For an in-depth recap of this episode, please read: A True Fan’s Review of Outlander Episode #106: THE GARRISON COMMANDER

Outlander Ep106 takes a pivotal step for most of the main characters in the story, including absent Frank. He’s still stuck in the 20th Century without his wife, Claire (Caitriona Balfe), and is not invited to her second wedding to the irresistible James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser (Sam Heughan).

What’s worse, it’s his own six-times great-grandfather who is driving her into his well-built chest and protective arms. Jamie is sworn to use his body by whatever means to satisfy Claire’s safety requirements. Fortunately, his duties to ensure her safety include lots of sex. And now, I’ve forgotten my point . . . oh, yeah.

Captain Jonathan Wolverton Randall, Esquire, aka Black Jack (Tobias Menzies) is front and center in this episode. So, I thought I’d do something a little different this week in honor of Tobias Menzies’ breathtaking performance as the man who “dwells in darkness . . .

Below I submit Jamie and Black Jack Randall’s Top 15 Looks for Ep106.

Jamie’s Top 15 Looks for EP106: THE GARRISON COMMANDER

#15: Jamie’s This Is Not How I Pictured My Wedding Day Face – Yeah. Yeah. Weddings are pretty. Get to the honeymoon already.


#14: Jamie’s Yep She’s Getting Sloshed And I Got Her Started Face – Seeing as you’re a virgin, you probably don’t know it’s not a great idea to booze up the bride-to-be hours before the ceremony. Luckily, Claire has a high alcohol tolerance, so she should be fine by the honeymoon.


#13: Jamie’s No Father Wants Me For A Son-In-Law Face – Jeez. What high standards in the 18th Century. What’s a little price on the head? You’re single, straight with a steady income and you’re easy on the eyes – not that Dads care about that. You’re a catch!


#12: Jamie’s O. M. G. I’m Finally Going To Lose My Virginity Face – He hadn’t really thought that far ahead, but it’s hitting him now with Claire bringing up the virgin thing.


#11: Jamie’s You Mended Me Enough Times So The Least I Can Do Is Marry You Face – That’s the flimsiest excuse I’ve ever heard for getting  into a lass’s knickers, but it works for me.


#10: Jamie’s What The F#@* Did I Just Agree To? Face – Jamie has never been this nervous in his life. He just went through the shortest courtship period in history and now heads off to the lamest bachelor party in the Highlands. Rupert must have organized it.


#9: Jamie’s I’m Engaged Face – Now what do I do?

Murtagh’s just happy it’s not Leery. Angus would have been better than her.


#8: Jamie’s What Kind Of Friend Would I Be If Didn’t Marry You Face – You really don’t get how marriage works, but I like the way you think, lad. We’ll keep doing it your way.


#7: Jamie’s I’m A Virgin Face – Oh, Lord. There go the ovaries exploding again.


#6: Jamie’s One Of Us Should Ken What We’re Doing Face – With all Jamie’s education, I’m surprised he never came across a Kama Sutra book at some point. Does he not read Sanskrit for Pete’s sake?


#5: Jamie’s I’m Afraid Of Freezing Before You Finish Listening To Yourself Talk Face – Well, I had to add one from the flogging scene, and as much as I hate to point this out – Jamie looks damn sexy manacled to that post. Too bad Black Jack’s ruining the shot.


#4: Jamie’s Start The Honeymoon Tomorrow? Face – This is what a Highlander looks like when he “SQUEES!”


#3: Jamie’s Do I Mind You’re A Beautiful Older Woman With More Sexual Experience Than My Virginal Loins? Face – No.


#2: Jamie’s Am I Willing To Marry You? Face – Seriously? Is this trick question day?


#1: Jamie’s I Finally Get to Kiss Claire Face – Jamie is just now realizing his dreams are about to come true.



#15: Black Jack’s Milksop Face – It’s so hard to find good help these days. If he’s going to balk at kicking a woman, what’s next? Refusing to kill a man? Useless.


#14: Black Jack’s On Your Life? Face – Case in point. If this Corporal had any initiative, he’d let the razor slip and make everyone happy.


#13: Black Jack’s The Rehabilitation Of Black Jack Randall Face – Exorcism . . . rehabilitation . . .  whatever. The Exorcism of Black Jack Randall has a nice ring to it, but it’s been done to death. Let’s go with 200 lashes and see how strong you are.


#12: Black Jack’s Made My Stomach Flutter My Legs Shake Face – I’ve never seen someone fall in love with a cat-o-nine tails. You two should be very happy together.


#11: Black Jack’s Sheer Judder Of The Whip Coursing Up My Arm Face – Okay. We do not need to hear the details of your relationship.


#10: Black Jack’s An English Lady And A Scottish War Chief I Can’t For The Life Of Me Piece That One Together Face – It’s very simple. She time traveled through some magic stones and was minding her own business when your brute squad tried to kill her for no reason, then you attempted to rape her for no “good” reason, then she was forced into the hands of the MacKenzies where she’s been a captive for the past several months and now suffers from Stockholm Syndrome. Any other questions?

Oh, yeah. And it’s all your six-times great-grandson’s fault for not going with her to the stones to pick the Forget–Me–Nots. How ironic is that?


#9: Black Jack’s I Would Not Believe You If You Told Me That Night Is Dark And Day Is Bright  Face – So verbose in the 18th Century. We just call people “liars” now.


#8: Black Jack’s Charmed Face –  . . . not getting charmed or charming from you.


#7: Black Jack’s You’re A Weasel-Faced Wanker Face – Specifically  Lord Thomas, but really it applies to just about all the men in the room with the exception of the handsome Lt. Foster.


#6: Black Jack’s I Trust I Am Sufficiently Presentable? Face – I have to confess, I actually like Black Jack here. He makes these dandy officers look like overdressed bellhops with bad wigs.


#5: Black Jack’s Lord Thomas Is An Utter Ass Face – Yeah. I got nothing. Lord Thomas is an utter ass, especially for leaving Claire behind with you, Black Jack.


#4: Black Jack’s Kicking A Woman Is Very Freeing Face – Yeah? You know what I find very freeing? Kicking a man in the balls. Want to volunteer?


#3: Black Jack’s Women Face – This scene is both funny and sinister. I love Black Jack’s every reaction to Claire’s woebegone tale. She actually gives him a headache. I guess that’s something.


#2: Black Jack’s I’m Shooting Daggers From My Eyes Directly At Your Head Face – This is the most hysterical scene in the show. Petulant Black Jack kicks at the door jamb while everyone watches, too intimated and/or shocked to complain. The look on Claire’s face is priceless because she can’t believe the immaturity, especially after calling Dougal and Lt. Foster children.


#1: Black Jack’s Did I Make You Happy? Face – How much do I adore this smile? Black Jack becomes Frank for a few frightening minutes which makes the punch to the gut all the more shocking for Claire. The scene in general is not funny, but I can’t help but wonder if the smile is genuine because he can’t believe how easily she is manipulated.


Outlander Episode #107: THE WEDDING airs on Starz on Saturday, 20 September in the U.S.

If you missed last week’s Top 30, you’ll find them here: Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from Outlander Episode #105: RENT

30 thoughts on “Top 30 Looks from #Outlander Episode 106: THE GARRISON COMMANDER

  1. jt found your blog I LOVE IT your recaps are he best i’m from New Jersey and you have made my day

  2. Another excellent review and pix/caption list. I loved Claire’s face when Jamie dropped the “virgin” bomb. I have a feeling you’re really going to have some scenes to work with from our next episode.You’ll have to go through the photos over and over and over and over….again! Good luck with what I’m sure will be a “difficult” task 🙂

  3. I think you overlooked my favorite face on Tobias. I especially loved the overly satisfied “Cheshire Cat” grin he had in a closeup at the window after goading Clare into “unpatriotic” declarations about the English occupying Scottish land.

  4. Jamie #10. Bwa ha ha!

    Where is BJR’s “I’m the creepiest creep in the creep-o-sphere” face?

    What an excellent job Tobias did portraying an extremely unpleasant person. I hope he doesn’t end up with PTSD or develop some girl belly kicking fetish.

    Fun Candida! (and congrats for the nod from DG!) 😉

  5. Great list as usual. Can I just tell you how much I adored the first few moments of BJR’s entrance? From his rushing in and Lord Thomas’s appalled reaction and covering of the claret to BJR’s “We are not.” and “Yes, we must protect the claret.” to his banging of the boots on the door frame in such an obnoxious way. Absolute hilarious perfection. When you add in his silent conversation with Claire once he sees her, I hate to say it but this may be my new favorite scene. Blasphemy I know! But Tobias is phenomenal as BJR. I’m sure it won’t take long for it to be replaced with a new favorite scene…perhaps after this Saturday? 😉

  6. Love this… it’s only missing Claire’s “Oh, it’s You, BJR, you sadistic, woman-abusing turd… No we haven’t met before” face when the General “introduces” them. 😉

  7. ok – so laughing with coffee through the nose is not the best way to start my day – – but reading your funny, captivatingly perfect article is! You have another fan, residing in Atlanta. Thank you.

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