Outlander star Caitriona Balfe brought one home for the Outlander Starz team in the form of a British Academy of Film and Television Arts Best Television Actress Award on Sunday, 6 November 2016. That’s a mouthful to say which is why I shortened it to BAFTA for the BALFE!


I am thrilled to join Caitriona and Outlander fans around the world in congratulating an actress who literally came out of nowhere to win the role of Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser, back to Randall, then back to Fraser (read the books) to steal our hearts and delight our minds. Caitriona knows the fans appreciate her but how exquisite it must feel to receive acknowledgment from her peers.

This is the part where we roll the film showing Caitriona as a little girl holding a hairbrush and thanking “the” academy (doesn’t matter which one). She’s wearing her mother’s high heels and her mother’s evening gown, puddled around her feet. Of course, her makeup is impeccable because she’s Caitriona Balfe. But . . . I don’t have anything like that so you’ll have to stick with my imagination. She looks adorable, doesn’t she?

Much has been written about Ms. Balfe over the years, making it difficult to come up with anything new. Speaking simply from the heart, Caitriona makes my toes curl with her performances, makes me smile, makes me laugh, makes me cry and makes me jealous, er, zealous with pride. She makes me believe Claire. Makes me believe she’s afraid. Makes me believe she’s in love. She makes me believe she’s really that strong, brave and brainy. Uh, come to think of it . . . I think Caitriona is that strong, brave and brainy. She’d have to be to take on our lot and especially Diana’s long-revered vision. And think of the strength and bravery to shoot all those love scenes with Sam Heughan. Poor girl.

Hopefully, tonight is one of many accolades for this brighting and shining star – not only with Outlander but with all her future endeavors.

Oh, what a difference 1,149 days has made since the casting announcement for Ms. Balfe was made on 11 September 2013. From runway model to proud patron for World Child Cancer to big time star to BAFTA winner, Caitriona Balfe proves herself an unusual woman playing a unique character.

Congratulations, Caitriona!

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