Day 22 of Outlander Starz’s offerings is a sneak peek at Costume Designer Terry Dresbach‘s 18th century Paris fashions for Season 2.

Today’s offering is quite appropriate as there has been much fanfare regarding Terry’s costume designs for Outlander these past two weeks. In case you missed out, I’ll post a few of the articles here for your convenience. I don’t include postings with spoilers, so no need to worry about seeing what Terry doesn’t want you to see.

Golden Globes: Dressing The Romance of Outlander – The Genius of Terry Dresbach

Golden Globes: Lush Lace, Shimmering Colors : The Style of Outlander, Season 2

Frock Flicks: Outlander Season 2 Costumes Preview

Click here to receive a special holiday gift from Terry with artwork by the fabulous Colleen Madden.

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