I’m supposed to be writing about Lotte Verbeek because I think she deserves to have her status upped in the game, but as I was going through my screengrabs for the latest Official Outlander Trailer, I noticed something very enticing – Jamie’s lips.

In reality, of course, they’re Sam Heughan‘s lips but I prefer to keep the two men separate. Gasp! Jamie is Sam. Sam is Jamie. I know. I know. I agree with everyone that Sam Heughan has made Jamie his alternate persona. Maybe we can even say he’s taken over Jamie’s body and soul. That’s fine. I don’t want anyone throwing figurative eggs at me. I simply prefer to remain respectful of the actor thus I prefer to talk about Jamie behind Mr. Heughan’s back.

But I digress . . . What was my point? Oh, yeah – Jamie’s lips. They are much like Claire’s chin in that they seem to have a personality of their own. I can’t wait to see how much of a work out they get in each episode – whether he’s smiling, biting his lip (one of my personal favorites. Yours, too?), talking, yelling, kissing (le sigh), or letting Gaelic slip between them. I’m sure there’s a host of other things his lips can do (get your mind out of the gutter, dirty birdy), and we’ll have fun witnessing them every week. Until then, I’ve created a little gallery of Sam’s lips from the trailers and pictures released from Outlander Starz for your viewing pleasure. Just for fun, they’re in countdown order. Enjoy.

#30: Jamie’s You Can’t See How Determined I Am But Look At Her Chin Lips – Even Claire is backing away from them.

30 Jamie_not_there_lips

#29: Jamie’s This Is What I Look Like When I’m Working Lips – His lips take their job very seriously.

1 Jamie_horsey_lips

#28: Jamie’s Face Off Lips – Facing Colum and Dougal in Leoch Hall. His lips show no fear.

2 Jamie_serious_lips

#27: Jamie’s Warning Lips – Jamie’s lips are clearly worried about leaving Claire alone, wishing they could stay behind.

3 Jamie_warning_lips

#26: Jamie’s Charging Lips – “Tulach Àrd!” His lips get a workout, leading him into battle.

4 Jamie_charging_lips 4 Jamie_warrior_1 4 Jamie_warrior_2 4 Jamie_warrior_3

#25: Jamie’s I hear Trouble Lips – Pursed for action and ready to fight.

5 Jamie_hears_trouble_lips

#24: Jamie’s Fightin’ Lips – “Take that you damn English bastard!”

6 Jamie_fighting_lips

#23: Jamie’s I Hate Redcoats Lips – From the left side and the right, his lips are equal opportunity haters.

7 Jamie_hates_Redcoat_lips_L 7 Jamie_hates_Redcoat_lips_R

#22: Jamie’s Blurry Lips – Still looking good. They’re his lips.

8 Jamie_blurry_lips

#21: Jamie’s Take Your Bloody Hands Off My Sister, You English Pig Lips – Even outnumbered, his lips never back down.

8 Jamie_take_hands_off_lips_1 8 Jamie_take_hands_off_lips_2 8 Jamie_take_hands_off_lips_3

#20: Jamie’s I Am So Gonna Kill You Lips – “You just picked on the wrong Highlander, Black Jack.”

9 Jamie_gonna_kill_you_lips

#19: Jamie’s Please Don’t Hit My Perfect Lips Lips – Taking one for a lass. What a guy. His lips didn’t appreciate it though.

10 Jamie_not_in_mouth_lips

#18: Jamie’s Bloody Lips – Even blood doesn’t turn us away, right?

11 Jamie_bloody_lips

#17: Jamie’s I Really Do Not Want To Be Here Lips – The poor lad’s lips.

12 Jamie_don't_want_to_be_here_lips_1

#16: Jamie’s Reflection Lips – Telling Claire his tale of woe.

13 Jamie_reflecting_lips

#15: Jamie’s Talky Lips – English, French, Gaelic, Chinese . . . we could listen to him all day, aye?

14 Jamie_talking_lips_1 14 Jamie_talking_lips_2 14 Jamie_talking_lips_3

#14: Jamie’s Whisker Lips – Ah, can’t ye just feel those whiskers ticklin’?

14 Jamie_whisker_lips

#13: Jamie’s Trust Me Lips – You don’t have to tell me twice.

15 Jamie_trust_me_lips_1 15 Jamie_trust_me_lips_2

#12: Jamie’s You’re Coming With Me Lips – Okay.

16 Jamie_coming_with_me_lips

#11: Jamie’s Don’t Stop Lips – Um, she’s just supposed to change your bandage, lad, but we get what you’re wanting here.

17 Jamie_keep_going_lips

Ready for the Top Ten? Here we go.

#10: Jamie’s I Want to Kiss You So Bad Lips – “Hey, I’m already half-way naked, and you are in a shift . . .”

18 Jamie_wanna_kiss_lips

#9: Jamie’s Kissy Lips – Remember, I’m covering Laoghaire’s face NOT Nell Hudson.


#8: Jamie’s Flirty Lips – “Yeah, she digs us. It must be my lips.”

20 Jamie_flirty_lips

#7: Jamie’s I Want You & You Want Me, You Just Don’t Know It Yet Lips – Look how perfectly their lips line up together.

21 Jamie_want_you_lips

#6: Jamie’s I’m a Complicated Man Lips – “You don’t know the half of it, Sassenach.”

22 Jamie_complicated_lips

#5: Jamie’s He Said Sasseanch Lips – Is this the first time he says it with affection?

23 Jamie_Sassenach_lips_3 23 Jamie_Sassenach_lips_2 23 Jamie_Sassenach_lips_1

#4: Jamie’s I’m biting My Lip Because I Kind of Like Ye Lips – Uh huh.

25 Jamie_bitey_lips_225 Jamie_bitey_lips_1

#3: Jamie’s Don’t I Have The Cutest Smile? Lips – Answer: Why, yes you do.

26 Jamie_smiley_lips Jamie_takes_punishment

#2: Jamie’s This is What My Lips Will Look Like When I Kiss Ye, Sasseanch Lips – And we can’t wait!

27 Jamie_whistle_lips

#1: Jamie’s Hello, My Name is Sam Heughan, and I’ll Be Playing the Man of Your Dreams, Jamie Fraser lips – Thought I’d go with a classic for #1.

28 Jamie_I_am_lips

I hope you enjoyed my little countdown. Perhaps you agree – at least with most of them. No matter. Jamie’s lips are an institution now.

31 thoughts on “Jamie’s Lips

  1. And I thought that Robert Pattison was the cutest import ever. Sam just beat him to the punch. Perfect physique, face and talent! Wow! I cannot believe that Hollywood had missed his looks and talent – same with Catriona. Outlander just got the best actors in that series. I love all of them including the wedding crashers and planners! They are all lovable.

  2. Did you ever have a gigantic crush on an unbelievably beautiful guy and suddenly realized that several million other women worship his buns off as well? Very, very humbling. Reading your hysterically funny Jamie observations has me laughing so hard that I can put the humble aside – you humor is really aces, Candida!

  3. I actually thought that I was the only one who found Jamie’s lips so enticing! My favorite (thanks to my HD DVR decoder) was his assurance of having to bear his name and clan, when he told her to take off her clothes (so corny!), when he stepped back and viewed her in full, and when he gave her his mother’s pearl “…as are you Claire. I can’t stop playing back just to see him smile or grin.
    Truly, his features is one of a kind!

  4. How am I just now finding this? Well, better late than never, aye? Thanks for the lips, the looks and the laughs! It’s a tough job scrutinizing Jamie’s face, but someone has got to do it. [I would rather be scr…nevermind] Thanks for taking one for the team…Team Jamie, that is.

  5. OMG! Just watched episode 101 and thought it was brilliant. I wasn’t so sure about Caitriona based on the clips I’d seen, but she was terrific. And Sam! Wow! He’s the Jamie I’ve always dreamed of. This is going to be a wonderful ride and we can defitintely, “Trust Ron and Keep Calm.” Dinna fash!

  6. Candida, LOVE this post! It’s brilliant!
    You made me laugh and swoon simultaneously. Honest!

    Gorgeous pics of Jamie’s lips – every single one. Thanks for brightening my day, girl. xoxo

  7. That was wonderful and I loved your captions. OK, now can you do “Jamie’s Eyes” for us, puh….leez! Sam has beautiful, expresive, VERY blue eyes, just like Jamie’s.

      1. Well, IMO the eyes have it. One of the most popular posts I ever dig in my own blog was a photo collection of Elijah Wood’s incredible blue eyes. All my readers were drooling.

  8. Brilliant!!! I LOVE this! I actually laughed out loud several times and completely agree with your assessment! Well done! How awesome a job you have to legitimately need to compile 30 different shots of Jamie’s aka Sam’s lips – that’s some hard gratifying work there!!

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