Mandy shares her gift for Gàidhlig once again. Check out her blog to find out what the heck those Scots are saying.

Great Scot!

Before I start into the Gàidhlig translations—of which there weren’t that many this week—let me take a moment to commemorate this post as my 100th since I began this blog in February. When I first started GreatScot, I really wasn’t sure if anyone else was going to be as interested in the Gàidhlig language and culture as I was. I’m happy to say that as of tonight, the blog has topped over 54,000 page views, and 24,oo0 of those have been since mid-July. So I guess I’m not the only person interested. Thanks for following along with me!

Hall Entertainment

18:07  Letitia to Hamish

I think she says something with ‘seinn’ and  ‘tu air’ in it. Seinn is sing. (Thanks to Lori for helping with this one)

18:10 Colum to Hamish

I think Colum says something with ‘gu bràth’ meaning forever.

Geillis’ House

42:47 Jamie to Geillis

Mòran taing dhut – Thank…

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2 thoughts on “Outlander Episode 103 – The Way Out – The Gàidhlig Bits I Could Decipher

  1. Guest post, if you want to use it. Field Identification

    Birdwatchers learn very quickly be alert for markings, shapes, and variations in plumage to distinguish one bird species from another. Some of those markings can be things like stripes on wings, rings around eyes, head shape, tail length, and other such distinctions. Let’s apply this to our favorite Highlanders, okay?

    What do Rupert, Angus, and Murtagh have in common? They are dressed mainly in shades of brown aside from the MacKenzie tartan. They have lots of hair on the heads and their faces, and frequently a good amount of mud on them, too, from their territorial defensive activities.

    First we will study Rupert. Some special markings you can look for include a more rounded belly than that of Angus or Murtagh, a longer nose, and hair usually worn loose.

    Angus often has his hair partially pulled up into a pony tail which keeps it out of his face more than Rupert’s, and when he speaks, you may be able to notice he is missing his front teeth.

    Murtagh usually has a perpetual scowl, except when teasing Mrs. Fitz. He’s taller than the other two lads, a bit older, and more “worn” looking.

    Now, it may be possible when they are wearing their bonnets to distinguish them by bonnet colors and the way the bonnet is tilted to one side or another, but this will require further study, as well as finding other ways to tell one hairy Highlander from another, so I suppose it’s time to go watch the first three episodes again. Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2014 22:03:13 +0000 To:

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