Day 3 of Outlander Starz‘s offerings is a behind-the-scenes peek at Paris, showcasing more of Jon Gary Steele‘s luscious designs.

But it doesn’t end there because over the past months, Outlander Starz has shared other peeks of Season 2, producer Matt Roberts has posted pictures-of-the-day, costume designer Terry Dresbach has tweeted a generous number of costume tidbits, and author Diana Gabaldon shared pictures of her time on set during the filming of her very own episode. Let’s take a walk down memory lane with a smattering sample of tweets.

Our first peek of Jamie.

Our first peek of Claire.

Next are several of my favorite Matt Robert’s dreamy Season 2  #potd’s:


Hello, Paris!

These next three are my favorite of the season so far . . . but it’s still early.

Haunting and beautiful . . .

Here are a few of Terry’s tidbits . . . only going back to May and not including everything.

A peek at one of Terry’s costume drawings:

Nothing to do with production, but love the photo . . .

Does this come in my size?

Yeah . . . this’ll fit me.

I pretty much want every hat in the show.

Too cute not to include . . .

Last month, Diana spent a week or so on set while Outlander filmed the episode she wrote. Here’s a bit of her shared experiences:

Touchdown. Boots on Scottish soil.

Hard at work.

Scotland from the air . . . aka from Diana’s POV.

What? You expected pictures of Sam and Caitriona?

Finally! Herself with a friend.

Ah . . . the tribulations of a cold, rainy night shoot.

No, this is NOT Diana.

Yes, this IS Diana.

Umm . . . got me.

Still NOT Diana.

This is more like it.

Stealing Matt’s thunder . . .

Figures we’d end with blood . . .

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