Bloody hell! Ron Moore jumped on twitter following the premiere of Outlander Episode 106: THE GARRISON COMMANDER and answered our questions. I planned to include these in my review, but I decided to keep them separate for the sake of length.

If you missed the Executive Producer’s witty banter with the fans, I present all his tweets below for your enjoyment. You’ll see my name pop up more than once. So, Yay and Cheers!

6 thoughts on “Ask Moore

  1. I love Ron. He is funny and will remember to tease you. One gets so used to him NEVER EVER being on Twitter you forget to check on him. Will have to fix that. Can’t wait to see flashbacks of Brian Frazier. One never knows where Ron will put that scene.

  2. Love all yer pictures for this episode!! I think Brian Fraser was the tall man behind that Doogal that looked down remember the McKenzie’s & Fraser’s didn’t get along all that well but you already knew that I bet. Can’t wait for your pictures from The Wedding. Gotta say this was so hard to watch all of it. I really hate Black Jack Radall so much!! Thank you again:-)

  3. Best Twitter chat yet. I must find out more about Ira Behr. I thought the script for episode 106 was brilliant. And Tobias! Wow, what a performance. Cait was pretty terrific, too. Kudos to the make-up and FX teams. I could barely make myself look at Jamie’s back during the flogging. My heart broke for Jamie. 😦

  4. I love that the actors, writers, producers, author, etc. are so willing to connect with the fans of Outlander and so willing to share with us their observations and personal thoughts. It makes the entire experience so much richer. This show is simply astounding in scope, scale, character development and cinematography. The best show I have ever seen on television bar none. #Outlander

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