Today is May 11 – Mother’s Day in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United States. [If I forgot your country, please drop a comment in the box and let me know!]

To state the obvious, today’s post is dedicated to all the Mothers in the world out there – Outlander fan or not. I do not discriminate on Mother’s Day! As carnations are the official flower of the day honoring our Mothers, I thought I would include this lovely vintage postcard. Please share it with all the Mother’s you know.

Image§ Northern Pacific Railway postcard for Mother’s Day §(borrowed from’s_Day)

I recently shared a picture of my mother on her birthday with my twitter friends. Some of you expressed both joy and sadness seeing the image because it reminded you of your own mothers who are no longer with us. My hearts go out to each of you on this special day. I know how lucky I am to have mine living so near me. I see her almost every day. She is my rock. She is my support. She is my best critic. She is my heart. Any successes I have achieved in my life are due to her love, guidance, faith, and blessing.

Below is the picture I tweeted over a month ago, and I still love it because of the expression on her face after being kissed by Biscuit. He loves his ‘grandma’ very much and knows the word well.  She refers to him and my two cats (Yes, I’m an animal lover) affectionately as ‘the creatures,’ but she loves them each as much as I do.

Scan 1

I’d like to share another wonderful picture of my mother. This is her high school graduation photo, and she looks like an old-fashioned movie star to me!

Mom's Graduation Picture

People comment quite often how much alike we look. I take it as a great compliment and hope I age as gracefully as she is. But my mother is more than a pretty face. She has endured more hardships than anyone should have to in a lifetime. We all know the saying “Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” Well, they were talking about my mom.

She’s the strongest woman I know, and the first person I call when I have good news or bad. She scrunches her nose at the things that make me laugh, but usually ends up laughing with me. She is always honest and has been known to hurt my feelings with the truth. But I’d rather have a bruised ego than find out my mother lied to me by telling me what she thought I wanted to hear.

We have argued and cried together. She has seen me through my worst years and my best. In my heart, I know my darkest times would have been worse without her in my life, and I know my best times are because she was a part of them.

I love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day to the best Mother anyone could hope to have.

And Happy Mother’s Day to my Sassenach sister-mothers and sister-grandmothers.  I’d like also to wish a very warm & relaxing Mother’s Day for the woman who brought us all together – Diana Gabaldon.

11 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Glad you had a great mothers day. Personally, I dread the day! It reminds me that I have not spoken to my mother is years and for good reason. Every time I do I am berated into a silent, shadowed individual that wants to nothing more than to release rage upon her for her years of mental abuse and torture. To this day my darling wife suffers the repercussions of my anguished childhood. I hate celebrating certain holidays, Mothers day, Fathers day and struggle to disassociate my childhood from the present and the joy it should bring. But that’s just me

    1. So sorry to hear about your childhood anguish and its lingering effects on your life. But, that is the effect our parents have on us – for better or worse. I will not be posting anything for Father’s Day because I have nothing to say – good or bad. I have a biological father who was present during most of my childhood when he wasn’t drunk or off with one of his other women. I have no feelings for him – good or bad. He is a stranger to me and now has what he wants from us – to be left alone. Unfortunately for him, in his golden years, he no longer wants to be left alone. He made the bed, and now has to sleep in it.
      My sister was recently berated by a distant family member and was told she needs to forgive our father and take care of him. Personally, I was shocked by the woman’s nerve who has no idea what our family endured. None of his children wish him ill. He is simply not a part of our lives.

      1. I understand that completely. The unfortunate part for me is that the behavior from my mom continues to this day. I believe she is lot happy unles there is some sort of turmoil or drama going on. As for my relationship with my father, I only saw him a handful of times between the ages of two and fifteen. Sometime during the eight grade my mom and I had a bitter nasty fight, police were called. My mom told me to go and pack my bags, she drove me to the city and told me to go and knock on apt door 28a and then she drove off. At the door I was met by a man who looked at me, looked at my bags, looked back at me and said “oh shit, well you might as well come in” this is how I got to know my father. That lasted less than a year and I was shuffled back to my moms. So I have no love lost on either of them.

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