In Episode 206: BEST LAID SCHEMESSam Heughan‘s Jamie reaches across the spectrum of emotions – sharing his tender side with Claire (Caitriona Balfe), staring down the Comte (Stanley Weber) and finally letting loose his fury against Randall (Tobias Menzies). Sam and Jamie get quite a workout in this episode in so many ways . . . as does their hair.

I’m happy to say, even after the hundreds of selections I’ve made for Top 30, Sam continually amazes with the breadth of expressions he displays. “Not just another pretty face” applies to everyone on the show, but especially to Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe and especially in this particular episode.

I’m less happy to say, we’re halfway to the end of Season 2. The good news is, we’re that much closer to the introduction of Roger Mac and Brianna! Until then, I hope you continue to enjoy Jamie’s Top 30 until some other young, attractive Scot takes over the Top spot. Here we go . . .

#30: Jamie’s Under The Weather Face – Aww. Don’t you just want to rub Jamie’s belly . . . and a few other spots?

30 ep206 Jamie Under the weather
#29: Jamie’s Sound Reason Face – Don’t know how Sam does it. He even makes Jamie’s hair look pissed.

29 ep206 Jamie Sound reason

#28: Jamie’s Clandestine Face – Yep . . . just as fine looking in the dark.

28 ep206 Jamie clandestine

#27: Jamie’s Pleasant Diversion Face – Okay, now they’re just showing off . . .

27 ep206 Jamie Pleasant diversion

#26: Jamie’s What To Tell Murtagh Face – It sucks being married to a witch sometimes. Shoulda married an aerospace engineer . . .

26 ep206 Jamie What to tell Murtagh

#25: Jamie’s Challenge Withdrawn Face – What was that about a dish best served cold? It’s getting mighty chilly around here.

25 ep206 Jamie Challenge withdrawn

#24: Jamie’s I’m Just A Merchant Face – If by merchant, ye mean an abundantly attractive, heroically daring, unremittingly selfless, dutifully hardworking, cleverly resourceful, impressively well-educated consignor of wine then, yeah, you’re a merchant.

24 ep206 Jamie I'm just a merchant

#23: Jamie’s Shall Go Myself To Bail Out The Prince Face – Someone’s looking extra curly this morning. Musta been the mud treatment last night.

23 ep206 Jamie Shall go myself

#22: Jamie’s Naked Charades? Face – This is Jamie wondering where the hell he was on naked charades night.

22 ep206 Jamie Naked charades

#21: Jamie’s Murtagh Having Sex Again? Face – This is Jamie wondering how the f*ck  Murtagh is having more sex than him.

21 ep206 Jamie Murtagh again

#20: Jamie’s Hey, You! Face – We hate the Comte. We love the Comte. We hate the Comte. It’s just not fair.

20 ep206 Jamie Hey you

#19: Jamie’s Murtagh Looks Dandy Face – Jamie finds such little pleasure these days. He takes it where he can get it.

19 ep206 Jamie Murtagh looks like a dandy

#18: Jamie’s Restore The Blessed King Face – We all know it doesn’t really matter who rules . . . unless it’s Donald Trump.

18 ep206 Jamie Restore the blessed King

#17: Jamie’s ’tis Dangerous Face – I know there’s a joke here about Dangerous being Jamie’s middle name, but frankly, I don’t think we could fit it into James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.

17 ep206 Jamie 'tis dangerous

#16: Jamie’s Be Careful Face – Okay . . . Mom.

16 ep206 Jamie Be careful

#15: Jamie’s Preparing For A Pleasant Evening Face – “Is this truly, 100%, without a doubt, absolutely necessary?” is what I would have asked.

15 ep206 Jamie Preparing for a pleasant evening

#14: Jamie’s Loyal And True Patriot Face – If Jamie had a penny for every time he heard that . . . he wouldn’t be as rich as having a penny for every time a man touched his face.

14 ep206 Jamie Loyal & true patriot

#13: Jamie’s I Will Be Honored Face – Raise your hand if you screamed – Don’t do it!

13 ep206 Jamie I will be honored

#12: Jamie’s Bottoms Up Face – Yeah, I know . . . we like it better when Jamie’s bottom is up.

12 ep206 Jamie Bottoms up

#11: Jamie’s Murtagh In The Line Of Fire Face – Sorry . . .

11 ep206 Jamie Murtagh in the line of fire

. . . but this painting just popped into my head.


#10: Jamie’s Promise Me Face – If he’s gonna put it that way . . .

10 ep206 Jamie Promise me

#9: Jamie’s Mash Of Nettles Face  – I’d like to mash Jamie’s nettles.

09 ep206 Jamie Mash of nettles

#8: Jamie’s Canna Wait To Meet The Baby Face – Don’t tell the kid I just said #9, please.

08 ep206 Jamie Canna wait to meet the baby

#7: Jamie’s Time To Tell Murtagh Face – Jamie’s chin cleavage at it’s best.

07 ep206 Jamie Time to tell

#6: Jamie’s Wee Un Face – I never wanted to be a fake baby bump . . . until now.

06 ep206 Jamie Wee un

#5: Jamie’s Doesn’t Feel Anything Face – That’s funny . . . I definitely feel something.

05 ep206 Jamie Doesn't feel anything

#4: Jamie’s We Find A Way Back To Each Other Face – Way to jinx things, Jamie.

04 ep206 Jamie Find a way back

#3: Jamie’s Godfather Knows Best Face – Murtagh’s been wanting to do that since Episode 104.

03 ep206 Jamie Godfather knows best

#2: Jamie’s Stare Down Face – Cough . . . cough . . . testosterone. Oh, excuse me.

02 ep206 Jamie Stare down

#1: Jamie’s It’s Your Father Face – This is Jamie literature-ly impregnating millions of women across the globe.

01 ep206 Jamie It's your father

Outlander Episode 207: FAITH premieres on Starz on Saturday, 21 May 2016 in the U.S.

My recapped review of this episode is also available: A True Fan’s Review of Outlander Ep. 206: BEST LAID SCHEMES

12 thoughts on “Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from Outlander Ep. 206: BEST LAID SCHEMES

  1. You are so funny. Made my day. Mind you it doesn’t take much to make my day. I love No.1, 4 and 6.

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