Costume Designer Terry Dresbach’s An 18th Century Life, displays sketches and several photographs for most of the main characters of Outlander.

I thought it might be nice to create an additional gallery of costumes from each episode – nothing fancy, showcasing not only the main characters but several of the minor and background characters as well.

2 thoughts on “Outlander Costumes Episode 105: RENT

  1. I would love to know where you found or how you created your top cover line of (what looks like) DVD covers for each episode. Also, it seems to stop at 8, do you have access to more?

    I cannot believe they are going to put a multi month break in the middle of season 1. Cruel!!!!

    1. The posters in my header are my own creation, as I talk about in my blog post: The titles & summaries for the second half of the show have not yet been released, thus I could not generate posters.

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