In Episode 115: WENTWORTH PRISON, Jamie is in big, big trouble. It’s bad enough he’s sentenced to death, but Claire’s rescue attempt only seems to make the situation worse. What could be worse than the hangman’s noose? Why Jonathan Wolverton Randall, of course.

While there are a few heroic and handsome Jamie looks this week, he spends a great deal of time in agony. Sam Heughan‘s performance is extraordinary, but I called on PocketJamie again to humor things up.

Here’s hoping PJ has the right stuff in this 2nd Special Edition PocketJamie Countdown. Beware of dark humor.

#30: Torture Device PocketJamie – Don’t worry, lassies. That’s PJ’s stunt double hanging there.


#29: Prison Guard PocketJamie – PJ has managed to infiltrate Wentworth Prison. Hope no one notices . . .


#28: Gate Crasher PocketJamie – Drop the gate, PJ! Do it now! Now!


Damn. You missed him.

#27: Taken Hostage PocketJamie – Oh oh.


#26: Final Gift PocketJamie– Randall offers the return of Jamie’s PJ as a gift . . . if only he’ll surrender. Yeah, that ain’t going to be enough.


#25: Cut-Throat PocketJamie – When Randall offers to slit Jamie’s throat, PJ offers a better solution . . .


#24: Sticky Angus’ PocketJamie – Yeah . . . we know where those fingers have been. Please put PJ down.


#23: Sticky Rupert’s PocketJamie – That goes triple for you, Rupert.


#22: Search-n-Seizure PocketJamie – Oops. Looks like Marley found Claire’s spare PocketJamie.


#21: Middle Finger PocketJamie – Be careful which finger you use to point, Sir Fletcher. You dinna want to piss PJ off.


#20: Upside Down PocketJamie – Between Dougal and Randall, I don’t know who pisses PJ off more. Oh . . . yes, I do.


#19: Peek-a-Boo PocketJamie – PJ’s got your back, Jamie.


#18: Confidential Informant PocketJamie – One more time . . . Sir Fletcher is out of his office for how long each evening?


#17: Warden Impersonator PocketJamie – Quick, PJ. Sign Jamie’s pardon before anyone notices you aren’t the real warden.


#16: Furious Claire PocketJamie – Not as heavy as a sledgehammer, but he’ll do.


#15: Rescue Payment PocketJamie – Claire offers MacRannoch his very own PJ to enlist help rescuing Jamie. Apparently, it’s “the” gift of the season.


#14: Rated MA PocketJamie – For mature audiences only.


#13: Course Passion PocketJamie – With only “arp” and “narp” to Marley’s vocabulary, I’ll let you explain this one, PJ. (If you dinna get the joke, it’s ’cause you dinna read my review.)


#12: Stay-by PocketJamie– PJ staying by his Laird’s Lady, every step of the way . . .


#11: Sticky Forehead PocketJamie – Hey! What did I say about those fingers?


And here we have another Jamie’s Silliest Top 10:

#10: Spelling Bee PocketJamie – “This execution order is misspelled,” says PJ. “It should read J-o-n-a-t-h-a-n R-a-n-d-a-l-l.”


#9: Don’t Look, PocketJamie – PJ didn’t think he’d ever see anything worse than Jenny milking herself . . .


#8: Stand-By PocketJamie – PJ standing by his Laird, every step of the way . . .


#7: Make-a-Break PocketJamie – You take Randall, Jamie. PJ will get the big guy. Should be fine . . .


#6: Not Glum PocketJamie – PJ doesn’t mean to look glum. This is the only expression he has.


#5: Personal Effects PocketJamie – Jamie’s personal PJ . . . tissue, please.


#4: Last Stand PocketJamie – . . . And PJ makes it 5.5.


#3: Key Fob PocketJamie – Who wants one?


#2: Mind Control PocketJamie – Use the force, PJ – especially with this guy. He looks weak-minded enough.


#1: Jane Eyre PocketJamie – PJ leads Claire across the moors in a very Jane Eyresque landscape. Not funny, but one of my favorite scenes demonstrating the exceptional photography for this particular episode.


Outlander takes a TWO-WEEK hiatus (1 week now), but Episode 116: TO RANSOM A MAN’S SOUL returns to Starz on Saturday, 30 May 2015 in the U.S.

If you missed last week’s Top 30, you’ll find it here: Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from Outlander Episode 114: THE SEARCH

My recapped review of this episode is also available: A True Fan’s Review of Outlander Episode 115: WENTWORTH PRISON

9 thoughts on “Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from #Outlander Episode 115: WENTWORTH PRISON

  1. Brilliant, as always! Can’t believe I missed a couple of tiny points but that’s why there are so many of us!

  2. The only way you would have been able to have a happy face top thirty this week would have been if you had made it a BJR top thirty. I’m much happier to see another PJ top thirty! Thanks and worth the wait.

  3. To get thru the finale, I’m gonna need:
    Pocket Murtagh
    Pocket Rupert
    Pocket Angus
    Pocket Willie
    and especially:
    Pocket Hairy Coo – lots of them!!

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