Outlander Episode 303: ALL DEBTS PAID aired on Sunday, 24 September, during which I was jet-setting to and fro and couldn’t get myself in front of a laptop long enough to give Outlander its proper attention. But, I’m here now. No more traveling for a while. Man o man. I am pooped (and sick if anyone wants to know).

Episode 303 holds a special place in my literary heart because of Jamie’s incarceration in Ardsmuir Prison. I don’t know what it is about grit and grime, but it looks good on our Jamie. Matter of fact, I think I like him best with a little stubble, dirt and grunge on his person. Every time he gets cleaned up, I can’t wait for him to get messy again. Luckily, he stays messy during this entire episode. Perhaps that’s part of the attraction … not just for me, but for Lord John Grey, too.

Sam Heughan is all Jamie Fraser in this episode. He’s caring for his guys. Reminiscing about Claire. Making new friends. And pulling a little Cool Hand Luke. He does it with the same amount of savoir faire as Paul Newman. With a similar mischievous grin. Plenty of cockiness. And same superior attitude. Gotta love ’em both.

This is late enough as it is, so let’s plunge right in to Jamie’s Top 30 Looks for Outlander Episode 303: ALL DEBTS PAID.

#30: Jamie’s Rub-A-Dub-Dub Mac Dubh Face: I wouldn’t throw that man out with the bath water. (And neither would the guy beside him from the look on his face.)

#29: Jamie’s Chain Gang Face: Jamie can yank my chain anytime.

#28: Jamie’s Tuck That Away Face: I’m sure glad Murtagh tucked that scrap of plaid into the wall and not someplace else … this is prison, after all.

#27: Jamie’s Gotcha! Face: You know, we never do see Lord John tuck his you-know-what back in. Kind of ruins the scene if ya think about it.

#26: Jamie’s Getting Out Of Jail Face: But … but … but … Jamie wants to go to the colonies with Murtagh.

#25: Jamie’s Scottish Ratatouille Face: Hold the peeled tomatoes, eggplant, yellow onions, bell peppers, zucchini and garlic. So really, it’s just ratastewie.

#24: Jamie’s Ramrod Up His Arse Face: Nah. Too easy.

#23: Jamie’s Swamped Face: Jamie loves watching Duncan Kerr die, but he’s got his country’s 500 bars of gold to check out, a prison to escape, his wife to find and Guilder to frame for it; He’s swamped.

#22: Jamie’s No Great Burden Face: Just a couple of men sipping brandy, playing chess, talking about lost loves and the importance of caring for others. Where have all the good men gone … ?

#21: Jamie’s The Moment Before That Awkward Moment Face: As long as you don’t smell lavender oil, Jamie, everything is hunky dory.

#20: Jamie’s That’s The Nicest Thing Anyone Has Ever Done For Me Face: Other than Claire popping his cherry, of course.

#19: Jamie’s There’s Nothing You Can Do That Hasn’t Already Been Done To Me Face: No truer words have ever been spoken.

#18: Jamie’s Listening To Deathbed Ramblings Face: Is Duncan talking about Claire and how the hell did this old dude evade the redcoats for so long?

#17: Jamie’s I’m Not Thinking About Claire I’m Not Thinking About Claire I’m Not Thinking About Claire Face: I’m thinking about Claire.

#16: Jamie’s Tasty Murtagh Face: Who doesn’t want to take a bite out of Murtagh?

#15: Jamie’s Cunning Linguist Face: Uh huh. Yep. I went there.

#14: Jamie’s Food Porn Face: … carrots and neeps, fresh herbs … cruss of roll … topped with butter. Just the way I like my Highlanders served.

#13: Jamie’s Threepeat Face: Even Jamie looks a little confused having to flashback to Ep209 three times.

#12: Jamie’s Shrunk Two Feet Face: I mean, come on. Jamie looks twelve-years-old in front of giant Lord John here.

#11: Jamie’s Welcome To The Club Face: Yeah. I wouldn’t mind joining that club. Alas, no women allowed.

#10: Murtagh’s Until We Meet Again Face: Oh, praise be to Baby Jesus. Murtagh’s story doesna end here.

#9: Jamie’s Bloody Murder Face: I hate to say it, but Jamie never looked this murderous at Randall.

#8: Jamie’s Dinna Let You Have Your Way Face: Wait a second ……. is he talking to me or Lord John?

#7: Jamie’s Ready To Die Face: I sure wish Jamie would stop trying to kill Himself.

#6: Jamie’s Milk Thistle Face: I’d like to milk his thistle. (Did I really just say that?)

#5: Jamie’s Take The Blue Pill Face: The story ends and Jamie wakes up in bed, believing whatever he wants to believe. Dinna do it, Jamie.

#4: Jamie’s Intimate Dinner For Two Face: Dirty, grimy, stubbly and (probably) stinky … May I take your jacket, sir?

#3: Jamie’s Inside Joke Face: Aww. Look at Jamie and John laughing about the fake rape of his wife.

#2: Jamie’s One Man Face: His name is Murtagh …

#1: Jamie’s One Woman Face: … And her name is Claire.

All images used above are property of Sony Pictures and Starz, Inc.

Outlander Episode 304: OF LOST THINGS premieres on Starz this Sunday, 1 October 2017 in the U.S.

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4 thoughts on “Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from Outlander Ep303: ALL DEBTS PAID

  1. Candida, you are witty and funny as always. I love the range of emotions that Sam shows in this episode. I read a tweet this morning, where he is praised for his physical attributes, and he responds that he wishes he were also complemented for his acting. He is very handsome, indeed, but he is also very accomplished. These pictures you put together, in such a careful and detailed way, definitely prove it.
    I wish Sam saw it, and realized how many emotions he can express. That is good acting!.
    Thanks, Candida,

  2. thanks!

    and while it is TMI I was prepping for my first ever colonoscopy… this episode helped a lot!!

    that and reading Hard Hitter by Sarina Bowen!

    but I came out healthy and can’t wait for the next one! the costume similarities are not an accident I am sure!

    On Sat, Sep 30, 2017 at 4:38 PM, Candida’s Musings wrote:

    > Candida_LN posted: “Outlander Episode 303: ALL DEBTS PAID aired on Sunday, > 24 September, during which I was jet-setting to and fro and couldn’t get > myself in front of a laptop long enough to give Outlander its proper > attention. But, I’m here now. No more traveling for a whil” >

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