In Episode 208: THE FOX’S LAIR, Jamie (Sam Heughan) faces off against his unscrupulous grandfather, Lord Lovat, in an attempt to appease the even more (or slightly less) unscrupulous Prince Charles.

There’s not a lot of time for Jamie to get back into his old life of farmin’ and takin’ care of his tenants afore he’s forced to march off to an uncertain war. They can change the future. They can’t change the future. They can change the future. They can’t . . . you get the idea.

Nothing in life is certain, other than politicians making bad choices for the good of the people. Jamie happens to be one of those people having choices made for him. But being the warrior he is, he doesn’t give in easily.

I truly enjoy watching Sam Heughan explore the many facets of Jamie’s character in THE FOX’S LAIR, especially during the political storyline parts. This episode reminds me a great deal of THE GATHERING and THE RECKONING, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Jamie goes up against the big dogs of two clans in Outlander and manages to pup his way out of each predicament.

So, whether or not you appreciate this particular episode, I hope you enjoy my Top 30 selects for another of Jamie’s forays into Scottish politics.

#30: Jamie’s Deed Of Sasine Face – Just another example of the rich stealing from the poor.

30 ep208 Jamie Deed of Sasine

#29: Jamie’s My Grandmother Was A Kitchen Maid Face – Now we know from which side of the family Jamie gets his looks, ’cause they sure ain’t from Lord Lovat. Nor the personality. Or his integrity. And then there’s his kindness, his bravery . . .

29 ep208 Jamie Jamie's grandmother was a maid

#28: Jamie’s The Man Who Takes Claire In Unholy Embrace Will Have His Privates Blasted Like A Frost-Bitten Apple Face – And that’s the nice way of putting it.

28 ep208 Jamie The man who takes her in unholy embrace will have his privates blasted like a frost-bitten apple

#27: Jamie’s James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser Face – Get chills every time I hear that.

27 ep208 Jamie JAMMF

#26: Jamie’s Canna Go Back To Lallybroch Face – You know, sometimes I wonder if Jamie’s life would be easier if he weren’t so damn good looking.

26 ep208 Jamie Canna go back to Lallybroch

#25: Jamie’s But Lallybroch Is Safe For Now Face – Until the next greedy SOB comes along and tries to take it away from the Frasers.

25 ep208 Jamie Lallybroch safe for now

#24: Jamie’s Mr. 152 Commands Face – Mr. 152 insights into my soul. No competing with that.

24 ep208 Jamie Takes command

#23: Jamie’s I Thought We Hated Leery Face – Does anyone else believe Claire would ask Jamie to thank Leery for being her whorish self? Nah. Didn’t think so.

23 ep208 Jamie I thought we hated Leery

#22: Jamie’s A Good Soldier Must Obey Face – As you wish . . .

22 ep208 Jamie Good soldier must obey

#21: Jamie’s The Damn Prince Made Me A Damn Traitor Face – Shoulda gone with Murtagh’s Plan B. Sqreeak.

21 ep208 Jamie I'm a traitor

#20: Jamie’s Fool’s Errand Face – It kinda sucks when the women are always right.

20 ep208 Jamie Fools errand

#19: Jamie’s “Suckers” Face – Even Colum didn’t believe Claire’s performance.

19 ep208 Jamie Watches Young Simon stand up to his asshold father

#18: Jamie’s Change Of Plans Face – Call me unscrupulous, but I would have added Lord Lovat’s name to the list of pledges. How’s that for a new vision, gramps?

18 ep208 Jamie Change of plans

#17: Jamie’s Long Goodbye Face – Love means never having to say goodbye or something like that.

17 ep208 Jamie Long goodbye

#16: Jamie’s Proud To Fight Alongside Young Simon Face – Sure hope there’s time on the road for combat training, ’cause this kid looks barely strong enough to take on Leery from whom (I’d like to point out) he ran away.

16 ep208 Jamie Is proud to fight with Young Simon

#15: Jamie’s Time To Talk Politics Face – And hoping Claire doesn’t blast his privates like a frost-bitten apple later.

15 ep208 Jamie Dismissing the wife to talk politics

#14: Jamie’s Yeah, Whatever Face – He’ll get back to Leery on the forgiveness thing . . . and her love. Did we just jump a guppy here?

14 ep208 Jamie Yeah whatever

#13: Jamie’s Had No Means To Take A Wife Through Rape Face – Well . . . look at his face. Duh.

13 ep208 Jamie Had no means to take a wife thru rape

#12: Jamie’s Fergus Drafted Into Murtagh’s Ranks Face – How much do we want Murtagh to stay? Waaaahhhhh.

12 ep208 Jamie Drafts Fergus into the ranks

#11: Jamie’s Short Goodbye Face – No love lost means never having to say you’re sorry and Colum sure doesn’t or something like that.

11 ep208 Jamie Short goodbye

#10: Jamie’s Headstrong But Never Reckless Face – Reckless except when it comes to Claire . . . and Randall . . . and Fergus . . . and Jenny . . . and Brianna. But otherwise, yeah, not reckless at all. We’ll call him recklessly passionate.

10 ep208 Jamie Headstrong but never reckless

#9: Jamie’s Dinna Ken My Wife Can Cook Face  – Eyes on the baby, Mrs. Crook.

09 ep208 Jamie Dinna ken my wife can cook

#8: Jamie’s Will Always Have A Home For Sweet Fergus Face – Fergus is cute and all, but can we get to the part where he’s a hot Frenchman already?

08 ep208 Jamie Will always have a home for Fergus

#7: Jamie’s Not A Fool Face – Hmm . . . Janet must not be in the room.

07 ep208 Jamie Not a fool

#6: Jamie’s His Soul Will Burn Forever In Hell Face – Pretty sure that’s going to happen to grandpa even if he doesn’t try to violate Claire.

06 ep208 Jamie And his soul will burn forever in hell like that

#5: Jamie’s My Father Was A Bastard Face – Notice he told Claire with his shirt off. Cheater.

05 ep208 Jamie Father was a bastard

#4: Jamie’s My Poor Cousin Face – Not “My Poor Cousin’s Face.”

04 ep208 Jamie Poor cousin

#3: Jamie’s Listening To Threats Against Claire . . . Yet Again Face – For Pete’s sake, Comte St. Germain’s body ain’t even cold yet.

03 ep208 Jamie Listening to threats against Claire yet again

#2: Jamie’s Sexy Silhouette Face – I know you can’t actually see Jamie’s face, but are we really going to complain, are we?

02 ep208 Jamie Sexy silhouette

#1: Jamie’s Baby Talk Face – I never wanted to be a baby prop . . . until now.

01 ep208 Jamie Baby talk

Outlander Episode 209: JE SUIS PREST premieres on Starz on Saturday, 4 June 2016 in the U.S.

My nutshell recap of this episode is also available: A True Fan’s Nutshell of Outlander Ep. 208: THE FOX’S LAIR

2 thoughts on “Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from Outlander Ep. 208: THE FOX’S LAIR

  1. Loved both this and the recap. Also, FYI, Meril apparently tweeted something along the line that Claire and Jamie were in the highlands about eight months (give or take travel time from France) before the letter pronouncing Jamie a traitor was received…

    1. I assumed they’d been at Lallybroch for a while because it would take time for Charles to raise cash and travel to Scotland. I was simply making a joke.

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