We’re down to the nitty gritty, folks … only 10 days to go. Since the premiere of Outlander way back in August of 2014, the show’s popularity has exploded. And with that popularity explosion, an expansive number of websites have emerged in all corners of the globe. So, if you’re still with my little website, I’d like to say “Thank ye!” Know that I appreciate each and every one of you, and I hope you continue to enjoy my quirky sense of humor in Season 3.

This week, Outlander Starz officially released the titles and air dates of all thirteen Season 3 episodes. Thanks to Outlander TV News for filling in the blanks after weeks of information trickling down the pipe. Based on the titles, we can make some fairly educated guesses on what’s happening in each episode. So, let’s have some fun. Fair warning, there are some spoilers ahead.

Episode 301: THE BATTLE JOINED airs September 10, 2017

Directed by Brendan Maher and Written by Ronald D. Moore

Season 3 begins where Season 2 left off. Poor Jamie trudges off to war … and death, while Claire goes back into the waiting arms of Frank … with a bun in the oven. The first episode of the season follows an interesting set of timelines. Personally, I applaud the way both stories unfold with a dose of poignancy and gentle humor. See my more complete, spoiler-free thoughts on THE BATTLE JOINED … or wait a few days and watch it for yourself. Geez.

Episode 302: SURRENDER airs September 17, 2017

Directed by Jennifer Getzinger and Written by Anne Kenney

Because you’re all smart cookies, you know Jamie doesn’t really die at Culloden. Whew! He returns home and hides out in the Dun Bonnet Cave. As luck would have it, Jamie’s hiding place is real, and the lasses of Inverness Outlanders set out on a trek to visit it. Read all about their adventure here.

While Jamie hides out and grows his hair because he’s either too lazy too keep it trim or he needs the extra warmth in the cave, Claire declares she has a headache every time Frank climbs into bed. Three’s a crowd in the Randall bedroom, and there’s no room for frustrated Frank. But during the day, Mommy and Daddy make nice as they raise Jamie’s adorable daughter Brianna together. Brianna is a smarty-pants but manages never to catch her parents making faces at each other over the ghost in the room. Tsk. Tsk.

Not forgetting the title of the episode is SURRENDER, does it refer to Jamie surrendering himself for his own bounty? Or does Claire surrender part of her heart to Frank? Nah. It’s gotta be the first one. Poor Frank.

Episode 303: ALL DEBTS PAID airs on September 24, 2017

Directed by Brendan Maher and Written by Matthew B. Roberts

As the THE GARRISON COMMANDER is my favorite episode of Season 1, I’m predicting ALL DEBTS PAID just might be my favorite episode of this season – at least in my top 2 or 3, maybe 4. I guess I have a thing for Jamie bromances. While Jamie’s scene with Black Jack Randall on the whipping block is short, it’s very powerful. What’s more, Black Jack’s scenes with Claire are some of the most memorable of the first two seasons – thanks to Tobias Menzies. I’m gonna miss that black-hearted guy.

This season we meet my favorite secondary character of the novel series – Lord John Grey, brought to life by cutie-pie David Berry. Yes, I know you know who’s playing LJG, just like you know I know you know, but I’m trying to be thorough here – you know?

So, Claire’s off in Boston, raising Brianna and arguing with Frank (who’s not nearly as bad as everyone thinks he is) while Jamie makes a new friend in prison – the kind of friend you can walk off with your arm around his shoulder’s saying, “Lord John, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” (tear)

Episode 304: OF LOST THINGS airs October 1, 2017

Directed by Brendan Maher and Written by Toni Graphia

Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. Jamie gets out of prison, avoids being shipped off to America with his fellow cellmates (because he’s best buds with LJG) and serves the remainder of his sentence in the lovely lake district of Helwater in England – the place where they seem to hate? … fear? … hate? … fear? Scots more than anyone else. But he manages to find one among them who doesn’t hate him. I mean, come on. Look at him. And look at the way she’s looking at him. That’s one lucky b*tch.

You already know from the end of Season 2, Frank makes an exit at some point. I know I said spoilers, but I’m gonna leave it at that. So, with Frank out of the picture, Claire is free to track down what happened to Jamie. His ghost has been nagging her for nigh on twenty years, and she wants to know what’s what. Back to Scotland we go. Yay!

Episode 305: FREEDOM & WHISKEY airs October 8, 2017

Directed by Brendan Maher and Written by TBA

Claire, Brianna and Roger jump into full-on research mode, searching for a man who’s not famous and lived two hundred years ago – not an easy task. But Roger has a big brain and a great smile, so if anyone can find Jamie, he can.

What’s going on with Jamie while all of this is happening? Oh, you know. A little of this. A little of that. A little of her. A little of him. Luckily for our researchers, Jamie manages to leave a paper trail which leads Claire directly to … the print shop. I’m guessing the now-famous scene from the trailer of Claire approaching said print shop is how FREEDOM & WHISKEY ends in order to generate a tidy, little cliffhanger for the fans before the one week hiatus. Thank goodness it’s not three months or some other insane length of time.

Episode 306: A. MALCOLM airs October 22, 2017

Directed by Norma Bailey and Written by TBA

Reunion! Need I say more? Not really, but I will. Cue heavy breathing. Cue excited squeals. Cue grown up and devilishly handsome Fergus Fraser played by César Domboy. And cue the soon-to-be most adorable character on the show – Young Ian! John Bell jumps into that role, and so far, Outlander Starz has been careful keeping his character under wraps. Of course, they’ve only revealed snippets from the first five episodes, so we wait …

Episode 307: CRÈME DE MENTH airs October 29, 2017

Directed by Norma Bailey and Written by Karen Campbell

Now that Jamie and Claire are back together again, things go back to normal. By normal, I mean danger comes at them from every direction. Ho hum. Life with Jamie is never boring.

Episode 308: FIRST WIFE airs November 5, 2017

Directed by Jennifer Getzinger and Written by Joy Blake

Love the title of this episode ’cause you know things are going to get nasty. And now you know what I mean by – a little of her.

Episode 309: THE DOLDRUMS airs November 12, 2017

Directed by David Moore and Written by Shannon Goss

Thanks to Matt Roberts for the beautiful photograph of the Artemis – the ship which takes Jamie and Claire on a relaxing cruise to the West Indies.

Episode 310: HEAVEN & EARTH airs November 19, 2017

Directed by David Moore and Written by Luke Schelhaas

This is perhaps my favorite title of the season, hinting at more life and death situations for Jamie and Claire. Oh, yeah. And after twenty years of separation, Jamie manages to lose Claire again!

Episode 311: TURTLE SOUP airs November 26, 2017

Directed by Charlotte Brändström and Written by Karen Campbell & Shannon Goss

TURTLE SOUP is sure to be a fan favorite from the title alone. Oh, I could have done something obvious for my poster, but I decided to go literal. Plus, it makes a pretty cool cookbook cover. Lots of exciting events happen in this episode, but I’ll stop here just in case you don’t want to know.

Episode 312: THE BAKRA airs December 3, 2017

Directed by Charlotte Brändström and Written by Luke Schelhaas

Land ho! The Frasers finally get their land legs back and are invited to yet another fancy ball. A certain Casablanca fellow returns and Claire is left to question exactly what did happen to Jamie in prison.

Episode 313: A NEW WORLD airs December 10, 2017

Directed by TBA and Written by Matthew B. Roberts & Toni Graphia

There has been lots of speculation regarding where Season 3 will leave the Frasers once they finish their business in Jamaica. I’m hoping they stick with the novel, but I’m sure I’ll be happy with whatever cliffhanger they choose. Well, that’s a wrap. I hope you enjoyed my itty bitty summaries and my pretty posters.

31 thoughts on “Outlander Season 3 Breakdown Posters

  1. I found what looked like a book cover on Pintrist. I downloaded it and edited it. Several days later I saw another one. It wasn’t until now that I saw you had all the episodes on you’re blog. Did you design these our did Outlander? I love the templates and have edited all of them, but I don’t know who to credit. Can you fill me in??

    1. Hi, Nancy. The posters on my website are my own design. I’m glad you like them. In what way did you edit them and how are you using them? Thanks for contacting me.

  2. Enjoyed your Season 3 breakdown now let Florida’s Outlander Fans be able to see it without hurricane Irma coming this way we have seen enough destruction in Houston mother nature please co-operate and stay in the waters off our sunny coast.

  3. Thanks for the summary, I love your comments and style.. I am reading Voyager again for the 3rd time, just to catch up. I do hope they stick to the book for the ‘reunion’…

  4. voyager has SO many great parts! Your synopsis brought it all back. I have purposely not reread it recently so I can be ‘surprised’. I’ve read it about 8 times but the last time was about 2 years ago. I can’t wait to see it with fresh eyes. Your posters are beautiful.

  5. Voyager has sooo many great parts! Your synopsis brought it all back. I have purposely not reread the book recently so I can be ‘surprised’. Of course I have read it about 8 times over the years but the last time was about 2 years ago. It will be so fun to see it with fresh eyes.

  6. I wonder what “First Wife” will look like 20 years later? In the book, Claire says she didn’t age very gracefully, thankfully!

    1. Yep. Can’t wait to see what they do to poor Nell. I’m betting she doesn’t look too bad. Gotta give Claire some insecurity issues. Lol. Fingers crossed they reunite the same way as in the book.

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    Candida_LN posted: “We’re down to the nitty gritty, folks … only 10 days to go. Since the premiere of Outlander way back in August of 2014, the show’s popularity has exploded. And with that popularity explosion, an expansive number of websites have emerged in all corners o”

  8. Great summaries, thanks. Looking forward to watching Outlander again (although I’ve just finished watching season 2 again!

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