Outlander Episode 303: ALL DEBTS PAID introduces my fav … fav … favorite character – the distinguished Lord John William Grey portrayed perfectly by Australian actor David Berry. Given that, I could not resist giving LJG his very own Top 20.

Lord John Grey (for those few of you who do not know) has his own side series of intriguing novellas, a few including Jamie Fraser and Lord Melton – good ol’ Hal. For a complete account of Diana Gabaldon‘s entire Outlander saga, I highly recommend checking them out – along with all her other short story goodies.

Lord John Grey is a proper English soldier – on the outside anyway. On the inside, he’s a very complicated and somewhat tortured man. In this particular episode, he presents himself to everyone as that proper soldier, with and without his officer’s tricorn. Only in front of Jamie does he ever take off his stuffy, wool jacket and relax. It’s an interesting reversal of positions, making himself vulnerable to Jamie – the one who is actually in the most vulnerable position in more ways than one. Lord John can only sense and guess what lies beneath Jamie’s simmering rejection.

That scene between Jamie and Lord John over a friendly game of chess is reminiscent of Claire’s exchange with Captain Randall – except not. In Episode 106: THE GARRISON COMMANDER Claire and Randall do nothing but lie to one another until the very end. Jamie and Lord John are nothing but honest with each other, especially at the end. Both episodes are engrossing and engaging in their own ways and sit at the top of my list of all-time favorites. Lord John Grey makes a powerful entrance to the story, and I, for one, am thrilled with the reins in David Berry’s hands.

Here we go with Lord John Grey’s Top 20 Looks for Outlander Episode 303: ALL DEBTS PAID.

#20: Lord John Grey’s I Will Resist Face: You might think Lord John is being a d*ck here, making Jamie walk the walk of shame to his new home in England BUT a dashing Jamie sitting atop a gallant steed … fugget about it.

#19: Lord John Grey’s Cool Hand Jamie Face: What they had there was a failure to communicate.

#18: Lord John Grey’s Man Of Honor Face: Good grief. Can anyone resist this guy?

#17: Lord John Grey’s He’s Everything I Ever Dreamt Of Face: Yep. We all know exactly how you feel, Lord John.

#16: Lord John Grey’s Thank You For Coming (Into My Life) Face: Lord John ponders a lot in this episode – perhaps more than any other character so far. David Berry captures every moment beautifully with his many expressions and soulful eyes.

#15: Lord John Grey’s Officer And A Gentleman Face: With not a single derelict bone in his body … except for the time he lets Jamie escape … and the time he lets Jamie sneak up on him … and the time he lets Jamie trick him … and the time … oh, it’s Jamie.

#14: Lord John Grey’s Inspiration Face: With the first of many squeezably adorable smiles.

#13: Lord John Grey’s Sorry Not Sorry Face: So, Jamie’s wife is truly gone, eh?

#12: Lord John Grey’s Substantial Interest To The Crown Face: Jamie is of substantial interest to someone, anyway.

#11: Lord John Grey’s I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair Face: Ah, the Jamie Effect.

#10: Lord John Grey’s Caught With His Pants Down Face: I’ve gotta say, security at Ardsmuir Prison is kinda sucky.

#9: Lord John Grey’s Meets Jamie Fraser Face: Nervous as a school boy.

#8: Lord John Grey’s Perfect Pouty Profile: Let’s face it. He looks damn good from all angles.

#7: Lord John Grey’s Lovely Limned Lineation: Hats off to the cinematographer for this luscious look.

#6: Lord John Grey’s I’ll Not Dine With That Face: Well, maybe.

#5: Lord John Grey’s Reckoning Face: Though I’ve put this in the #5 spot, it’s probably my favorite because of the boldness in David Berry’s face. LJG is a man of many sentiments but this is the down-deep Lord John Grey to me.

#4: Lord John Grey’s Enamored Face: Oh, my. Oh, my. Oh, my.

#3: Lord John Grey’s Major John William Grey Face: Though we lose one beloved character in this episode, we gain another.

#2: Lord John Grey’s Vin de Bourgogne Face: O.m.g. He’s even better than the book. Season 7 & 8 please!

#1: Lord John Grey’s The Prisoner Who Dumped Me Face: There goes Jamie, leaving a trail of broken hearts …

All images used above are property of Sony Pictures and Starz, Inc.

Outlander Episode 304: OF LOST THINGS premieres on Starz this Sunday, 1 October 2017 in the U.S.

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10 thoughts on “Lord John Grey’s Top 20 Looks from Outlander Ep303: ALL DEBTS PAID

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for these gorgeous mood pictures of the great David Berry who I (and my friends) think should be a major star in all areas actors can show their abilities– thus giving us all joy!
    Toni Stevens-San Diego

  2. The Quality of acting between these two men is A++++++++++++and then some! They both should have been nominated for top acting honors by all the various groups. I want to know how casting people were on-the ball enough to find and cast the fabulous David Berry in his role of LJG? Talk about PERFECT!

  3. I love your top 20 moments/pics of one of my top three characters in the Outlander series (books and TV) except for perhaps #20. I would add to these the silly, happy, half crazed, excited, bewildered, honoured, and finally integrite face of resignation when he had to decline Jamie’s offer of his body in payment for John’s agreement to look after his son (their son)William. David Berry has such an expressive (and beautiful) face and is everything I could have hoped for and imagined him to be from Diana’s books. I have read the Lord John series and enjoyed it very much. I too hope there will be a season 7&8 so we get to see a lot more of this wonderful character portrayed so masterfully by Mr. Berry. I also hope they produce a spin-off series of the Lord John books one day.

    1. He has such expressive eyes, no matter the color, right!? What a wonderful smile, too. He has the same emotional eloquence as Sam, so have been thrilled with all their scenes. What a gem he is!

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