The premiere of Outlander Episode #101: SASSENACH was a smashing success – at least in my humble opinion. Great fun was had by all with Ron D. Moore (Executive Producer) tweeting live from Southern California, Terry Dresbach (Costume Designer) tweeting in the wee late hours from Scotland, and Diana Gabaldon (Author of the wee book) tease tweeting us from Arizona – probably watching her husband’s reactions to his first viewing of her masterpiece rather than watching the show.

If you missed out, here are Mr. Moore’s entertaining and insightful tweets from beginning to end.

Ms. Gabaldon’s treats were nothing if not pithily entertaining.

Terry Dresbach watched the first episode with us for the very first time – eventually. Don’t know how that happened, but that’s a question for the universe to answer. Here are a few of her choice tweets.

Episode #102: CASTLE LEOCH airs next Saturday, 16 August, at 9:00 PM EST.

And now here’s the trailer, for those 1 or 2 who haven’t seen it yet. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Outlander Ep #101 Premiere & Ep #102 Trailer

      1. Yes, but I found the actual review for the episode! For some reason, I was initially only finding the Twitter feed from the first night and that is actually where I’ve posted this comment, versus your actual play-by-play of the episode. I wanted to read your take on the ‘ghost’ appearance, so thank you for that. I so enjoy your blog, Candida. It’s another way to relive the books and the series. Hope you’re having a fabulous time in Scotland!

  1. OMG! This is a fabulous post. Thank you ever so much for assembling all these tweets. I’m going back now to click on all the links and savor the pics.

      1. Well you did a fabulous job. Kudos to you. I can’t follow Twitter while watching TV because we have TVs in the living room and kitchen, but my computer is in the den. I should fire up my laptop and keep it with me so I could.

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