Outlander Episode 304: OF LOST THINGS aired on Sunday, 1 October and introduces several new and exciting characters. David Berry returns as Lord John Grey. Yay! We can never have too much of him; I say. Here’s hoping Ron & Co. add more Lord John to fill the wide gap left behind by the unfortunate demise of Frank & the about-damn-time death of Jonathan Randall. Lord John’s character is refreshing after all the darkness in the previous two seasons – not that I’m complaining. It all serves to build upon young Jamie’s development into mature Jamie – my personal favorite of the two. Lord John is certainly an important part of Jamie’s growth in maturity and healing. In this episode, David Berry continues to hit the nail on the mark with charm, humor and great delivery.

A special mention goes out to the portrayal of Isobel Dunsany by Tanya Reynolds – the more good-natured but less vivacious of the Dunsany sisters. Isobel has a few quiet yet substantial moments with Jamie. I very much enjoy Isobel’s contributions to the storyline which could easily be overshadowed by Geneva, but they stand out because of Tanya’s wonderful performance.

Geneva storms onto the screen just as we expect, making me suspect Hanna James had a blast playing the fiery, spoiled rich girl we all love to hate and envy at the same time. She has breeding, beauty and balls. She has Jamie’s balls in her pocket … and in her hands at one point. Hannah and Geneva certainly makes this one of the most amusing episodes to watch.

And finally, little Clark Butler – an adorable, gifted and perfect actor for William Clarence Henry George Ransom, aka Willie. What a charmer this kid is – running, chasing, following and keeping Jamie on his toes. Sam seems to have great chemistry with all his co-stars, especially this wee one.

But enough about all the other brilliant stars of this episode, let’s talk about Sam Heughan. Sam. Sam. Sam. Setting aside the confusing hair … come on. admit it. you thought the same thing … Sam and Jamie have new emotions to explore at Helwater, on a range of levels. This is a power packed episode, covering several years of Jamie’s life. His relationship with Lord John endures, even flourishes. There’s simply not enough minutes to delve into this life-changing friendship, but Sam and David get the job done in the time they have onscreen – with and without dialogue. Jamie’s liaisons with Geneva are brief but highly entertaining. Jamie really pulls on the heartstrings during his time with Willie, knowing there’s no happy ending to that part of the story – at least, for now. Let’s face it. They have their work cut out for them.

Given that I’m feeling better and could not decide on single looks for Jamie this week, I did something a little different. What started out as Jamie’s Top 10 Moments, turned into his Top 20, then his Top 30. I probably can’t do this every week because it’s quite time consuming, but I hope you enjoy my favorite 5-second bits in Jamie’s Top 30 Moments for Episode 304: OF LOST THINGS. [If you have not yet watched the episode, I strongly urge you to do so before viewing this post.]

One last tidbit: Diana Gabaldon stated this is her favorite episode of the season so far; therefore, I’d like to dedicate this post to her.

#30: Jamie Pulls At Lord Dunsany’s Heartstrings: And by the way, how old are your daughters, sir? He’s asking for a friend.

#29: Jamie Tries To Throw Lady Isobel Off Lord John’s Scent: Jamie’s just as bad at discouraging Isobel as he was at discouraging Leery. [Spoiler: Jokes on the men – they both end up marrying the girls.]

#28: Jamie Fetches Lady Geneva’s Palfrey: I’m sure glad Geneva finds out the best use of a Scotchman halfway through this episode.

#27: Jamie Takes One For The Team: You know nuthin’, Jon Snow … er … Jamie. Never approach a hysterically emotional woman unless you wanna get slapped.

#26: Jamie Dishes Out The Discipline: Even the cutest little bugger can be a wee bastard.

#25: Jamie Meets Lady Isobel: There’s no real reason for this scene on my list other than I think it is simply both beautifully staged and photographed.

#24: Jamie Takes One Life For Another: Another poor dude forced to take second fiddle to Jamie. Yes, I’m talking about Frank.

#23: Just Jamie Being A Great Dad: Is he getting an extra stipend for raising this kid?

#22: Jamie Pretending There’s No Sexual Tension Between Lady Geneva And Himself: Well, it has been a long time…

#21: Jamie Learning What Sexual Tension Can Breed: Well, that didn’t take long.

#20: Jamie Wants To Put A Boot On Lady Geneva’s Hind Quarters: Nope. No sexual tension there.

#19: Jamie Tries Not To Cry While Leaving Helwater: How’d you do?

#18: Jamie Telling It Like It Is: Does Jamie kiss with that mouth? Does Jamie do other things with that mouth?

#17: Jamie and Lady Geneva’s Pillow Talk: Shouldn’t Jamie be asleep by now?

#16: Jamie Prays For His Brother Willie: I love me a good candle scene.

#15: Just Jamie Holding His Son For The First Time: Jamie emoting. The baby blinking on cue. Pass the Kleenex.

#14: Sex With Jamie 101: I don’t normally include nudity or sex on my lists, but – gosh – I love the soft illumination in this shot. All the light is on Geneva’s face rather than Jamie’s because this moment is about her, not him. What a guy!

#13: Jamie Turns Willie Into A Stinking Papist: Willie will be sure to thank Jamie for it later.

#12: Jamie Flirts – Yes, Flirts – With Lord John: I don’t know how Sam was able to elude us for so long, but that’s the cutest, shiest, most adorable smile he’s ever given anyone on the show.

#11: Jamie’s Uncomfortable Ménage À Quatre: This scene makes me smile every time I watch it. Lord Melton is like – Again? And Lord John is all – This isn’t what it looks like. While Lady Geneva is like – I know exactly what this is. Poor Jamie is just Damn this power of mine to make everyone fall in love with me.

#10: Jamie Steals A Moment With Wee Willie: And then, there’s the two of them.

#9: Jamie Teaches Lady Geneva More Than He Intended: Yeah. I think Jamie just had a Claire moment.

#8: Jamie Has No Regrets: It’s one of those things where you have to take the bad to get to the good, especially difficult when the bad is really, really sucky. But so worth it for a moment like this.

#7: Jamie And Lord John Compete Over Who Is Going to Cry First: Funny how Lady Isobel hasn’t got a clue.

#6: Close Up Of Jamie Trying Not To Cry While Leaving Helwater: Either that, or he’s hoping he has better hair in the next episode. Oh, come on!

#5: Jamie Showing Lady Geneva A Good Time: À la useless Scotchman style.

#4: Jamie Disappointed Lord John Doesna Want Him?: You mean, even Jamie has self-esteem issues?

#3: Jamie Shows Geneva How It’s Done: It – the universal word for sex even in the 18th century.

#2: Jamie’s Like Father, Like Son: Ah, those clever cinematographers.

#1: Jamie and John Sitting In A Tree: Or standing on a path. Either way, such a great bromance these two have embarked upon. The animated expressions on both their faces slays me which is why I could not capture the moment with only still images.

All images used above are property of Sony Pictures and Starz, Inc.

Outlander Episode 305: FREEDOM & WHISKEY premieres on Starz this Sunday, 8 October 2017 in the U.S.

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17 thoughts on “Jamie’s Top 30 Moments from Outlander Ep304: OF LOST THINGS

  1. Sorry I’m a bit late here, but in the book, Willie does not have red hair. He has the same colour hair as his mother.Would be a bit obvious wouldn’t it if his hair was red. Anyway, how could any child be as good looking as Sam !!

  2. I loved this episode– I actually really enjoyed Geneva, she was excellent and fiesty. And I couldn’t help crying when Jamie had to leave the Willie. Yes the child was adorable and a good actor. And Sam’s performance was heart-wrenching.

    BUT… It is an important plot point that both Jamie’s children resemble him. Brianna is supposed to be a constant visual reminder of Jamie. And little Willie is supposed to resemble Jamie so much that Jamie has to leave to prevent people from suspecting that Willie is Jamie’s son.
    I find it hard to believe that, scouring the UK (which is filled with excellent actors and fair skinned people) they couldn’t find two actors who at least look a little like Sam Heughan. Instead they chose two very sallow-skinned brunettes, who look as though they couldn’t possibly be related to Sam Heughan.
    It literally doesn’t matter what any of the actors look like– except for these two children, as it is an important part of the plot. I’m amazed (and obviously vexed) that the producers chose to ignore that in their casting (particularly in the case of Brianna, I get annoyed every time she is on screen). Sorry for the rant- but given all the flak they got for casting brown-eyed Brianna, I can’t believe they did it again in casting a little boy who looks nothing like Sam.

  3. Quite enjoyed your 30 moments. I completely loved every Jamie moment of episode4. My favorite from this season so far. Unlike you, I will not miss Frank’s heavy breathing even a little bit. Of the two, I am more glad to have Frank in his grave than Black Jack. Tired of the distraction in the love story of Claire and Jamie. So ready for the reunion. These 20 years have felt like 20 years for me as well as Jamie and Claire.

    1. Thanks, Chicago Shari! It’s more Tobias Menzies’ performance(s) I’m going to miss rather than Frank and Black Jack. I surely wish Lord John could take up that slack, but he’s not around enough – unless the writers decide to infuse him into the story more than the books. Don’t know if you’re a book a reader, but his character becomes more prevalent as the story continues. Also, there’s Murtagh to help fill the void … so, very glad they decided to keep him around. Unfortunately, we won’t see him again until S4.

  4. I really don’t see any resemblance between Jaime and Willie! Wasn’t he supposed to have red hair (in the book)? Also, thanks for mentioning the hair…someone needs a brush.

    1. Well, he’s young. I’m sure the actor they hire to portray teenage Willie will look more like Sam/Jamie. When it comes to hair & eye color or height, it’s just not important compared to performance. I think Sam’s hair needs looked ‘too clean’ which is why he got the frizzes, maybe? I like him with a little grime. The dirtier he is, the better his hair looks for some reason. Lol.

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