Getting ready for the release of MOBY!

Outlander Ambassadors

We had a request for social media activities to increase awareness about Written In My Own Heart’s Blood and its release next Tuesday, June 10.  (Next Tuesday!  Squee!)  So, for the edification of those who have been living under rocks and are not aware of MOBY yet, we’re suggesting two things.

This Friday, June 6, please make a point of tweeting #FridayReads and mention #WrittenInMyOwnHeartsBlood coming 6/10 and include a photo.  Several tweets with different photos would certainly help the cause.

Karli Anderson has made us a series of 7 profile pictures to be used on Facebook and Twitter.  We’ll be releasing a new image every evening (Pacific Time) starting on Tuesday, June 3, and asking everyone to change their profiles daily until the big day (when we’ll be reading MOBY and our devices will be verra lonely.)  Remember, every time you change your profile, the new profile pic shows…

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