Outlander Episode 104: THE GATHERING reduxed last Friday, March 24th. This is still one of my favorite episodes of Season 1 for many reasons – the music, the je suis prest moment-of-moments, the tension, the action, the costumes, the comedy. Oodles and oodles of good stuff. What am I forgetting? … oh, yes. Diana Gabaldon’s small-screen appearance, not to mention show handler Ron Moore looking dapper in blue velvet.

In this episode, Claire is followed around by ladykillers Rupert and Angus then catches Geillis snooping around her fruit basket. Jamie stays well hidden for most of the show but makes a grand entrance, popping up out of the hay looking fresh as a daisy. Fearing for Claire’s safety, Jamie does an admirable, although inadequate, job of escorting her back to the castle after first foiling her escape attempt. Colum is none too happy to see Jamie at the MacKenzie gathering because he was hoping to avoid getting blood splattered across the hall’s floor. Luckily, Jamie smooth talks his way out of making a pledge. Hooray! Time for boar hunting and shinty. And let’s not forget about Dougal expressly inviting Claire on a road trip, but not really because she has no choice so it’s just a relocation of her imprisonment, after a few awkward moments because of his molesting her the night before. Bygones.

I’ve had a very busy week but managed (finally 🤗) to scratch out (probably the corniest 😏) gallery of Top 20 Tips for Dummies from Jamie and Claire for Episode 104: THE GATHERING.

If you missed last week’s episode, jump on back to Jamie and Claire’s gallery of Top 20 Redux Tips for Dummies from Outlander Ep. 103: THE WAY OUT on your way out.

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