The Outlander mid-season finale Episode #108: BOTH SIDES NOW showcases quite a bit of Frank Randall’s character. While it’s fun exploring his dark side in the show, I’m sticking with Jamie’s top looks this week. If you are a friend of Frank, I suggest you check out my review which has plenty of pictures of good guy gone bad then good again.

Last week’s steamy episode, THE WEDDING, focused on Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) in the honeymoon suite and church. We were awarded several perfectly framed shots of both of them.

This week, I was challenged by the night-time shoots and awkward camera angles in a few scenes. But I managed to find some gems to share with you all. I hope you enjoy Jamie’s Top 30 Looks for Episode #108: BOTH SIDES NOW

#30: Jamie’s Promise Me Face – Jamie wants the producers to promise him an excuse to spank Claire because he dinna have one yet.


#29: Jamie’s This Is The Worse F#@*ing Honeymoon Ever Face – Given the number of interruptions to your honeymoon, Jamie. I’m surprised you lost your virginity.


#28: Jamie’s I’m Ready For Anything Face – That’s a big dagger you’ve got there, Jamie. No joke. That’s a really big dagger.


#27: Jamie’s I’m Kicking A$$ Face – I usually like to include at least one action shot. Sam is moving so friggin’ fast throughout this fight, this is the only clear frame I could get. He likes his stunts.


#26: Jamie’s I Can Take My Wife Home To Lallybroch Face – Yes, pleease. We need to see Ian in a kilt!


#25: Jamie’s I Have To Listen To My Uncle Dougal Face – I know they’re discussing something very serious here, but all I can think about is Sam’s fruity lip balm. I’m wondering if there’s any left after his scene in the glen.


#24: Jamie’s I’m In Love For The First Time In My Life Face – Yeah, too bad it’s gonna get wiped off your face in the next 24 hours. Marriage!


#23: Jamie’s Yuletide Face – Jamie can’t wait to try out the celtic mistletoe this year on someone other than leechy Leery.


#22: Jamie’s Worried About Claire Face – Jamie is worried about Claire after the incident with the redcoats. Translation: How long is it going to take her to get over it so they can have sex again.


#21: Jamie’s I Know Sign Language Face – Ah . . . now I know why Jamie is so good with his hands.


#20: Jamie’s Proud Of My Wife Face – Jamie looks like a proud dad on the sidelines watching his kid play rugby, only the kid is a 27-year-old woman learning how to kill a man by stabbing him in the kidneys.


#19: Jamie’s I’m Drinking To My New Wife Face – And he’s wishing Hugh had come along just 30 minutes later.


#18: Jamie’s You Should Have Pulled The Trigger When You Had The Chance Face – And the sucky honeymoon continues. Nothing ruins the mood more than . . . Let’s face it. The only way to get over this fast is to have sex – like in the book.


#17: Jamie’s I Look Just As Good In Profile Face – Now, you’re just showing off.


#16: Jamie’s I’m Embarrassed To Show My Sensitive Side Face – Jamie may have learned what goes where in the bedroom, but he has yet to learn about bonus points.


#15: Jamie’s That’s MY Wife Face – Yep, and she just learned how to kill a man. They grow up so fast.


#14: Jamie’s I Feel So Emasculated By My Wife Face – Losing your virginity made you a man. NOW you’re a husband.


#13: Jamie’s I’m A Good Man and A Good Husband Face – Okay, I had to give Jamie this one after the last. Here he’s ready to put his vows to the test and protect Claire with his body.


#12: Jamie’s Silent Communication Face – Jamie and Hugh Munro share a private exchange. Even I don’t know what the hell Hugh just told him but it looks fairly personal and makes Jamie look really hot.

12_Jamie_looks_at HM_00001

#11: Jamie’s Christmas Stockings Face – This is Jamie’s most adorable face of the Top 30. Claire so often brings up references he doesn’t understand, but he always humors her. Such the gentleman.


I’m sad to say, we’ve reached our final Top 10 for the first half of the Outlander season – at least as far as episodes are concerned.

#10: Jamie’s Waterweed Face – If you want to know what happens next, you should dash over to my review and read the waterweed excerpt. I’ll say no more.


#9: Jamie’s The Horses Are Restless Face – There’s a lot of hand-eye communication in this episode. Thank goodness Jamie speaks both languages so well.


#8: Jamie’s Passionate Kisses Face – Jamie knows this is the only love scene he has in this episode, so he goes for it. Too bad they’re not alone.


#7: Jamie’s I Have To Go Face Danger Now And Leave You Alone But I’m Sure Nothing Will Happen Face – I’m still so confused with this scene, I can’t even think of a good joke – but Jamie looks really good, so he stays.


#6: Jamie’s Not To Imply You’re A Hoor Face – Jamie’s still working the kinks out of his touchy-feely side. Bless his little heart.


#5: Jamie’s I Look Damn Fine On A Horse Face – Just, yeah.


#4: Jamie’s Take Your Hands Off My Wife Face – How much are we digging pissed off Jamie right now? Did he stop long enough to kick Willie’s a$$?


#3: Jamie’s My New Wife Is Laughing At Me While I’m Inside Her Face – Well, you’re the one who said, “I feel like God Himself when I’m inside you.” And still looking good with the sexy laugh.


#2: Jamie’s Married To A Fraser Face – This isn’t my favorite scene, but it is my favorite moment in the show. Jamie says, “Every man and woman in the world needs to know how to defend themselves, Sassenach, especially those married to a Fraser.” It’s this intimate connection I want to see between Jamie and Claire on a larger scale.


#1: Jamie’s I Knew This Was Special Face – Aww. How can Claire even consider leaving this face? Silly Claire.


Outlander Episode #109: THE RECKONING premieres on Starz on Saturday, 4 April 2015 in the U.S.

If you missed last week’s Top 40 Jamie Looks, you’ll find it here: Top 40 Looks from Outlander Episode #107: THE WEDDING

My review for Ep108 is also available: A True Fan’s Review of Outlander Episode #108: BOTH SIDES NOW

32 thoughts on “Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from #Outlander Episode 108: BOTH SIDES NOW

  1. I too wished we had more loving from Claire. Perhaps we will in the second half. Some really good (and bad) things coming up.
    Thanks for these wonderful commentaries on our favorite Scot JAMMF.
    Get ready for the last 8 of the season. Can’t wait!

  2. I finally watched all the episodes in about 2 weeks. I wanted to reread the book before watching and I was frankly scared that it would be terrible. I always hate it when they ruin a great book with a tv/movie adaptation. So, I have gone back and read all of your reviews and posts and I really appreciate reading someone else’s opinion through the lens of the book. I am watching the show with my husband, an Outlander virgin, and I have to keep my mouth shut because he hates spoilers. So, thank you for allowing me to commiserate with you online!

    I think you and your readers nailed most of my complaints and complements. I was quite disappointed with Episode 8. I even broke our rule and told my husband about the extended raid/waterweed scene he missed out on. As an Outlander virgin, he also noted how emasculated Jamie seems. He wanted to see Jamie be a man and really prove what a badass he seems to be. And what was up with that “promise me” thing? Promise me, really?

    I watched some of the commentary by Ron Moore on the episode and he said he wanted all the book fans to freak out when they saw Clare running for the stones (which I did). So, it sounds like they are trying to change it up a bit to make it more interesting for those of us who know the story. I also agree that Sam Heughan’s comments about the second half being better likely means he is in it more and appears in a more positive light. Can’t believe we have to wait till April now!

    In the meantime, might I suggest reading Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth. Nothing to do with Scotland, but a similar feel to Outlander. I am finally reading Dragonfly in Amber. I never made it to the second book the first time around due to the onslaught of parenthood. Happy Reading Everyone!

    1. Hi, Lindsay. So glad you stopped by my blog. Sounds like you’re enjoying the show despite the occasional disappointment. I think the second half is going to quite interesting.

      I have read Pillars of the Earth and loved it, but not the mini-series. Too bad it was not well adapted.

      I am currently in Scotland with no power cord for my laptop, but will return to blogging when I’m home again. Speaking of ep108, you might want to check out this video:


  3. Your Recaps and Top Looks are the absolute BEST. Your writing is witty, insightful and incredibly thorough. The whole body of work on Outlander is phenomenal! I so enjoy reading your posts and I’ll miss the weekly pieces. Being a fan of Outlander is my secret vice and you directly enhance the total experience.
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Lisa. I hope you don’t go too far. I will continue to post Outlander related items of interest during the hiatus, starting with my adventures in Scotland. I leave next week!

  4. Oops! I posted this as a response to a response – that’s what happens when you post from your phone… *!*

    Thanks for these. It made me feel so much better about the episode…which I was no a fan of, but then again I’m not a fan of Frank and never really cared what happened to him.

    – I guess that scene with Hugh was better than I thought. They looked so frikkin cold and it was so rushed that I missed the sweetness.

    – I really hated that they blurred out Jamie’s face during the attack. I really wanted to see his descended-from-vikings-Scottish-beserker face. Also, I think it would have really helped us see the real Jamie.

    – Thank you for pointing out that that scene before she runs to the rocks makes no sense. I have no idea what they’re setting up. Do they want us to hate Jamie after the break?

    – I think we all wanted to see the real waterweed face!

    1. No worries. All comments whether in reply to me or someone else go into my inbox.

      I don’t think they want us to “hate” Jamie as much as they want us to like/love Frank. I like Frank, as you know. I’m very glad to have met him for the first half of the season as he will be gone in the second half. It’s Jamie time. Perspective and voice overs.

      I commented to someone else, I think his risking all to save Claire from Black Jack will go a long way in shaping her feelings for him – from lust to love.

  5. Wonderful! Fabulous! Love you so much for making me laugh after a hard day at work! It’s like you’re reading my mind. Only you are witty and I am not!

  6. Ha! “They grow up so fast.” Love it! As others have noted, you do a really great job when the material isn’t quite as easy to translate to humor or is just all around difficult to capture, Candida. While this episode was far from what I (and many others) had hoped it would be, your blog always helps to cut the sting of a poorly delivered show. I feel a lot better about the second half of the season after reading Diana’s post about getting Jamie’s point of view and voiceovers (Yay!!). Not only will we get more Jamie but we’ll get new or altered content that we actually want as opposed to them giving us more Dougal, BJR(although I do love me some Tobia BJR), and Frank at the expense of Jamie. Don’t get me wrong. I like them showing what Frank has been doing but NOT in the episode that should have been Jamie and Claire and then a scene of Claire and Jamie and how bout more Jamie with Claire and then end with…uhm, let’s go with Jamie and Claire.

    And as much as my traitorous heart was caught up in the scene at the stones, she does not see them again until she’s with Jamie and with her running all out for the stones this time, it makes it very hard to see how she will be apprehensive about approaching them when she comes back in a few weeks with Jamie. I honestly feel like they’re going to play this love triangle through season 3 to give Tobias more screen time. I don’t know how they can after she makes her choice but I feel like they’re going to change that scene too. I don’t know. My trust in them is shot at this point.

    1. I’m sorry to hear your trust has wavered, Heather.

      If it helps, it’s my understanding Frank’s story ended on Craigh na Dun. He will not be part of the second half of the season, or we will see very little of him. I believe that’s why they gave him such a dramatic and built up send off on the hill. Shows often do something like that before “killing off” a character.

      From here on out, it’s Jamie and Claire with expansion and exploration into Jamie’s character.

      I think the lengths to which Jamie goes to save Claire from BJR will go a long way in shaping her feelings for him – deepen them. He’s already in trouble with the English. Revealing himself to Black Jack makes his life even more difficult. And he did it all for her.

      Claire knows he has feelings for her, but I don’t think she knows how deep-seated they run until he risks all.

      I hope you do not stop watching the show. I’m excited to see what they do from here.


      1. That does make sense about the dramatic send off and if it’s true that Frank is mostly gone for the rest of the season that makes me a little sad. I promise I’m not crazy lol! I do enjoy seeing more of Frank’s story as I think Diana didn’t flesh out his character enough, but just not in the mid-season finale, darn it!

        You give me even more hope for the second half, so rest assured I’m not going anywhere. It will take a lot for me to stop watching as I have been waiting for this since I was 18 (21 long years!). 😉

  7. I’ve been loving these posts! I think you’re doing an especially fine job of handling the trickier parts from the show/book (i.e. the many rape scenes) – I agree with what you said in the 1.08 recap and I don’t think the show is being gratuitous. Those scenes are supposed to be uncomfortable. I also think they should have left in the sex scenes after the raid (waterweed oh myyy) and the near-rape, though I see how people could have freaked out over the latter.

    In any case, the point here was: awesome job, and I could stare at Jamie all day!

    1. Thank you, Nat! I try to present something different for the fans – a recap/review different from the others though I must admit, I rarely read other reviews. I tend to read only the smaller blog posts from other fans rather than the media.

  8. I wonder if nr 12 is when Hugh answered his question about the day and time of the meeting with Horrocks..I couldn’t help noticing that he repeated most things Hugh said back, but this he did not repeat. He had to be really sure of it, and for some reason didn’t say it out loud in front of Claire.
    Nr 8 looks kinda gross as a still lol (don’t get me wrong, I’m all in to passionate kisses but this looks a bit odd haha), in the scene itself it’s great. As a sidenote the playfulness and switching from tenderness to passion in this scene is quite Jamie&Claire, a bit more like their relationship is like in the book by that time.
    And nr 1 definitely is a winner.

    1. Yes, this was certainly the most challenging Top 30. The scene of Jamie and Claire in the glen offered very few good camera angles. We see mostly the top of Jamie’s head or him from the side. Like the fight sequence, this was one of the best frames I could capture. He looks a bit like he’s going to swallow her whole! lol

      I need Jamie to slow down a wee bit during the sexy scenes. Don’t we all? :oP

      1. Have to agree. All the scenes with Frank were super clear and clean and all the scenes with Jamie were a whirling blur and rushed.

      2. lol totally, like, what a biig mouth 😀 however i liked the contrasts in this scene, the supereagerness and can’t-wait-any-longer vs a bit more slow. I also find the hugging in this episode sweet. However I’m surprised that despite the slow pace of the relationship evolvement in the show, they now have pictured them like a couple quite at ease with each other, not struggling with the still slight awkwardness they had in the book (and which seems more natural in this context).

  9. Candida, you’ve done it again!! We can all reference this during the mid-season Bleak when we’re missing Jamie – along with your other terrific pieces. (Will there be a top 30 of 2014, perhaps – ? Fingers are crossed!)
    Thanks as ever for these Gifts!!

    1. Thanks for these. It made me feel so much better about the episode…which I was no a fan of, but then again I’m not a fan of Frank and never really cared what happened to him.

      – I guess that scene with Hugh was better than I thought. They looked so frikkin cold and it was so rushed that I missed the sweetness.

      – I really hated that they blurred out Jamie’s face during the attack. I really wanted to see his descended-from-vikings-Scottish-beserker face. Also, I think it would have really helped us see the real Jamie.

      – Thank you for pointing out that that scene before she runs to the rocks makes no sense. I have no idea what they’re setting up. Do they want us to hate Jamie after the break?

      – I think we all wanted to see the real waterweed face!

  10. I don’t always comment, but I always try to find your Outlander blogs before any of the others. Love your intelligent wit. Thank you for the first 8 episodes, looking forward to the second half.

  11. Dear Candida, I am really impressed!
    I love your cheekily comments, it was hilarious.
    Giggles and laughters were almost constant. Thought my hearrrt was gonna burrrst!

    It rather confused my 9 y’s old girl. Her remark about my menthal behaviour, was very sassy. A gràidh.. she’s just a girral with a spirrit, it’s all. That’s always a good thing.

    Mistress Nunez, thank you for all the joy I had, without being flogged or stabbed today. Trruly!!

    Never had a twitter account before last friday. The day of the interrogation of Mr. and Mrs. Fraser as we all are aware! Of course I had to join. So, I am a follower of yours already.

    To be here and reading you was tickling fancy….:)

    Prosit and Slainte from Munich(known for the Oktoberfest)


    1. Danke, Anngael.

      I’m so glad you found my blog. Thanks for letting me know I gave you a case of the giggles. It’s always nice to hear I achieved my goals.

      Sent me a “hello” on twitter!

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