As you may or may not know, I am not only a HUGE Outlander fan but am also a BIG fan of The Walking Dead. While on Friday, March 31st Outlander Episode 105: RENT reduxed, The Walking Dead aired its spectacular season 7 finale on Sunday, April 2nd. As I am in Atlanta (home base for The Walking Dead production company & crew) for the week, I have walkers! Walkers! WALKERS! on my delicious brain.

I know many of you are NOT fans of gore and zombies, but I hope you’ll bear with me because Claire and Jamie are dispensing their generous advice to those of the undead persuasion this week in honor of the S7 smashing conclusion. Unbitten-off fingers crossed Outlander will go the same distance and farther.

Now, if you are a zombie, you definitely want to continue reading. If you aren’t a zombie but love The Walking Dead (like me), I hope you enjoy this post. If you absolutely hate all things zombie, please continue reading anyway with hands in front of your eyes (if you must). Don’t worry. There are no gory images to follow – just Claire and Jamie’s beautiful mugs. Yes, I thought about zombifying them both, but then decided against it.

To jog your memory: In RENT Claire hits the road with the MacKenzies. She makes a few friends along the way – the wool waulkers and a certain handsome, young English soldier. Despite clashing repeatedly with Dougal, Rupert and Angus, everyone comes together in the end once Claire proves herself one of the guys. Jamie, however, never loses sight of how much of a woman she is, making moony eyes in her direction and even guarding her reputation. Jamie also has it out with Dougal over being used to solicit funds for his uncle’s secret Jacobite purse. It’s never boring with the MacKenzies as we inch another week closer to my favorite episode of the season and another week closer to Season 3.

Here we go with this episode’s Top 20 Tips for Walkers from Jamie and Claire for Episode 105: RENT.

And here’s the link (if you missed last week’s episode) for the Top 20 Redux Tips for Dummies from Outlander Ep. 104: THE GATHERING.

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