If you missed it or are not on twitter, you want to know Diana Gabaldon jumped online today to answer questions in a Barnes & Noble twitter-hosted chat. I haven’t posted one of these in a while, so thought I should jump to it.

Since the success of the Outlander television series, websites have been cropping up in support of the show – reporting anything and everything to do with Outlander, big and small. However, I will continue to add creative content to my postings (whenever I have the time), so that you can enjoy something a little different.

Having said that, yesterday I posted five Season 2 promos showcasing Claire, Jamie, Murtagh, Dougal, and one other character. As today is Executive Producer Ron D. Moore‘s birthday, I am adding two additional promo posters to my collection.

Happy Birthday to our fearless showrunner:


And the collection wouldn’t be complete without a promo of the woman who started it all:

Now on to the fun stuff. Today is also, my friend and Outlander fan, Fern Manor‘s birthday, so a special “Happy Birthday” to her.

At last . . . here compiled, for your reading pleasure, are the Q&A’s from Diana’s Barnes & Noble twitter-chat. Enjoy!

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