In Episode 205: UNTIMELY RESURRECTIONSam Heughan takes us back to serious Jamie. He has very little time for humor, being forced by the Prince to partner with St. Germain and broadsided by the return of Captain Randall. To top it all off, Claire makes a demand he never thought possible given his very recent experience. But he pulls himself together and makes a promise even we know is not possible to keep.

We have Tender Jamie, Romantic Jamie, Duty Jamie, Business Jamie, Intense Jamie and even Scary Jamie in this episode. It may be a while before we see Sexy/Steamy Jamie in an episode, but he still looks great no matter what. Presented here are my Top 30 Looks for Episode 205. I hope you enjoy Jamie’s many faces on this Mother’s Day 2016.

#30: Jamie’s Do Not Touch Me Face – Thought I’d start with the worst thing Jamie could say to Claire. We all felt it.

30 ep205 Jamie do not touch

#29: Jamie’s Prada Prince Face – Jamie’s own private “The Devil Wears Prada” moment. Don’t bother the Prince. Please bore someone else with your . . . questions.

29 ep205 Jamie plagued prince

#28: Jamie’s La Dame Blanche Rumors Face – Shoulda known that one would come back to bite him in the ass.

28 ep205 Jamie rumors

#27: Jamie’s Weapon Of Choice Face – If this were Game of Thrones, there’d be so-o-o-o many more choices. Flaying comes to mind. Can you challenge someone to a flaying?

27 ep205 Jamie weapon of choice

#26: Jamie’s Untimely Resurrection Face – Never thought I’d say this, but thank goodness for the Prince.

26 ep205 Jamie perfect timing

#25: Jamie’s Good News Indeed Face – Jamie’s cheeks are starting to hurt from all the fake smiles he has to wear in Paris.

25 ep205 Jamie good news indeed

#24: Jamie’s Get On With It Face – “I’m handsome. You’re handsome. Let the fans decide . . .”

24 ep205 Jamie get on with it

#23: Jamie’s Not Scared Of You Face – Please give him a reason . . .

23 ep205 Jamie not scared

#22: Jamie’s Long And Slow Death Face – Flayings all around!

22 ep205 Jamie long and slow death

#21: Jamie’s So Close And Yet So Far Face – From killing Randall, that is.

21 ep205 Jamie so close and yet so far

#20: Jamie’s F*ck The Prince Face – Ah, haven’t seen this face in a while. Makes me miss Dougal.

20 ep205 Jamie f*ck the prince

#19: Jamie’s La Dame Blanche Busted Face – They always find out . . .

19 ep205 Jamie La Dame Blanche

#18: Jamie’s Holding Back Face – From killing Randall a second time, that is.

18 ep205 Jamie holding back

#17: Jamie’s Changing The Future Face – Crackers . . . yes. Sword . . . eh . . . maybe not.

17 ep205 Jamie change the future

#16: Jamie’s Ultimatum Face – Chills . . . just chills.

16 ep205 Jamie ultimatum

#15: Jamie’s Long Memory Face – Is that anything like a Longfellow?

15 ep205 Jamie long memory

#14: Jamie’s Togetherness Face – We get it. You love her. You don’t have to rub it in our faces.

14 ep205 Jamie togetherness

#13: Jamie’s Man Of Honor Face – That’s why the bite marks are only on his thighs . . .

13 ep205 Jamie man of honor

#12: Jamie’s Princely Caresses Face – The Prince looks to be missing Louise more than he’s letting on.

12 ep205 Jamie princely caresses

#11: Jamie’s Gentleman’s Kiss Face – Omg. Jamie’s lips.

11 ep205 Jamie gentleman's kiss

#10: Jamie’s Never Boring Face – Don’t know what book St. Germain is reading, but this man’s personal life is never boring.

10 ep205 Jamie never boring

#9: Jamie’s Happy Day Face  – What’s the first thing Jamie’s going to do after he kills Randall? He’s going to Disneyland!

09 ep205 Jamie happy day

#8: Jamie’s Swears Vengeance Face – I can’t keep track of all the people Jamie wants to exact vengeance upon. Glad I’m not one of them.

08 ep205 Jamie swears vengeance

#7: Jamie’s Swears An Oath Face – I never wanted to be a prop sword . . . until now.

07 ep205 Jamie swears oath

#6: Jamie’s Played The Whore Face – This is actually my favorite look of the episode, though not technically Jamie’s best. So here it is at #6. Heart-damn-breaking.

06 ep205 Jamie played the whore

#5: Jamie’s Just Vengeance Face – Love the two-sided lighting on Jamie’s face here – black and white, light and dark, right and wrong, good and bad. He’s a complicated man.

05 ep205 Jamie just vengeance

#4: Jamie’s My Gift To The Bairn Face – The Gabaldon giveth and the Gabaldon taketh away . . .

04 ep205 Jamie my gift to the bairn

#3: Jamie’s Lovey Dovey Face – We know they made love here, but they just couldn’t show us, could they?

03 ep205 Jamie lovey dovey

#2: Jamie’s Family Man Face – I have to be honest. My mind is bouncing all over the place on this one. And it keeps coming back to the print shop and the pictures. (Gotta go cry now.)

02 ep205 Jamie family man

#1: Jamie’s Snuggly Wuggly Face – Yep. That’s pretty much how I imagine it feels being snuggled by Jamie. Guess I’ll have to be satisfied knowing what it feels like to be hugged by Sam Heughan. Not too shabby, by the way. Not shabby at all.

01 ep205 Jamie snuggly wuggly

Outlander Episode 206: BEST LAID SCHEMES premieres on Starz on Saturday, 14 May 2016 in the U.S.

My recapped review of this episode is also available: A True Fan’s Review of Outlander Ep. 205: UNTIMELY RESURRECTION

5 thoughts on “Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from Outlander Ep. 205: UNTIMELY RESURRECTION

  1. 1,2&13 … You got it all right there, Missy. Starts with honor
    though … Ooh but that’s how mulies see the world💜❤️🐴

  2. Ummmm HUGGED BY SAM HEUGHAN !!!!????? Do tell…! ( I read and love all your posts, but somehow missed that !!!) Excellent looks (loved your “Man of Honour” commentary, hilarious!)

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