Day 21 of Outlander Starz’s offerings is a romantic sneak peek of Jamie and Claire in Season 2.

As usual, this sneak peek got to me to thinking – what exactly is going on in this scene? I do not have an answer, but it made me think back to several scenes in Season One where a bit of claire-ification was necessary.

This one’s for you, Caitriona Tamhas – for being such a dedicated Outlander fan!

ep101 Claire Dougal chaste-hood

ep102 Claire Fitz existence

ep103 Claire Leery trial

ep104 Claire Diana do

ep105 Claire MacKenzies whore

ep106 Claire Randall belong

ep107 Claire Jamie perfection

ep108 Claire Angus prudent

ep110 Claire Gellis connection

ep111 Claire Jamie timeline

ep112 Claire Ian Frasers

ep113 Claire Jenny away

ep114 Claire Murtagh own

ep115 Claire Randall Shakespeare

ep116 Claire Randall gamble

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