Outlander Episode 305: FREEDOM & WHISKY aired on Sunday, 8 October and ended with the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers. The only thing that could have made it better would have been a blue-eyed, reanimated dragon flying in over Edinburgh to set fire to the print shop while Jamie lay reposed on the floor … or something like that. As that did not happen, I’ll settle for the facial expression on the lovely Claire, wearing a stylish blue cape, kinda-sorta reanimated from Jamie’s perspective, after traveling 200 years back from the future. Whew.

Before Claire’s dramatic reappearance and Jamie’s very graceful entrance at the end, there are a number of touching moments between Claire and Joe Abernathy (Wil Johnson), between Claire and Roger (Richard Rankin), between Claire and Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and between Brianna and Roger. Did I get everyone? Oh, yeah. There’s one other spicy moment between Claire and Sandy (Sarah MacRae) … ooOoHo … the other woman.

Mostly, this episode is used for tying up loose ends. Don’t want anyone getting mad at Claire for leaving her little girl behind. Bree has to show how independent she is. Really, I think she just wants Claire to go through the stones so she can be alone with Roger. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be alone with him?

Caitriona Balfe shows off her acting chops in this episode, torn between being a good mother and attempting to forget the past. That darn Roger. He shows up with a smile and a handshake, thinking he’s done a good thing figuring out where Jamie is. Claire has a fit because now she has to worry about whether Jamie still wants her. Has he forgotten her? Has he stopped loving her? This is the part where Bree really should have smacked her. Instead, she puts a supportive hand on Mom’s shoulder and reminds her a love like theirs transcends time. Claire is a fox and can never be forgotten or unloved. Even Frank couldn’t stop loving her, Sandy whines at the most inappropriate venue.

So, Claire breaks out the Singer and sewing box and whips up some fancy traveling duds to the soundtrack of Baaatman, then off she goes. The moment everyone’s been waiting for … the peanut butter and jelly sandwich she never eats. Or maybe she eats it in the coach, and we just don’t see it. Oh, you thought I meant –

Yes, the print shop. Claire heads to the A. Malcolm (Jamie’s dba nom de guerre) Printer & Bookseller shop down on Carfax Close. A hop, skip and a jump, really. Trepidatious is the word I’ll use to describe her walk. She knows she has a great ass because Joe told her, but Jamie won’t be able to see it under her multi-pocketed skirt. Does she ever worry what Jamie will look like? What if he has a beer belly? What if he has mullet? What if something has happened to his perfectly featured face? Doesn’t matter because of that transcendent factor.

Trepidation turns to nervous joy when she hears his voice. The butterflies in her belly flap faster. She doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She sees him. Wow. He’s still a fox, too. Two foxes face-to-face. Time and weather have been good to him. He’s barely aged a year.

Diana Gabaldon could have done a hundred different things here. Or maybe not. Maybe when she was writing this scene, Jamie simply flat-out fainted. We all know these characters have minds of their own. As fainting is the perfect reaction in this reunion scene, I’m leaning toward Jamie gave no choice in the matter. While we wait an extra week for Jamie and Sam Heughan to get back up, let’s have a little fun reviewing the Top 30 Moments of Episode 305: FREEDOM & WHISKY

#30: Claire’s W-O-M-A-N Moment: No one tells Claire what she can and cannot do … 🎶 ’cause she’s a woman. W-O-M-A-N. 🎶 (How has Joe not learned this by now?)

#29: Frank’s RIP Pipe Moment: Wait just a Surgeon’s General Warning minute here … FRANK SMOKED A PIPE? When the heck when?

#28: Brianna’s Baby Picture Moment: Well, at least one Randall misses Frank.

#27: Claire’s GirlTalk With Joe Moment: Who needs a girlfriend with a friend like Joe Abernathy?

#26: Roger’s Perfect Timing Moment: Geez Louise, Brianna. Good thing it wasn’t Christmas carolers at the door.

#25: Claire’s Worst Welcome Moment: Claire needs to get back to the 18th century where there’s a lot less drama.

#24: Roger’s Extra Credit Hallmark Moment: And suddenly I have a flash of how not great this all turns out for poor Roger.

#23: Claire’s Jamie Had A Legitimate Job? Moment: Ah. So sweet Claire thinks Jamie would ever not be rustling or hustling something.

#22: Claire’s Christmas Story Moment: What? They couldn’t afford a little snow out the window to make the scene complete?

#21: Roger’s Magniloquent Troglodyte Moment: Just a little foreplay for the erudite.

#20: Brianna’s I’m Special Moment: Roger’s got you beat, Bree.

#19: Claire’s Cat Fight Moment: What’s the use of carrying around a ten-pound purse in the 1960s if not to swing it at your dead husband’s mistress?

#18: Claire’s Wow! Look At The Time Moment: Before Bree is even finished declaring her independence, Claire is mentally packing her bags.

#17: Claire’s Moon Landing Moment: So a man traveled 200,000 miles to walk on the moon. Big deal. Claire can jump 200 years to have the best sex of her life.

#16: Claire’s What If? Moment: What if I were to smack you one, Claire?

#15: Brianna’s Now I Have To Give You Back To Him Moment: Would have been so much better. (I know. Everyone’s a critic.)

#14: Joe’s Telling It Like It Is Moment: Nothing would have been better here.

#13: Claire’s Last Christmas Moment: Gotta say. Claire looks like she was hoping for something better.

#12: Claire’s Batgirl Suit Moment: Considering how much onscreen time this suit got, I had to include it in the Top 30 – not that it’s not cool.

#11: Claire & Brianna’s Scotch Pearls Moment: “Yeah. Jamie was butt-naked after I’d taken his virginity. Then we did it again and again, wearing only the pearls.” Wonder why Claire left that part out.

#10: Claire’s Making A Break For It Moment: Quick like a bunny, before Brianna changes her mind and begs Claire to stay.

#9: Brianna Goes For It Moment: See. Claire’s gone 5 minutes … the little red harlot.

#8: Claire’s Giant Step For Womankind Moment: I hope those boots are gore-tex.

#7: Claire’s Home Seventeenth-Century Home Moment: Does it smell any better; I wonder?

#6: Claire’s Christmas Carol Moment: I so wanted Claire to ask: What’s to-day, my fine fellow?

#5: Claire’s Carfax Close Moment: The perfect place to go when shopping for a used husband.

#4: Claire’s Took You Long Enough Moment: Boy. Jamie ain’t kidding.

#3: Claire’s First Look Moment: One of the most anticipated moments of Claire’s life, and I have to ask … who the heck lit all those candles in the abras?

#2: Claire’s Love At Second Sight Moment: Jamie’s more like, I think I need a bloody whisky.

#1: Jamie’s I Do My Own Stunts Moment: Aww, Claire, you went ahead and broke Jamie.

All images used above are property of Sony Pictures and Starz, Inc.

Outlander Episode 306: A. MALCOLM premieres on Starz this coming Sunday, 22 October 2017 in the U.S.

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7 thoughts on “Top 30 Moments of Outlander Ep305: FREEDOM & WHISKY

  1. How dare you let your own life take priority over breathlessly following that of Jamie and Claire! (wink). Look forward to hearing your overall opinion of Season 3 when you get around to it.

  2. Hilarious. “Where to shop for a second hand husband”….in more ways than one, right? Claire’s not the only buyer who returned him to the store…And on coming back in hopes he’s still on the shelf she “broke” the merchandise LOL.

    But why was your brilliant analysis and gentle ribbing cut short after this episode with nothing about the rest of Season 3? I’ve returned many times in hopes you’ve resumed this blog. Did you get too busy with publishing your own book or writing another? Admiring minds want to know.

    1. Hi, Laine. Life just kind of gets in the way sometimes. Been so busy, I fell behind. I have still not watched the final 4 episodes of Season 3 (if you can believe it), but I have time to catch up. Smack me if I’m still saying this a week before the Season 4 premiere!

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