Although Episode 114: THE SEARCH brims with Jenny and Murtagh goodness – not to mention Dougal badness – it is, alas, very Jamie-shy. But you knew I wouldn’t let you down, right? Even without Sam Heughan gracing us with his performance this week, he still finds a way to brighten our day.

PocketJamie to the “Search and Rescue”! PocketJamie joins the episode, heroically assisting where he can and making the ladies swoon in his pint-size presence. Even life-size PocketJamie makes an appearance in this Special Edition PocketJamie Countdown. I hope you enjoy my silliest Top 30 yet.

#30: Co-Starring PocketJamie – Well, if Sam’s not around, PJ is always available to step in as needed. #EmmyForPocketJamie


#29: Nuthin’ Doin’ PocketJamie – PJ doesn’t like what he’s hearing coming out of Uncle Dougal’s scotch trap.


#28: Official Dispatch PocketJamie – Oh, no! The English have PJ.


#27: Stand-In PocketJamie – “Have you seen a tall, strapping, red-headed Highlander?” Claire asks. “He looks just like this guy – only much, much taller.”


#26: Adopt-A-PocketJamie – This woman’s husband is short, fat, and lazy, but I don’t think PJ wants to go home with her.


#25: Fanny Pack PocketJamie– Jenny never leaves home without him.


#24: Booby Trap PocketJamie – PJ learned all about strategy and sacrifice from the real Jamie.


#23: Quiet Query PocketJamie – What the hell did Murtagh say to make the old lady cry?


#22: Clue Finder PocketJamie – Yep. That’s horse poo. Do you guys really need to touch it to check the temperature?


#21: Sad Substitute PocketJamie – No offense, PJ, but Claire needs the real Jamie.


#20: Upside Down PocketJamie – Oooh, Dougal. You are really pissing PocketJamie off now.


#19: Wanted Poster PocketJamie – Yeah . . . a picture of the real Jamie might be more helpful, considering . . .


#18: Trail Finder PocketJamie – Good job, PJ, but wouldn’t it be easier to go straight to Lochaber Bridge? I mean . . . how many Lochaber Bridges can there be?


#17: Ward Watch PocketJamie – PJ has more than enough excuses to poke this guy in the ear.


#16: Taking Charge PocketJamie – Looks like Claire and Jenny are taking too long getting anything out of this English bastard.


#15: Gung Ho PocketJamie – PJ is leading the charge toward Wentworth Prison. He wants to be the first one through the gate.


#14: Don’t Look, PocketJamie – Oops. Guess I should have made a little blindfold for PJ so he didn’t have to watch Jenny milk herself.


#13: MacQuarrie Bonding PocketJamie – Doesn’t look like the bromance is going to work out between MacQuarrie and Jamie. Maybe these two can sail off to Saxony or wherever . . .


#12: Gypsy Kidnapped PocketJamie– You’re just too irresistible, PJ .


#11: Recruitment Time PocketJamie – It’s not like these guys have anything else to do besides follow Dougal around.


And here we have PocketJamie stepping in for Jamie’s Silliest Top 10 Ever:

#10: Psycho Killer PocketJamie – Man, he really hates the English.


#9: Gallant Ian & PocketJamie –  If Ian had 500 more PocketJamies, he could fashion a new leg in time to help Claire.


#8: Dancing Murtagh & PocketJamie – Well . . . they tried.


#7: Singing Claire & PocketJamie – Okay. These two are just too adorable together.


#6: On Stage PocketJamie – Hey! Hand’s off puppet b*tch. PocketJamie is mine.


#5: Standing Guard PocketJamie– He’s a brave ‘lil guy. And suddenly . . . I want to be a laminated paper doll.


#4: Tiny Tormentor PocketJamie – PJ is prepared to poke everyone in the village to find out where the real Jamie is.


#3: Ian’s Spare PocketJamie – “Keep it in your garter,” Jenny tells Claire. Okay, I have only one question . . . why does Ian have a PocketJamie for his garter?


#2: Group Hug PocketJamie – Aww. PJ is wishing he had the dexterity to wrap his tiny arms around these two.


#1: Safe Keeping PocketJamie – Yep. That’s exactly where I keep my PocketJamie.


Outlander Episode 115: WENTWORTH PRISON premieres on Starz on Saturday, 16 May 2015 in the U.S.

If you missed last week’s Top 30, you’ll find it here: Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from Outlander Episode 113: THE WATCH

My recapped review of this episode is also available: A True Fan’s Review of Outlander Episode 114: THE SEARCH

32 thoughts on “Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from #Outlander Episode 114: THE SEARCH

  1. Well, I don’t know how I missed your website/blog up till now. Though I have seen your name bandied about. I will try to eke out your offerings to help me through the next… long… droughtlander. How will we survive?

    1. Hi, Labyrinthmr! I don’t believe I’ve ever been “bandied about.” Sounds like fun. I am glad you finally stopped by my website and hope it provides you some lengthy entertainment for the next year. Yikes!

  2. It’s taking a while for episode 115’s top Jamie’s Looks and review to appear. Are you still recovering from the onslaught? It has certainly been a very difficult episode yet so well done! #EmmysForOutlander.

    1. Hi, Evie. Yes, I had some stuff going on over the weekend, but I’m working on Ep115 now. I’m actually done with my review but am waiting to post it with Top 30 which is taking a bit longer. Thanks so much for checking in on me. It’s nice to know at least one person is waiting for my musings! :oP

  3. Oh my gosh, Candida, I think this is my new favorite of Jamie’s Top 30. This is hilarious! I wish you could go back and incorporate PJ into all the episodes even when Jamie’s there, maybe PJ’s Top 30? He’d make a perfect Jiminy Cricket, or would that be Jamieny Cricket? You know, we do have a loooong time between season 1 and season 2… 😉

  4. Oh, this is hysterical!! I’m looking at this at work (don’t tell anyone), and trying hard not to guffaw.;-) # 6, and the Wanted PocketJamie poster – brilliant!! Thank you!

  5. Hi.  Yes, I do read her “musings,” and enjoy them a lot.  I didn’t see this one, so thanks for forwarding it to me. I am so hungry for any and every thing Outlander…blogs, videos, interviews, etc.  So, I find that when a new episode comes on I settle back and enjoy every minute of it’s reveal…just a “tell me your story” mindset.  I’ve been reading the posts on Heughan’s Heughligans and for the past couple of weeks it’s all about Wentworth.  I’ve added my voice many times as well.  Finally, the consensus at this point is that we will watch, we will honor the efforts of Ron Moore and the whole production team, we will watch because we love Sam and he’s excited for us to see these scenes, we will watch because Diana and Ron have said Sam and Tobias were courageous and dared to go where no actor has ever gone before, we will watch hiding behind our significant other or a pillow or a stuffed animal with wine, scotch, or any other beverage for comfort and then we will talk with each other on line as a support group/therapy.  Everybody is very nervous…especially the book readers…but on board.  I watch the new episodes on Friday night and on Saturday night for the ratings…and then all week until the next one airs.  I’m hoping that they portray Wentworth as close to the book as possible and with the same integrity as some of the other controversial moments.  I think it will be in flashback and actually I think more of it will come in the finale, To Ransom a Man’s Soul.  I’m hoping that they stay close to the book in that episode more than any other because this is THE episode where Claire’s love brings Jamie back to life…redemption and resurrection…as he becomes the King of Men.  I’m 3/4 of the way through The Fiery Cross and loving it, too. I will be wishing my life away until the premiere of DragonFly next year. Mona Cunningham (who organized the get-together at Tsunami restaurant) came over for lunch last week with another friend of mine from Sedalia Park.  I referred her to Outlander as you did me.  We had a nice lunch and talked non-stop for about 2 hours.  Mona and I talked about getting together on May 20 (after Wentworth) at Chili’s on Roswell Rd. at 1PM.  Are  you able to join us? She’s asking the group who went to Tsunami (and those who weren’t able to make it) to come to meet and chat . I’m planning to come to Hags on Wednesday.  You, too?

  6. You are simply brilliant. I couldn’t imagine how you were going to have your list this episode and you did it! I am still giggling! I may need to keep these pics handy for some comic relief whilst watching so 115. Yikes!

  7. Oh, Candida, this made me howl! I have a Pocket Jamie that goes everywhere with me. I once thought I’d left him on an Amtrak train and had a near meltdown, but he turned up in my luggage with my unmentionables. He was very interested because he’d never seen any French corsets or knickers before.

  8. Just when I thought we’d have to miss Jamie entirely this week, you’ve treated us to a funny, outrageously creative solution. I especially loved #1, PJ as bosom buddy. You’re terrific.

  9. Jenny’s right, I’d keep Pocket Jamie in me garter. Closer to–stealing a line from Dougal–“grind my corn.” Could be a marketable product, PJ sex toys….

    P.S. “Wanted Poster PJ” is brilliant!

  10. Genius…. really…. thanks soo much you made me smile!!! You’ve improved this episode considerably for me !! (I didn’t particularly enjoy this ep, as an ep without Jamie…. well….)(I had just assumed you weren’t going to do your Jamie Looks this week…. pleased to see I was proven wrong…) PS– good catch about Lochaber bridge.. I wondered the same thing.

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