25 Days of #Outlander – Day 12: STEPHEN & GRANT

Day 12 of Outlander Starz‘s offerings is a game of “Would You Rather . . .” with Stephen Walters (aka Angus Mohr) and Grant O’Rourke (aka Rupert MacKenzie).

Were your answers the same as Stephen and Grant’s? How about mine?

1 Live v Love

I would rather live forever without love because I’ll be too busy getting an infinite number of PhD’s anyway.

2 Redcoats v Trial

I would rather be tried as a witch because then I could scare the sh*t out of everyone putting a curse on them all before being burned at the stake.

3 Haggis v Rhenish

Um . . . I don’t drink and haggis sounds kind of gross, so . . .

4 Shower v Dry

This question makes no sense. Can I cheat and say . . . I’ll never shower again – I’ll take baths?

5 Mute v Speak

Considering I already say whatever is on my mind . . .

6 Phone v Friends

Are you kidding me? Make it a month without my phone.

7 Randall v Wolves

I pick Randall because I don’t wanna hurt the wolves. They don’t deserve it.

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