Episode 113: THE WATCH presents Jamie with some rather formidable challenges. Not only is he forced to share close quarters with The Watch, but he must also welcome into his home a familiar and dangerous acquaintance from his recent past – angel eyes Horrocks.

On the personal side, he learns Claire may not be able to give him the house full of children he’s always dreamt of having. Obviously devastated, he puts a brave face on for his wife’s own broken-hearted tears.

Jamie shares quite a few greatly appreciated scenes with his brother-in-law, Ian, as well as some dramatic moments with new character – Taran MacQuarrie. Together, Ian and Jamie face the threats imposed by The Watch and Horrocks, both conflicts ending with disastrous consequences.

Sam Heughan‘s performance in this episode is outstanding, as he expresses more emotion with his face than through his dialogue. I do not intend this as an insult to his verbal acting skills. It’s more a praising of his expressive artistic skills which are what compelled me to create the Top 30 in the first place.

I make special mention of the cinematography and lighting in my review, but I’d like to acknowledge it here as well. Lighting isn’t only important to make the actors and action visible to the audience, it sets the mood. This week, the lighting is most definitely a friend to Jamie’s Top 30 Looks. I present them to you now in their very well-lit glory.

#30: Jamie’s A Week Too Early, A Day Too Late Face – Timing is everything. Unfortunately, Jamie’s timing in the last two episodes sucks. He arrives at Lallybroch just in time to meet up with The Watch, then realizes too late they’ve entered a trap. If only the witch trial could have lasted a few more days . . .

#29: Jamie’s Non-Provocation Face – Yeah, Jamie. Keep trying.

#28: Jamie’s With Frank? Face – Is it just me, or does everyone feel chills every time Jamie says the name Frank?

#27: Jamie’s Protective Of Ian Face – As much as I love the romantic and tender side of Jamie, this is how I most often think of him – fiercely protective and extremely devoted to his family.

#26: Jamie’s Clandestine Meeting Face – I wish Jamie would clandestine me.

#25: Jamie’s Road Trip Bromance Face – I’m not sure if Jamie is cheating on Claire or Ian here.

#24: Jamie’s Doing The Math Face – Jamie’s thinking: What’s one more body? Well, that would be two.

#23: Jamie’s I’m Good With Horses Face – And suddenly . . . I want to be a horse.

#22: Jamie’s I’m Jamie McTavish Face – Oh, but he’s grown up so much since SASSENACH.

#21: Jamie’s Dagger Eyes Face – How is it Jamie looks so cute even when he wants to kill someone?

#20: Jamie’s Broken-Hearted Face – Jamie’s eyes are like a mood ring, aren’t they?

#19: Jamie’s Excuse The Stramash Face – I wish Jamie would stramash me.

#18: Jamie’s Zoolander Blue Steel Face – Oh . . . but he does it so much better. #OutlanderBlueSteel

#17: Jamie’s Taking A Bite Out Of Crime Face – And suddenly . . . I want to be a slice of bread with butter.

#16: Jamie’s I Remind Ian of Taran MacQuarrie Face – I like Taran . . . this week . . . but he ain’t no Jamie.

#15: Jamie’s Claire Never Counted On Loving Me Face – More math?!?

#14: Jamie’s Breaking The Bad News Face – Okay. Things are getting too serious. Put the blasted leather jacket on. I want drunken, immature Jamie back.

#13: Jamie’s Blue Steel To The Right Face – Now, that’s talent. Jamie can do blue steel in both directions.

#12: Jamie’s Ne Jamais Être Pris Vivante Face – Scottish . . .Gàidhlig . . . French . . . Whatever. I’m a puddle.

#11: Jamie’s Sawny Face – Sigh. I could have done a Top 30 with this scene alone.

And here we arrive at Jamie’s Yummiest Top 10:

#10: Jamie’s Confessions Of A Killer Face – Is it wrong to be turned on by Jamie’s stone-cold confession?

#9: Jamie’s “A Sword To The Head Puts A Good End To The Second” Face –  And a hand to the sword puts a good end to the night.

#8: Jamie’s Convalescing In A Brothel Face – And suddenly . . . I want to be a whore.

#7: Jamie’s Or Else What? Face – SPOILER Oh . . . I suppose Mary MacNab or Geneva Dunsany will do in a pinch. Never would I want to be Laoghaire though.

#6: Jamie’s Would Take More Strength Than I Have Face – If these two do not win Emmys . . . we riot. #EmmysForOutlander

#5: Jamie’s I’m Sure I Wouldn’t Face – Can you repeat that? I can’t hear you above all the bawling from #6.

#4: Jamie’s Which Is The Bigger Sin? Face – And suddenly . . . I want to be a sinner.

#3: Jamie’s Fornication Or Killing? Face – Killing . . . definitely killing. Absolutely nothing wrong with fornication.

#2: Jamie’s And Will We Go To Hell? Face – I ask myself that every week as soon as I finish Top 30. Still here.

#1: Jamie’s Final Goodbye Face – And suddenly . . . I’m out of jokes.

Outlander Episode 114: THE SEARCH premieres on Starz on Saturday, 9 May 2015 in the U.S.

If you missed last week’s Top 30, you’ll find it here: Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from Outlander Episode 112: LALLYBROCH

My recapped review of this episode is also available: A True Fan’s Review of Outlander Episode 113: THE WATCH

41 thoughts on “Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from #Outlander Episode 113: THE WATCH

  1. Every episode is like going on an indescribable adventure…and your Top 30 Looks is like viewing the photos after returning home…heart warming/wrenching/stopping…and the giggles! Thanks for sharing your Outlander love….it is much appreciated!

      1. Hey, with Ep. 15 looming, we understand. But while I found this week’s #2 belly-laugh worthy, I now find it optimistic and strangely comforting…”still here..”

        1. AND, keep in mind that you could caption a picture of Jamie’s thumb knuckle and half of the world would swoon….

  2. Fantastic as always…..I’m late to the party as well, but agree Sam shows so much emotion with his face and his eyes, particularly in this episode. His voice is amazing, too….well, he’s just plain amazing. So glad this beautiful and talented man was chosen to portray Jamie 🙂 I was shocked that Jamie admitted to the price on his head, but wow – looking so HOT while doing it. And the goodbye scene – sigh. A really, really good episode.

  3. I want to know how Diana did it? I swear Sam rose up fully grown from the Shire as Jamie Fraser. And we all thought she wrote fiction. Sam Heughan has the most amazing command of facial expression I have ever seen.

  4. I’m late to the party this week, but let me say – because I haven’t said it before – I am in awe of your screen-capping skills. I have no idea how to do it myself but man, you can really nail it on Sam’s expressions. I could sit and watch him eat that piece of bread for hours. No- days.
    Dear. Lord.
    How can he be so darn nerdy in person and be so incredibly sexy in so many different ways on screen?? Put me on the Emmy Riot Team. I’ll help you carry the banner.

    1. You think he’s nerdy in person? I found him quite charming, but the I guess it’s possible to be both. I’m partial to nerds myself. :op

      1. I don’t think he’s nerdy, either – at least, not in the interviews I’ve seen. But maybe my head is turned by his handsome face, so I can’t see (or don’t mind) the nerdiness. Being a nerd myself, I’m okay with fellow nerds, anyway.:-)

      2. Okay, so nerd was probably a poor choice of adjective. But I’m married to a man I consider to be a nerd who is also good looking, kind, genuine and sexy – hence the comparison. The nerdy good looking guys don’t have any idea they are good-looking. They just don’t get it. Which makes them all the more appealing. Maybe unaffected would be a better word. He’s so open and fun with the fans. As we say in in Georgia, “His mama raised him right.”

        1. Sam’s mama did raise him right, but I’m fairly certain he knows he’s good-looking. He might perhaps not think of himself as a sex symbol (yet), but he’s well aware of his effect on the ladies. :op

  5. Think this week’s Top 30 was more challenging but you delivered once again. Idk but Jamie just more dreamy looking, as does Claire. Who makes the lighting decisions bc that really affected the mood? I cringe for you on your next Top 30s; really dont know what choices youre going to have by ep 16. He looks pretty lifeless in the shots that appeared yesterday (ugh).

  6. Love it!! I Look forward to your recaps and top 30 looks every week 🙂 Not sure how you’re going to pull it off the next three episodes 😦

      1. Yes, love them! I do know what happens with both women (the cave and Willie) but I just didn’t make the connection here.

        Sidenote: I do wonder whether/how the Mary McNabb stoyline will come into play, given all the changes made in The Watch,

  7. Great job ! really enjoyable
    One slight French Grammar correction ” Ne jamais être pris vivant”
    no final E which would indicate a female is speaking

  8. I completely agree with your comments about Sam’s ability to show us what he is thinking/feeling without words. I love hearing him speak, but the most powerful scenes are riveting because of his ability to show so much emotion on his face and in his eyes.

  9. Thanks Candida– glad to see I am not alone in getting turned on by a man talking about killing while buttering bread !! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, though– Sam Heughan reading the phone book aloud would probably do it for me these days… (but seriously though, I think this is the first time we fans got to see Sam acting slightly evil/sinister– and it suits him !!! totally hot….)

  10. Haga! Episode 113’s Top 30 is my favorite so far. Every single look you selected is perfect. All I know is that I’m definitely going to hell! The lighting and cinematography was particularly beautiful. Emmys for acting as well as production!

  11. Certainly needed this beauty (and humor) after that scene of Wentworth elsewhere on line today…Thank you for putting it all into words that show our appreciation of the face, LOL! And yes, riot if no emmys!!!

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