Outlander Season 1 wrapped principal photography this week. The cast and crew are all heading off in separate directions for a well-deserved break in some cases or to sneak in more work before pre-production on Season 2  starts ramping up in January 2015.

I’d like to offer my heartfelt congratulations to the production team, cast and crew for exceeding my – and I’m sure your – expectations. I will await patiently and eagerly for the second half of the season to premiere on April 4th of 2015.


As a wonderful send-off, Outlander Starz decided to make our last #AskOutlander of 2014 (most likely) a mega-double-feature: the adorable on-screen couple, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, both jumped onto twitter at the same time to answer our questions.

Ladies first. Because it was too much work to go through the thousands of #AskOutlander tweets, I snagged all of Mrs. Fraser’s tweets first. Mr. Fraser’s follow. And as an added treat, I’ve added a little bonus content at the end of the tweets. I hope you enjoy Our Lovely Claire’s Top 35 Looks from Ep101–Ep107.

Caitriona Balfe’s #AskOutlander Tweets:

Sam Heughan’s #AskOutlander Tweets:

Claire’s Top 35 Looks from Ep101–Ep107

Episode 101: SASSENACH

#5: Claire’s Oops! That Was A Trick Question Wasn’t It? Face – Yeah, if your husband asks whether you’ve ever noticed another man, the answer is “No.” Of course, time travel romances are the only exception to the rule. Thank God.


#4: Claire’s Awkward Moment Face – Not sure what’s worse, catching your husband wearing women’s underwear or finding out he’s a sadistic English dragoo– Oh, I guess the second one.


Claire (Caitriona Balfe) needs a divorce lawyer. Stat.

#3: Claire’s You Can Give Me A Bath Face – WWII was a long time, Frank. Why would your wife want to spend her honeymoon traipsing through cobwebby, dirty castles? She’d much rather you take her downtown.


#2: Claire’s What Is That Strange Ringing Sound? Face – Someone really needs to put a warning beacon on this hill. Hazard tape . . . a flyer . . . anything.


#1: Claire’s No, I Don’t Want You To Throw Me Over Your Ruggedly Handsome Shoulder . . .  Or Maybe I Do Face – Her chin says “No,” but her eyes say, “Well . . . if you really want to.”


Episode 102: CASTLE LEOCH

#5: Claire’s Oops! I Stepped Into The Middle Of That Sibling Rivalry – Don’t feel bad, Claire. Men getting what they want from women is a favorite pass-the-time sport in the 18th Century . . . and the 19th . . . and the 20th . . .


#4: Claire’s I Wasn’t Done With My Hot Broth And Where The Hell Is The Bathroom In This Place, You Bossy Biddy? Face – This has to be the worst case of time travel hangover ever.


#3: Claire’s I_Can’t_Keep_Myself_From_Staring_At_His_Thighs Face – One question: Is this in the script or are you ad-libbing? #AskOutlander



#2: Claire’s Try Not To Get Stabbed Or Flogged Today Or At Least Make Sure It’s Somewhere On Your Torso So I Can Take Your Shirt Off Again Face – Yeah, I’m not as picky as you, Claire. Anywhere on Jamie’s body will do.


#1: Claire’s IF This Was A Romance Novel I Would Totally Jump This Guy’s Bones Face – Okay, just this one time . . . we’ll put Outlander in the romance section.


Episode 103: THE WAY OUT

#5: Claire’s How Long Do I Have To Watch This? Face – Believe it or not, watching Geillis croon over her husband isn’t the worst thing to burn your retinas in the 18th Century. Better start drinking rhenish.


#4: Claire’s I’m Not Tempting The Fates The Fates Face – Jamie’s handsome and smart, but he’s still from the 18th Century.


#3: Claire’s I’m Not Really Jealous I Caught You Making Out With That Strumpet Laoghaire Even Though I Fixed You Two Up Face – How dare everyone else have fun when you can’t have any, Claire. Thank goodness for the rhenish.



#2: Claire’s I’m Almost Drunk Enough Not To Care I’m Married And the Scene Where I Catch You Kissing Laoghaire Hasn’t Happened Yet Face – This is the only positive side effect of your excessive drinking, Claire. Have another glass of rhenish.


#1: Claire’s I’m Going Home Face – Don’t tell Claire, but she looks happier here than when having sex with Frank. She should try to sneak back a bottle of rhenish.


Episode 104: THE GATHERING

#5: Claire’s I Wish I’d Been Struck Suddenly Blind For Ten Seconds Face – See. I told you. You’re probably wishing your sense of smell had been zapped, too.


#4: Claire’s I Look So Darn Cute In This Cape You Should Help Me Escape Face – Again . . . please . . . Claire, just ask someone – anyone – to take you to Craigh Na Dun.


#3: Claire’s I Knew We Should Have Stayed In The Stable and Had a Roll In The Hay Face – Murtagh agrees with you.


#2: Claire’s I Could Give Angus A Bottle Of Piss And His Palate Wouldn’t Know The Difference Face – Don’t be fooled by his comical behavior, Claire. He’s really a clouty bastard.


#1: Claire’s My Ovaries Just Exploded Face – Yeah, Claire. Join the club. Every time Jamie says, “Je suis prest” – that kind of happens.


P. S. We know you were looking at Jamie’s chest when he took his shirt off even though you pretended not to be.

01_Claire_peeks 2_00001

Episode 105: RENT

#5: Claire’s Oops! I Can’t Believe Angus Just Saw Me Peeing Face – Fair’s fair, I guess. Personally, I think he got the better show.


#4: Claire’s I Hate All Men Right Now Even You Neutered Jamie Face – Don’t worry, Claire. It’s only a plot device to create conflict so when you all become friends we’ll say, “Aww. Yay!”


#3: Claire’s I Believe Your Left Hand Gets Jealous Of Your Right Face – I think this band of Highlanders invented carpal tunnel syndrome with all the bragging they do.


#2: Claire’s Omg! He’s So Adorable I Want To Show Him What A Bad Reputation Is Face – Do it, Claire!

You never listen to me.


#1: Claire’s Absence Hear Thou My Protestation. Against Thy Strength, Distance And Length Face – Metaphysical rhetoric only gets you so far, Claire – plus THE WEDDING is two episodes away!



#5: Claire’s Oops! There Goes My Ride Face – This could have been a short series if you’d kept your eyes averted and your mouth shut. Good for you. Bad for us.


#4: Claire’s I Hope He’s Buying My Fake Tears Face – WE didn’t buy your fake tears, Claire, and we were rooting for you.


#3: Claire’s I’ve Never Sat This Close To Evil But I Believe He Can Still Be Redeemed Face – Yeah, no. Never trust a man who gets a yoo-hoo while talking about flogging another man nearly to death.


#2: Claire’s Why Can’t Your Deranged Six-Times Great-Grandfather Be More Like You Face – Frank’s apple fell way the hell from another tree altogether.

Oh, and I hope you threw that damn straight razor away!


#1: Claire’s I’ve Never Seen Such A Good Looking Virgin Face – And he’s all yours for the low, low price of your fidelity.


Episode 107: THE WEDDING

#5: Claire’s I Just Remembered Why I Don’t Have Sex With Virgins Face – The night is young, Claire, and so is Jamie . . .


#4: Claire’s You’re Mad! Face – Aww! Poor Frank never had a chance.

I blame Hitler.


#3: Claire’s Here Comes The Bride Face – Maybe if Frank had married you in the damn chapel, this wouldn’t be happening. #ButterflyEffect


#2: Claire’s I’ve Never Had A Kiss Give Me An Orgasm Face – Wait ’til you see what he can do with his boots off.


#1: Claire’s I Am A Twentieth Century Vixen Face – Hate her. Love her. Hate her. Love her. Hate her. Love her. Hate her. Love her. Hate her.



Tune in to Starz on September 27th,  2014 for the mid-season finale of Outlander Episode #108: BOTH SIDES NOW.

7 thoughts on “Ask Mr & Mrs Fraser

  1. Don’t forget Cait’s reply to Sam’s “We shower together.” Cait: “It’s the only way we can be sure he has showered. #smellyboy” I love their friendship. 🙂

  2. Candida, what an absolutely over the top piece today! Your recaps are always ‘top drawer’ but to add the screen caps of Sam’s and Claire’s Q&A session today? What an act of pure love and devotion to Outlander and to your fans! (HippieChick, here–so you’ll know, lol)

    1. Thanks, HippeChick! Nice to see you again. It’s more the other way around, whenever there’s an #AskOutlander “session,” I do a special Top Looks. Finally got to do one for Claire!

      1. It is still the most indepth one I have seen today. Have already posted the link on some FB pages where ppl are struggling in trying to follow the tweet convos. You probably will never know how much this is appreciated!

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