In Episode 209: JE SUIS PREST, Sam Heughan takes command of James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser and progresses his character arc to a whole new peak. The future of Scotland and its people, the fate of the woman he loves, the weight of the whole damn world rests on Jamie’s shoulders. Rather than let it crush him, he appears to stand taller and pushes back against the gathering storm and his arrogant uncle.

As I state in my review, this episode screams Outlander, much of that due to Jamie’s “commanding of age.” Sam Heughan makes the performance seem effortless, completely natural. He’s been living with James Fraser for quite a while now, but I doubt he ever takes his television ego for granted. Like Diana Gabaldon, he strives to keep the character engaging, entertaining and slightly unpredictable.

One scene often stands out as a favorite in each episode. JE SUIS PREST has two for me – Jamie’s reality of war speech and his meeting of a young man who will one day have a major influence in his life. Without further adieu, let’s dive into Jamie’s Top 30 Looks for Episode 209.

#30: Jamie’s No. 1 Face – Admit it. You were thinking something else. This isn’t The Scottish Prisoner, you know.

30 ep209 Jamie Relieving himself

#29: Jamie’s Dougal Is A Tool Face – That is all.

29 ep209 Jamie Misfortunes suffered

#28: Jamie’s Tired Of Politics Face – And Dougal is still a tool.

28 ep209 Jamie Not interested in jockeying for position

#27: Jamie’s This Is Treason . . . Face – And you’ll likely all be hung. No-o-o-o-t the best recruitment speech ever given.

27 ep209 Jamie This is treason

#26: Jamie’s Beautiful Bromance Face – Can you tell I’m just a wee bit excited for Season 3?

26 ep209 Jamie Life Threatened

#25: Jamie’s Dubious Of Dougal Face – And . . . still a tool.

25 ep209 Jamie  Uncertain of Dougal's loyalty

#24: Jamie’s Je Suis Prêt Face – And . . . still hot.

24 ep209 Jamie Prepares for raid

#23: Jamie’s Hot For Teacher Face – What do you think he accepts for extra credit homework?

27 ep209 Jamie lectures

#22: Jamie’s Sentry Duty Face – I recommend latrine duty.

22 ep209 Jamie Assigns Dougal to sentry duty

#21: Jamie’s Break A Leg, Er, Arm Face – Don’t worry. Jamie and John Grey kiss and make up.

21 ep208 Jamie Twists broken arm

#20: Jamie’s Last Time He Ever Does Something Nice For Dougal Face – He might pass the salt one last time.

20 ep209 Jamie Give Dougal honor

#19: Jamie’s Hot Poker Face – I wish Jamie would, um, interrogate me.

19 ep209 Jamie Heats up knife 01

#18: Jamie’s Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy Face – 3 out of 4, anyway.

18 ep209 Jamie The Soldier

#17: Jamie’s Pig Face – I’d roll around in the mud with him.

17  ep209 Jamie Pig

#16: Jamie’s Smiling For The Troops Face – Just before he makes them pee their kilts.

16 ep209 Jamie So pretty you want to smile 02

#15: Red Jamie’s Face – There can be only one?

15 ep209 Jamie Red Jamie

#14: Jamie’s Ravaging Claire Face – I never wanted to be a body double for Claire . . . oh, wait.

14 ep209 Jamie ravages Claire

#13: Jamie’s Beloved Uncle Face – More like Meddling Aunt.

13 ep209 Jamie Beloved Uncle

#12: Jamie’s 18 Lashes Face – Easy peasy.

12 ep209 Jamie Takes his punishment

#11: Jamie’s Telling Claire To Get Dressed Face – Boo. Just boo.

11 ep209 Jamie Telling Claire to get dressed

#10: Jamie’s Bad-Ass Rambo Face – There’s no way Dougal is going to argue with a face like this.

10 ep209 Jamie Ordering Dougal to stay

#9: Jamie’s Giggle Face – Well, this scene made me giggle anyway.

09 ep209 Jamie Tricks Grey

#8: Jamie’s Commando Face – You thought I meant his actual face?

08 ep209 Jamie Acknowledges Claire's selflessness

#7: Jamie’s Knows Best Face – How the tides have turned since rent collection.

07 ep209 Jamie Knows better than Dougal

#6: Jamie’s King Of Men Face – Even Claire looks in awe. Lucky b*tch.

06 ep209 Jamie King of Men

#5: Jamie’s Lauren Bacall Face – He puts his lips together and blows . . . and now I wanna be a prop knife.

05 ep209 Jamie Blows on knife

#4: Jamie’s Good Time Face – My idea of a good time with this guy is a little bit different . . .

04 ep209 Jamie Plans raid

#3: Jamie’s Promise To Claire Face – . . .  and it does not include Claire.

03 ep209 Jamie Makes promise

#2: Jamie’s Pledge of Protection Face – There’s just gotta be a way to get this guy through the stones.

02 ep209 Jamie Will make sure Claire is safe 02

#1: Jamie’s Word Of Honor Face – Stock tip: Invest in Kleenex today.

01 ep209 Jamie Gives his word

Outlander Episode 210: PRESTONPANS premieres on Starz on Saturday, 11 June 2016 in the U.S.

My nutshell recap of this episode is also available: A True Fan’s Nutshell of Outlander Ep. 209: JE SUIS PREST

3 thoughts on “Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from Outlander Ep. 209: JE SUIS PREST

  1. Another great recap and top look page (I decided to read/look at both and just make comments for both on the second one I look at which is usually the top thirty since I like to start with the recap). Thanks for doing such a great job with both!

  2. Yes yes yes !!!! To all of the above faces. Excellent !!! Thanks so much 🙂

    Sam was spectacularly good in this episode– he hit each different character trait with absolute perfection! (particlularly loved his evil little cocky grin after “assaulting” Claire. Not sure why you called it “giggle face” but ok!)

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