Okay, folks. Droughtlander is almost over which means it’s time to start rev’ing up. Anyone on social media today knows Entertainment Weekly released several new insider looks at Season 3 as well as a peek at the Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan photo shoot in South Africa. The pictures are sizzling hot. I took it upon myself to grab a few gems from the photo shoot video and added my own special touch to them. I hope you enjoy.

If you happened to miss the latest spread, you can read the article and watch the video here. All three Entertainment Weekly Outlander Season 3 issues go on sale Friday, August 25th.

11 thoughts on “Outlander 15 Top Picks

  1. Good job, Candida. The pictures are so hot, that they look like they are burning (both, they and the pictures!! There is no way to explain their chemistry, but there’s no doubt they have it. Your comments, like always, witty and funny…

  2. Thank you for the chuckles — “..grabs both of her hips!” – yer so silly. I love it! I do wish the EW pics weren’t so cartoonishly/romance-novelly, the photographer or whomever made these decisions must not be a reader of the novels; disappointed in Lynette Rice for not utilizing her love of the characters to ask for more accurate portrayals in this mag-layout (if she has any say-so, that is). But always love your take on things, Candida!

  3. Caitriona said, paraphrased, that the relationship between Claire and Jamie is what we all want, but the relationship between Claire and Frank is what most of us get. That’s tragic! I hope we at least have a combination of the two…
    Claire is fearless–in the beginning because she has nothing to lose, and all to gain, later because she’s had it all, and won’t give it up. Don’t know if I could be quite so fearless, too many voices have told me “no.” That’s tragic, too.
    Thank the gods fiction takes us out of ourselves, and good fiction transports us!

  4. Loved your commentary! Gave me a laugh. Mixed bag with these photos. Some are very tasteful & befitting their characters & others are frankly ludicrous! Good for a laugh though. Thanks for the entertainment while I’m on holiday.

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