. . . Hillary because she is a woman.

. . . Hillary because her last name is Clinton.

. . . Hillary because she is a Democrat.

I voted for Hillary Clinton because she was the best candidate – in my opinion, I feel compelled to stress even though this is my blog and all opinions are my own. Hillary Clinton is intelligent, gracious, caring, open-minded and forward-thinking. She is also flawed (like all of us). She is an impassioned being (like most of us). She is concerned about the future of our planet and its people (as should we all be). And she represents a change within a system which perpetually rejects change, but I think she would have done her best to make a difference.

I’ve been fairly silent during this tumultuous election season and do not wish to engage in a heated argument with any of my Outlander followers and fans. I’ve respected everyone’s opinion and choice(s) and hope you will do the same. However, I was so moved by Hillary’s emotional concession speech this morning, I felt compelled to share my reaction.

I am both saddened and hopeful the leaders of our country will come together during the next four years and especially the next few months. The great divide must be narrowed, not widened. If you are happy with the outcome, be as gracious as President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and all the other political leaders are striving to be. If you are unhappy with the outcome, you have a tougher road ahead but must also strive to be gracious, helpful and supportive of our government as a whole as they lead us into a new era.

In the face of this division, I am happy we will always have Outlander to bring and keep us together. Peace.

21 thoughts on “I Did Not Vote For . . .

  1. I agree that she is a flawed candidate. I think you should mention her flaws and her inability to gather working class people, women and millennials.

    In my opinion, I have to disagree with you about Hillary Clinton is a caring, open-minded and forward-thinking (since, she is beholden by her corporate donors and wall street bankers) and her concerned about the future of our planet and its people (e.g., she still want to regulate fracking as well as not even talking about the North Dakota pipeline and its protesters) as well as her representing a change within a system which perpetually rejects change (she is part of the establishment, so there will be no change). Don’t get me wrong, Trump is horrible. As a Canadian, her views were very conservative (not as extreme as republican) and as a voter it is not that important to me to hear politicians’ promises, but rather what they did in their past (a.k.a true colours).

    I am curious what you think about Bernie Sanders and did you vote for him in the primaries? if you didn’t, why?

    Thanks for reading my long message.
    – W.N

    1. Hi, Tommy. Thanks for reading and dropping a comment. As this is not a political blog, I decided to keep my one posting regarding the election very light. Since the election, interesting developments continue to evolve, most of which concern me. I wrote a separate post on Medium where I discuss responsibility for ones own decisions and actions. I’ll leave it at that. Gosh! I sound just like a politician, don’t I?

  2. Thank you for a thoughtful summary of a devastating election. As a former educator, I despair for our country. I have friends and relatives on both sides, and all I can think to do is pray for them all.

    1. Thank you so much, Kathryn. I’ve read so many intelligent & fascinating essays on the internet this week. My post is not any essay, but I’m thankful for the feedback & outreach.

  3. As a Canadian I watched this election process with a sort of deja vu. We went through a divisive election last year but decency won over fear and hate. It was and still is difficult to accept the hatred that was dug up. We all need to heal and move forward. I hope you all can as well.

  4. I feel devastated and depressed as I worry over the fate of so much that we have fought so hard to gain. I have worked my WHOLE adult life with the underprivileged, immigrants, minorities, and marginalized populations. I am currently a Forensic Nurse who works with adult and child victims of sexual, domestic and physical violence. It was hard to come to work today knowing that the majority of the House and Senate and the new president are gleefully contemplating dismantling and reversing programs that help the victims I strive to protect. God help us all.

    1. I’m so sorry for your devastation, Barbara. My family & I feel similarly, but I am clinging to hope and am following President Obama’s example. Thank you for sharing your feelings. God Bless You.

  5. Thank you for your considered words and agree with you about being gracious to each other. I have also kept my opinions to myself but am a Trump supporter. I did not vote for him because I think he is a perfect person, far from it, or because I agree with everything he says. I voted for Mr. Trump because I felt he was the one who would bring about positive change for our nation. For those who did not support the winning candidate, know that you should not be afraid. Rejoice that the system works and that while we may disagree from time to time, we are all still Americans and we can work together for a better world. Keep an open mind and you just may be surprised in a positive way. Let us keep both Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and their families in our thoughts and prayers that they may continue to serve our country in a positive fashion to the benefit of all.

  6. As a Canadian you would think another country’s election wouldn’t matter so much to us. But it does. I share your views. While shocking to see these results the world must proceed united and if not friends then at least not enemies. Thanks for your thought blog. Take care.

  7. Wonderful post that appeals to my better angels. I must admit I’m not ready to be optimistic yet when every issue I hold dear is at risk, but I’ll try to follow Hillary Clinton’s and President Obama’s gracious lead. I believe that we ordinary people must be the change that moves us forward.

  8. I know how you feel. Wish those stones really worked. I’ll just have to start over. Thanks for your comments.

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