Outlander Season 2 is in full swing. I finally managed to hobble together 30 Top Looks from Episode 201: THROUGH A GLASS, DARKLY. Due to the darkish nature of the episode and the limited screen time in the eighteenth century, I had to fill in some spots with a few other characters. As the season progresses, it’ll be all Jamie, all the time – with an occasional Murtagh here and there because how can I resist?

Because the blogosphere and mainstream news outlets have exploded with a complement of entertaining reviews and recaps, I will no longer be doing a second post. As this one is so late, I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Episode 201: THROUGH A GLASS, DARKLY has a lot of ground to cover. I absolutely love the opening scenes between Claire and Frank, though I think the entire sequence could be a bit shorter. The extra scenes are great but I’m already worrying about a rushed ending – and that’s all I’ll say about that.

Jamie’s character is going through an interesting transition. He’s very withdrawn in this first episode, it being only days (maybe a week?) since his escape from Wentworth and their departure from the abbey. It will be interesting to watch him heal and overcome Jack’s contamination of his dreams and love life.

I would take the time to write more, but I’m already two episodes behind, so . . . maybe I’ll come back later . . . but by then, we’ll be onto new and exciting episodes with characters who won’t seem to die, characters we don’t want to die, more scenes from the future and lots of surprises (I’m sure).

I hope you enjoy my Top 30 Looks for Episode 201: THROUGH A GLASS, DARKLY. Now that I’m caught up, I’ll try to stay caught up and hopefully add more of my two cents on each episode.

#30: Wee Roger’s “Personal Ad” Face

30 OL S2 Ep201 Wee Roger

#29: Frank’s “Personal Ad” Face

29 OL S2 Ep201 Frank Personal Ad

#28: Germain’s “Personal Ad” Face

28 OL S2 Ep201 Germain Personal Ad

#27: Jamie’s “Personal Ad” Face

27 OL S2 Ep201 Jamie Personal Ad

#26: Frank’s “Strikes a Vogue” Face

26 OL S2 Ep201 Frank Strikes a Vogue

#25: Germain’s “Versus Jamie” Face

25 OL S2 Ep201 Germain Versus Jamie

#24: Frank’s “Care Bear” Face

24 OL S2 Ep201 Frank Care Bear

#23: Germain’s “A Hunk, a Hunk Burning Ship” Face

23 OL S2 Ep201 Germain Hunka Hunka Burning Ship

#22: Germain’s “Grand Entré” Face

22 OL S2 Ep201 Germain Grand Entrance

#21: Murtagh’s “Frog” Face

21 OL S2 Ep201 Murtagh Frog

#20: Jamie’s “Cloak and Dagger” Face

18 OL S2 Ep201 Jamie Cloak & Dagger

#19: Jamie’s “Trouble Already?” Face

19 OL S2 Ep201 Jamie Trouble Already

#18: Jamie’s “WTH?” Face

20 OL S2 Ep201 Jamie WTH

#17: Jamie’s “Where’s That Woman?” Face

17 OL S2 Ep201 Jamie Where's That Woman

#16: Jamie’s “Reason to Rise” Face

16 OL S2 Ep201 Jamie Reason to Rise

#15: Jamie’s “Trust in This” Face

15 OL S2 Ep201 Jamie Trust in this I do

#14: Jamie’s “Price of a Soul” Face

14 OL S2 Ep201 Jamie Price of a Soul

#13: Jamie’s “Stubborn” Face

13 OL S2 Ep201 Jamie stubborn husband

#12: Jamie’s “Cloak and Dagger” Face

12 OL S2 Ep201 Jamie Love of Country

#11: Jamie’s “Help Us” Face

11 OL S2 Ep201 Jamie Help Us

#10: Murtagh’s “Trust in Jamie” Face

10 OL S2 Ep201 Murtagh Trust in Jamie

#9: Jamie’s “Find Head for Figures” Face

09 OL S2 Ep201 Jamie Fine Head for Figures

#8: Jamie’s “Strikes a Bargain” Face

08 OL S2 Ep201 Jamie Strikes a bargain

#7: Jamie’s “No One’s Hotter Than Me” Face

07 OL S2 ep201 Jamie You're Not Hotter Than Me

#6: Jamie’s “Solemn Oath” Face

06 OL S2 Ep201 Jamie Solemn Oath

#5: Jamie’s “First Look” Face

05 OL S2 Ep201 Jamie First Look

#4: Jamie’s “Sassenach” Face

04 OL S2 Ep201 Jamie Sassenach

#3: Jamie’s “Right” Face

03 OL S2 Ep201 Jamie Right

#2: Jamie’s “Left” Face

02 OL S2 Ep201 Jamie Left

#1: Jamie’s “Sweet” Face

01 OL S2 Ep201 Jamie Sweet

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