Lucky fans at the Random House Outlander Retreat in Seattle, hosted by Diana Gabaldon, were treated to new behind-the-scenes footage today. Outlander Starz released it to us “unlucky” thousands who were not able to attend. Thank ye, Outlander Starz!

The video includes new sweeping landscapes:

Scotland 1

Scotland 2

Scotland 3

Scotland 4

Scotland 5

Scotland 6

Scotland 7

Scotland 8

And new footage of the locations:

inverness 1945

Leoch 1945

Leoch Courtyard 1


Leoch Main Hall

New scenes with the talented cast: Caitriona Balfe, Tobias Menzies, and Sam Heughan.

Claire World War II 1

Claire World War II 2

War is over. Together again. Second Honeymoon.Claire & Frank on Honeymoon

Frank & Claire Leoch 1945

Claire 1945 1

Claire 1945 2

Claire 1945 3

And then . . .

Claire Arrives in 1743What the hell happened?

Claire with Jamie 1This is NOT how I was supposed to be spending my honeymoon.

Claire with Mrs. Fitzgibbons

Claire on Leoch RoofOh, Frank, where are you?

Claire Entering Leoch Hall 1

Claire Entering Leoch Hall 2

Claire_1743This place is so strange.

Claire Outside LeochOh, well. Guess I’ll go see that cute Highlander who works in the stables. What was his name? Oh, right. Jamie . . .

Claire Approaches Stable 1

Claire Approaches Stable 2

Claire with Jamie near StableHello.

Jamie with Claire near StableRight back at ye.

And later . . .
Jamie with Claire in Surgery
Claire with Jamie in Surgery

Oh, Frank. I’m sorry.

Speaking of sorry, here comes Frank’s 6-times great-grandfather to ruin the party.

Captain Black Jack Randall Approaches Lallybroch

Watch the new footage for yourself – right here. Grab a fan. It’s about to get hot in here!

Here’s the Outlander Disappearance Trailer from May:

And the original Outlander First Look Trailer from January:

But ye gotta hear the famous line, “Ye need not be scairt of me . . . Nor of anyone else here, so long as I’m with ye.” Here’s the Outlander First Look Trailer with the Alternate Ending:

8 thoughts on “New Outlander Behind-the-Scenes

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  2. Very cute and clever, Candida! I’m so glad I signed up to get notifications for your blog posts! (Now I need to go stand in front of a fan for a while, or take a cool shower, or something!)

  3. Love the bts video. HOT is right! Great screen captures. When I see the pic of Jamie looking at Claire, all I hear in my head is….. “how you doin’?” LOL I am so excited about MOBY and the show!!

    1. That’s a good line, too. Very funny. I noticed Ian and Jenny were conspicuously missing. Guess they didn’t have anything to put in when they made this little beauty.

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