Outlander at Comic Con San Diego 2015

I’m posting these Comic Con quick-bits for those of you who are not big on social media but love Outlander. Today in San Diego, Executive Producer Ron D. Moore (as Batman above), author Diana Gabaldon (as Darth Diana above), stars Caitriona Balfe (as Princess Leia above) & Sam Heughan (as Jon Snow above), and Co-Executive Producer (and first time panelist) Maril Davis participated in an Outlander panel where they drank whiskey, put on make up and talked about Season 2.

Most disappointing news of the day: No new casting announcements. Thus, we continue the restless Roger Mac and Brianna watch.

Biggest news of the day: Diana Gabaldon is penning at least one episode for Season 2, but does not plan to make another cameo appearance.

Most exciting news of the day: The second half of Outlander Season 1 is currently available for DVD and blu-ray pre-order, due for release on September 29.

Biggest tease of the day: Diana has already written the final scene of the Outlander book series. Yes, die-hard fans already know that, but she revealed today she showed the scene to Ron and Sam.

Courtesy of Flicks and the City, here’s the Comic Con Outlander Q&A panel for your enjoyment:

Finally, footage from Season 2 was presented to the live audience, but is not included in the video above, nor will it be made available online. However, a partial Season 1 blooper reel was also presented and can be viewed below. The full reel will be included in the blu-ray/DVD release on 9/29.

For extra fun, here follows the twitter coverage of the panel discussion by Outlander_Starz, Outlander Podcast, and Summerrey (the snarky half of Outlander Podcast). Sorry. The tweets are not in chronological order. Enjoy!

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