My personal offering to Outlander Starz on Day 17 is my gratitude for producing an expectational television series based on an extraordinary series of novels. For taking on such an ambitious endeavor. For finding the perfect actors to play characters who touch our hearts and lives. For sparing no effort putting them in superb costumes. For placing our characters into the exact environments I hoped for – except for Lallybroch which turned out to be more beautiful than I’d ever imagined but completely works in the adapted storyline. And not quite last and not at all the least, I’m grateful for all Outlander Starz does for the fans on a regular basis.

I’ve expressed my gratitude to the show, cast and crew many times, but I wanted to repeat myself in the face of the negative comments they’ve been receiving lately. I don’t normally criticize fan reaction – not in public anyway – but it disheartens me to see people rag on certain Outlander offerings, like today’s sneak peak [SPOILER alert for those who have not read Dragonfly in Amber]:

So, it’s not a picture of the stars, an interview or another give-a-way. (I don’t know if people have been complaining about the prizes because I haven’t looked, but I hope they haven’t been). Outlander Starz has to come up with 25 offerings. They cannot all be shiny new cars. I suppose it’s a matter of perspective, like most things in life. When I wake up in the morning, I actually hope it’s something simple – like this – and not something which will keep me on the internet all day long because I’m too excited to miss anything. Ah, the tribulations of being a devoted fan.

That said. You all know how much I adore Outlander, but I have other things to do. I’m taking a break from yard work to write this because I couldn’t stop thinking about the negative reactions. It’s only from a very small percentage, and I’m sure none of my readers are among the more negative complainers. If you are, I’m not asking or even suggesting you not complain – it being a free country and all – but please be polite. Also try to remember the person behind the postings is a real person and is most likely not the one who decides what the offering is for the day. So, perhaps they deserve some slack? If you don’t like the offering, don’t favorite it. The number of favorites and retweets an offering gets or doesn’t get speaks volumes.

Back to gratitude. I am most thankful to Diana Gabaldon for pretty much putting up with us. Ha ha. You thought I was going to say for creating the world of Outlander – which goes without saying – but that’s probably the easier part for her. The Outlander fanbase can get wacky and a little bit intense at times, but Diana continues to interact with us in a way I don’t know any other author or celebrity does. No matter how tired or busy she is, she takes 15 minutes to check in on us, or 5 if that’s all she has. She’s kind of a ninja that way, popping in and out when you least expect it. But she’s always there. Thank Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ.

Finally, I’d like to express my sincerest appreciation to the readers of this blog. I am very grateful for your continued support and kind comments. It’s lovely to receive your compliments (of course) and discuss with you the show, the stars and all things to do with literature.

21 thoughts on “25 Days of #Outlander – Day 17: GRATITUDE

  1. Thank you Candida as always. You have a wonderful gift of expressing exactly what many of us feel and do not always express so well ourselves. So true also what you say of Diana Gabaldon and how she is with fans. She is an amazing giving woman. This is quite a new world for me to engage in dialogue through this kind of media forum and I have to say I enjoy some more than others. Your blog is so thoughtfully written with much empathy and humour. I look forward to more and particularly when season 2 starts. Thanks also for putting out there a thank you to Starz – some of the best productions I’ve ever seen on screen and if course Outlander is beyond outstanding. Every aspect of it. Can’t wait for more from them. From Diana. From you and all the fans. Crazy and otherwise. It’s quite the phenomena

  2. NO other show give SO much to their fans than does Starz / Outlander & I am grateful for all the lovely, exquisite details and the variety of offerings ! Every one of them is a special gem of gift-giving ! I am very appreciative of all Starz & Outlander team offerings – we as fans are TRULY BLESSED !!

  3. Bingo!! I’ve been thinking and saying this since the moment I saw Sam in that blue shirt. I have complete trust and confidence. The series is an addition to the books, of things that surely could have happened and we didn’t see. I have always been positive because so many fans are not here to enjoy this ride. Some people complain just to complain. I don’t understand though. I wouldn’t watch something that brought me no joy let alone bitch and moan.
    Yesterday in my outlander groups was a post from Disna how she doesn’t agree with changes sometimes. Boy the Frankie’s loved jumping on that. Anyway, I waited 23 years for this and I have zero complaints. Life is too short. I used to ignore the complainers but not any more. Can’t get a free pass every time a new person is cast or a new episode watched and they aren’t happy. Thanks for the post!!!

  4. My level of joy with the books (since 1992), actors, fashion, design is beyond words. Maybe Sam will get to be Barbara Walters “Most Fascinating Person of the Year” tonight. Forever a cockeyed optimist as they say in the song. . . .

  5. Thank you for saying everything I have been feeling. So very positive. I am grateful for all that we have when it comes to Outlander.

  6. Thank you, Candida. I fully appreciate an attitude of gratitude and exercising common civility. I’m reminded of the book, “All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.”

  7. I have never been in a fandom before. I guess the evolution of the Internet has made it possible for the viewer to have a more intimate look at the making of a television series.
    While there have been many negative comments about certain people and their methods for putting this spectacular historical epic together, I’m trying to stay focused on the positive aspects of the fandom.
    I have nothing but the utmost respect for the cast and crew of Outlander. They are doing an impossible job under the most trying conditions. 99% of what I read on Facebook and Twitter reflect the same opinion.
    It’s such a shame that so few can make it so difficult for the rest of us. Whatever feelings of entitlement they have, it is disheartening to read the ugly comments that pop up at the most unexpected moments. All I can advise these people is to go raise $50 million dollars and make your own version. See if you can do better.
    I’m just going to enjoy the journey, even when I don’t always understand Ron’s reasoning. He is in charge and taking all the risks. If Diana can trust him to do right by her books, then who are we to complain? As long as Jamie and Claire end up together, a few detours will not affect the main theme of this series. Slainte!!!

    1. Holy cow the negative nellies out there. Appreciate your blog and am in agreement with you completely. They seem to want some big gift every day. Whatever happened to slow build up and anticipation. Well, as you said everyone has right to their own opinion but at times seem downright rude in how it’s shared.

    2. Very nice addition, Sherry. I’m like you and try my best to focus on the positive. I don’t interact on Facebook much because I’ve heard it’s worse – perhaps because there’s no 140 character limit. Lol. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here!

    3. Sherry, I totally agree with you. I look at the show as an extension of the book story and it’s made me look at some senerios that happened in the show in a different way, one I never actually thought of. I love the show world that has been created and I love the book world Diana created. Cait, Sam, Tobias, Graham, Ron, Terry, Maril……. Everyone really have done such an awesome job in bringing this series to life. I trust it and I’m here for the ride, hopefully the next 20 years +

      1. Totally agree with you, Sherry and Candida. I, too, am very appreciative of both the book and show series (and your web site, as well, Candida).

  8. I heard an interview with Maril where she said Starz were the only ones who wanted to keep as true to the books as they could (within the bounds of TV/book). For that we have to be very grateful!

    1. I’m curious to see the changes Ron makes in Season 2. He’s already given us fair warning, it’s going to be different. I’ll continue to be grateful, no matter what.

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