s unanimous. This boy is handsome!

#17: Jamie’s Keeping His Story Straight Moment: And I thought Jamie couldn’t wink.

#16: Jamie’s Un-Unforgettable Moment: Yeah. We’re all trying not to think about it, too.

#15: Jamie’s It’s Not You, It’s Me Moment: Jamie’s all about himself in this episode.

#14: Jamie’s Fashion Foreplay Moment: I left the room, came back and they were still getting undressed!

#13: Jamie’s Official Proclamation Moment: You know, I was thinking about getting a job at Kinko’s.

#12: Jamie’s Muscles Schmuscles Moment: Eh. They’re hardly noticeable.

#11: Jamie’s Oh So Scottish Moment: Can’t curl his L’s or R’s any more than that. Bless him.

#10: Young Ian’s Pleased To Meet You Moment: And we are very pleased to meet him.

#9: Fergus’ Reverts To Childhood Moment: And just like that, he’s 9-years-old again.

#8: Jamie’s Once More Around The Park Moment: Once? I counted at least 3 times there, girl.

#7: Jamie’s Morning After Moment: Does he even know what jell-o is?

#6: Jamie’s Right Thing To Say At The Right Time Moment: I mean, what else do you say to a naked woman?

#5: Jamie’s Telling It Like It Is Moment: But I’m sure he’s not talking to you. 😉

#4: Jamie’s Reverential Daughter Moment: And then he ruins it a second later …

#3: Jamie’s Not Embarrassed To Cry Moment: With a little hand sex to boot.

#2: Jamie and Claire’s Ms. Claire-ol Hair Is Back Moment: Along with lots and lots of eye sex. This episode has it all.

#1: Jamie and Claire’s Eating Each Other With Their Eyes Moment: A verra special moment, and all I can hear in my head is Berlin’s Take My Breath Away. So, I added some 80s style Starz and music!

All images used above are property of Sony Pictures and Starz, Inc.

Outlander Episode 307: CRÈME DE MENTH premieres on Starz this Sunday, 29 October 2017 in the U.S.

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  1. “Oh you can tell by the way I use my walk, I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk” Would have loved to hear the beat of the Bee Gees “Stayin Alive” to Jamie’s stroll through Edinburgh. Jamie, John Travolta swinging his paint cans…some men are just super sexy.

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    Candida_LN posted: “Outlander Episode 306: A. MALCOM aired on Sunday, 22 October after a two-week, exhaustive for some, hiatus. Alas, Lord John Grey is no where to be seen, but two new(ish) characters are introduced – both adorable, adorable, adorable. Did I already say ador”

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