In Episode 210: PRESTONPANS, Jamie leads us into battle and faces the loss of a friend. This is a gritty, bloodthirsty episode with our first up close and personal look at Highlander warfare, tempered with moments of combat companionship.

With every episode, Sam Heughan‘s man-no-longer-a-lad grows more mature, commanding, responsible, charming and especially irresistible. This episode is particularly engaging because of all the characters – Dougal’s gallant ride into the bog under enemy fire, Murtagh’s somber reflection on the significance of life and death, Angus and Rupert’s battle banter on and off the field, the Prince’s noble gestures and acknowledgment of his subjects, Fergus’ first-hand introduction to war, Claire’s life-saving measures (except when it comes to Angus, but what could she do?) and Jamie, Jamie, Jamie in the war room, on the field, beside the Prince and all over Dougal.

I must admit my favorite scenes are between Jamie and Prince Charles Edward Stuart (Andrew Gower). Like Simon Callow‘s performance as the Duke of Sandringham, I have thoroughly enjoyed both gentlemen in the roles. Andrew portrays the Prince exactly how I would have imagined him – perfectly entitled and unwittingly delightful.

Due to forces beyond my control, I present to you a very late Jamie’s Top 30 Looks for Episode 210. I may be tardy, but at least I can offer something new to read during Droughtlander.

#30: Jamie’s Prayer For Angus Face – First man down . . .

30 ep210 Jamie Prayer for Angus

#29: Jamie’s Battle Charge Face – Thank goodness Dougal didn’t do his battle cry and wake up all the bloody English.

10 ep210 Jamie Battle Charge

#28: Jamie’s War Council Face – Not that I’m complaining, but why is Jamie the only young, good-looking commander in the room? Oh. I guess I am complaining.

29 ep210 Jamie War Council

#27: Jamie’s Not So Much A General Face – But still the King . . .

28 ep210 Jamie Not So Much a General

#26: Jamie’s Brits Come First Face – Has Charlie ever actually lived in Scotland?

27 ep210 Jamie Brits Come First

#25: Jamie’s Pluck The Dougal Face – Jamie loves him. Jamie loves him not. Jamie loves him. Jamie loves him not. Jamie loves him.

25 ep210 Jamie Boggy Bottom Boys

#24: Jamie’s Caught In The Middle Face – Eh. Screw Dougal. He killed Lieutenant Foster.

26 ep210 Jamie In between

#23: Jamie’s Horseshoe On The Back Face – Just no stepping on the front, please.

24 ep210 Jamie Horse Back

#22: Jamie’s Lord And Master Face – Jamie is Claire’s lord and master? The Prince doesn’t know Claire . . . at all.

23 ep210 Jamie Lord and Master

#21: Jamie’s Eve Of Battle Face – Cool as a dram of Hendrick’s cucumber gin. [Even if you don’t like gin, the website is verra entertaining.]

22 ep210 Jamie Eve of Battle

#20: Jamie’s Stay Out Of Range Face – Who the heck picked this crappy spot anyway?

21 ep210 Jamie Stay out of range 06

#19: Jamie’s Kissing the Prince Face – The Prince shoulda checked that wig at the Scottish border.

20 ep210 Jamie Always Kissing the Prince

#18: Jamie’s Protective Commandment Face – Warrior Prince, Charlie is not. Warrior Princess? Maybe.

19 ep210 Jamie Protecting the Prince

#17: Jamie’s Touching Sentiment Face – It’s so cute how dumb the Prince is.

18 ep210 Jamie Touching Sentiment

#16: Jamie’s Damp Chill Over The Prince’s Heart Face – But Jamie’s not feeling it.

17 ep210 Jamie Damp Chill

#15: Jamie’s Unless Ye Ken Where To Look Face – I know exactly where to look, ye ken?

16 ep210 Jamie Back Way

#14: Jamie’s Ingenious Mind Face – Yep. The Prince should put Jamie in charge all the time.

15 ep210 Jamie Ingenious Mind

#13: Jamie’s Conquering Heroes Face – No one should look this adorable after cutting down a horde of English soldiers . . . but they do.

14 ep210 Jamie Return of the Conquering Heros

#12: Jamie’s Coulda Woulda Shoulda Ended The War Face – Coulda woulda shoulda stayed in France.

13 ep210 Jamie Could Woulda Shoulda

#11: Jamie’s Promotion Of Dougal Face – With every episode, Graham’s man-no-longer-a-war-chief grows less mature, more demanding, more irresponsible, less charming and especially obnoxious.

12 ep210 Jamie Promotes Dougal 09

#10: Jamie’s Bloody Urine Face – I never wanted to be a urine sample jar . . . and I still don’t.

11 ep210 Jamie Bloody urine 08

#9: Jamie’s No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Face – Until Ep. 211 when the other commanders get rid of him because they’re all whiney babies who are jealous of Jamie.

09 ep210 Jamie Good Deeds

#8: Jamie’s Longest Day Face – Okay. So it only took 15 minutes to defeat the red coats.

08 ep210 Jamie Longest Day

#7: Jamie’s Exiling Of Dougal Face – Feels so good.

07 ep210 Jamie Exiling My Uncle

#6: Jamie’s Goodbye Soldier Face – If Daryl dies . . . er, Jamie, we riot.

06 ep210 Jamie Goodbye Soldier

#5: Jamie’s Time For Talk Is Done Face – If these guys are done talking, may we have a nooky scene, please? Make love, not war.

05 ep210 Jamie No Time for Talk

#4: Jamie’s Benevolent Face – The Prince says benevolent, I say white elephant.

04 ep210 Jamie Benevolent

#3: Jamie’s Intractable Scots Face – Definitely cut from different tartans.

03 ep210 Jamie Intractable Scot

#2: Jamie’s Battle Commander Face – And all the dandies from the war council stay behind the line of scrimmage.

02 ep210 Jamie Battle Ready

#1: Jamie’s Victory Shall Be Ours Face – With the first of many payments. Not so funny but then war sucks.

01 ep210 Jamie Dreams of Victory

Up next, Jamie’s Top 20 Looks for Outlander Episode 211: VENGEANCE IS MINE, episode written by Diana Gabaldon.

8 thoughts on “Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from Outlander Ep. 210: PRESTONPANS

  1. Excellent as always — thanks !!!! And sorry for the shallow comment– but it seems like they finally got Jamie/Sam’s hair really right (no more hobbit hair or bobbed helmet hair or mullet– hurrah!)

    1. I will definitely Looks for all the episodes. Have not watched final two yet. Don’t know about recaps. We’ll see what happens over the length of droughtlander. I might try to get creative. :o)

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    Candida_LN posted: “In Episode 210: PRESTONPANS, Jamie leads us into battle and faces the loss of a friend. This is a gritty, bloodthirsty episode with our first up close and personal look at Highlander warfare, tempered with moments of combat companionship. With every episo”

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